Adult industry legend John Leslie passes away.

Award-winning actor, director, and producer John Leslie died of a heart attack at his home on Sunday. He was 65. His was found by his wife Kathleen. They had been married for 23 years.

John began his career in the mid-1970’s in the 1976 Mitchell Brothers’ production “Autobiography of a Flea.” He continued performing until the late 1980’s. He began directing and was the first performer to do so. He first began directing for VCA Pictures. He later started his own production company, John Leslie Productions, where he was still currently directing for Evil Angel.

Good friend Joey Silvera is now on his way to go be with John’s wife and help her through all of this. Evil Angel general manager Christian Mann says John was at home on his computer. When his wife came home and found him, he had already passed away.

AVN and XBiz now has numerous statements up from many in the industry who knew & had worked with John. You can read all their memories of John here and here.

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11 Responses to Adult industry legend John Leslie passes away.

  1. That’s Juliet Anderson, Jamie Gillis, and now John Leslie, all passing in the same year. Leslie was also one of the very first performers to have been inducted into the (newly created) XRCO Hall of Fame on February 14th, 1985.

  2. Steven Millan says:

    Sad to know that he is now gone,for I’ve always enjoyed his acting roles in his numerous films(throughout the years).

  3. Old School Fan says:

    RIP John Leslie. He was a true porn legend. A great actor and could bring out the best in his co-stars. He was fequently named a favorite person to work with by many co-stars and was by far the most popular male star for female porn viewers. He went on to become a great director as well. Check out youtube and you’ll see he was a talented musican as well. Most of the people who perform music at the AVN’s are cringe inducing. Sad how much a joke AVN’s Hall of Fame (more like Lame now) has become in recent years.

    One more thing, I hate Paul Thomas. What a pretentious, negative asshole. He had to throw in some negative comments in AVN’s piece on John, just like he did with Marilyn Chambers. Both of whom were very respected. Certainly both much more respected than he is.

  4. Anon says:

    1. My three favorite John Leslie titles as Director:

    Dog Walker, Catwoman, and Fresh Meat 1.

    My three favorite John Lesli titles as Perfomer:

    Breaking It, F, and Talk Dirty To Me 3.

    RIP, John Leslie. (My remark: OSF, I agree in your remarks of Paul Thomas.)

    2. HIV+ Cameron Reid/Derek Chambers Speaks Out!!!

  5. Old School Fan says:

    Darrah, The SFGate has posted a piece on John on their website, thought you might want to add it since it’s a good article and a rare time a porn death is acknowledged by mainstream press.

    I’m sure this quote by Richard Pacheco will eat Paul Thomas up:
    “John was the closest thing to an artist that got near porn,”

  6. mr Ben Grim says:

    And John Leslie did some great scenes with Shauna Grant.

    I guess legitimate porn movies by mainstream hollywood are going to be dropped soon. All the movers and shakers in porn are falling like flies – marilyn, leslie, and others.

  7. Darrah Ford says:

    Thank you Old School Fan for the link! I included it in this post:

  8. jckfmsincty says:

    I don’t know if Paul Thomas is an asshole. But, he was the best looking of all the Jewish porn actors during the 70’s and 80’s.

  9. correctway says:

    Paul Thomas is the essence of coolness , did you know : his first role was to play Peter , not any Peter, in the movie ” Jesus Christ Superstar ” .

  10. correctway says:

    About the circonstances surrounding the passing of John Leslie , i ‘m still wondering who was performing on his computer screen .I heard when i was a young boy that masturbation was making people deaf , people never told me about the side effect on the heart.

  11. Darrah Ford says:

    I usually hear negative things about Paul. lol

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