EXCLUSIVE: Cameron Reid says there was another crossover star who tested HIV positive.


Why didn’t any of the “journalists” in this industry pick up on this from last week’s press conference?? I just found this new video at RadarOnline where Cameron says there was another crossover male performer who tested HIV positive. No not the “known positive” that Cameron says AIM told him was the person he was infected by. He means there was a third performer who also tested HIV positive. That third performer being the second crossover star.

Why do any of you still insist that AIM is there to protect you?? If this is true, that means there should have been a bigger quarantine list. You’re all at risk now! Go to a real clinic now and get tested!!

Who was at that press conference?? AVN, XBiz, and who else? I believe AVN was there considering they gave this detailed account of what happened. But now it comes to light that many of you kept out a very important key fact that there was a third person who tested HIV positive. This one being a second crossover.

How dare the people who attended that press conference allow this to not be reported!! You were there and none of you told the people in your own industry that there’s probably another crossover who tested HIV positive. Continue telling everyone how they can trust this diabolical establishment. But the reality is that none of you care whether these performers live or die. To many of you, there will always be a younger, prettier, less expensive version waiting right behind them to take their place. You’re all vampires sucking the life out of these people who put their lives on the line. If anyone else has been unknowingly infected because you didn’t report there was a second crossover, their blood is on your hands.

Don’t claim that Cameron must be lying. He’s naming names which means they can go after him if it’s not true. Because they haven’t yet in my opinion only means everything he’s claimed to this point is absolutely 100% true.

“I can’t give out names or anything or anybody that was on the quarantine list. I can say that there were well-known stars who were on the quarantine list. I don’t know their status. “I was told…there was another person. What Jennifer Miller did tell me, she said that there was another person who tested positive; It was a male performer, I do know that. And she told me it was somebody who did crossover work….meaning gay and straight porn. That’s all she would tell me. I said I think I have an idea of who it is, I threw a name out there and she said ‘no, it’s not him.” I was reading stuff on the porn boards and that’s all she left it at.”

“At this point, I still don’t know the known positive who I worked with and I don’t know the known positive who is supposedly the other patient zero who has an infection.”

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4 Responses to EXCLUSIVE: Cameron Reid says there was another crossover star who tested HIV positive.

  1. frog says:

    Darrah, after you start to get some of this outta your system, can you just do a couple of summary posts for us? Before you stopped blogging so much, that used to be one thing you were really good at.

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  3. Darrah Ford says:

    I always thought you guys hated when I recycled the same information. I’ve done it so to keep on reminding everyone what happened before. And to all the new performers who don’t know what happened before. Like how I keep on reminding people what happened last year with that year’s HIV case and it had been denied for a week.

  4. frog says:

    Lol, Darrah’s all worked up today! Anything you say to her…

    I always thought you guys hated when I recycled the same information.

    Stop listening to the people who hate you. They’ll find any reason to tell you you suck.

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