Is AIM setting up practice in private homes?


Mike South has up these three new posts here, here, and here where he claims AIM is setting up secret draw stations for performers to go get tested. One of the stations is rumored to be in the private home of an AIM employee (Bobby).

Now considering AIM was just shut down and their license application was denied, what would possess anyone to make themselves an even bigger target by getting tested in a non-medical environment? If these are legal mobile draw stations, then why make it so secret? If these draw stations are happening, then publicly announce where porn stars can go to get tested.

Now I don’t know anything about medical procedure or what’s legal or allowed when drawing blood. But Dane Cross had this to tell me on his Twitter:

They don’t need a license to draw ur blood & still make results accessible. Phlebotomists r independent & licensed technicians

yes, mobile draws were done even before AIM closed. It was a courtesy service offered for an additional fee.

Medical Environment… I am not standing up for or against AIM but drawing someone’s blood can be done anywhere safely by techs

Licensed techs can do it anywhere they please though.

the techs are licensed and can be independent contractors, their governed by the state who issues their certs.

But remember that Dr. Jonathan Fielding told the LA Times that AIM can no longer provide anymore new services:

“We’ve told the clinic they have to notify people of test results that have already been taken and make appropriate referrals. But they cannot provide new services,” said Dr. Jonathan Fielding, the county’s public health director.

The best bet for now is to go to Talent Testing Services in Northridge. But make sure ahead of time to contact everyone involved in your future shoots as to what protocol will be taken when it comes to testing. Do not get bullied into shooting anything without your co-stars being properly tested. Your life is on the line. Stand up for yourselves and do not perform anything without seeing for yourselves your co-star’s test results.

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One Response to Is AIM setting up practice in private homes?

  1. Darrah Ford says:

    I just updated this post with Dr. Jonathan Fielding’s quote about how AIM can no longer provide new services.

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