The two misconceptions about Cameron Reid.


There’s an “interview” out there that many are claiming was Cameron Reid’s first interview about his HIV status. The interview says how he’s about to be famous. How he rather be HIV positive and famous than working and a nobody. Cameron never did that interview. The forum owner did. The forum owner is a former porn star and a well known homophobe. He started the forum because every other real porn forum banned him. He uses the forum to attack gay men and female porn stars.

He uses the forum to post the real names of female porn stars, their addresses, phone numbers, and saying how he’s now contacting their family members. If you look at the front page of that forum, it’s either attacking female porn stars or attacking gay men. Most of the people on the forum are the forum owner himself. This isn’t a real adult forum and nothing written on it should ever be taken seriously.

Why would Cameron talk to a homophobic forum owner before talking to real legitimate media outlets? If anyone wants to break any adult news, they go to either AVN or XBiz. If they want to break an entertainment/tabloid type of news story, they go to RadarOnline or TMZ. If they want to break a national news type of story, they go to the LA Times or those types of media outlets. No bisexual man about to break this kind of a news story would go to that forum owned by a known homophobe.

The people who still insist that the interview was done by Cameron are the people who want to believe it’s true for whatever agenda they might have. Either they’re attacking anyone who is speaking out against the industry or they’re homophobic. Why would you take this forum seriously when it’s named after a well known porn agent, and it’s being used to endanger female porn stars & gay men?

The truth is Cameron first broke his story to the LA Times and not to an unknown porn forum owned by a homophobic man who named the forum after a well known porn agent that he hates. Cameron also addressed this in one of his LA Times interviews:

He also told The Times that after his diagnosis made news, someone posing as him posted false accounts of his behavior on an online message board.

People are also claiming Cameron is doing this for attention. He has three strikes against him. He’s HIV positive, he’s bisexual, and was doing porn. No one wants that kind of attention where he & his family are now targets of hate groups. He also needed time to tell his family. He spoke two months later to the LA Times. So that’s enough time to tell his family. They might not have known he was bisexual and might not have known he was doing porn. So he had to drop those three on his family. He didn’t run off and do his first interview with that forum.

Anyone in this industry should know better than to take anything on that forum seriously. You know who owns it but you still insist that the interview was done by Cameron. If you didn’t know who owned the forum, you should have asked around first about the credibility of the forum before attacking Cameron the way you have.

The second misconception people have about Cameron is that he knew his costar has HIV. I’ve been told Cameron had no idea. There’s a male porn star going around now telling anyone he can how Cameron is saying he knew his costar was HIV positive. I asked J where does Cameron say this. Cameron never once said he knew his costar has HIV. J says he read it at the LA Times. I replied back how I read all of Cameron’s LA Times interviews, how I read his NY Times interview, watched his two press videos, and how Cameron never once said he knew his costar has HIV.

J then sent me an LA Times BLOG link. I read it and no where does it say Cameron knew his costar has HIV. But because that BLOG link mentioned a “known positive” and didn’t also mention Cameron claiming AIM told him his costar was a “known positive,” J took that one sentence and ran with it. It’s the only negative thing he had on Cameron though it’s not negative at all. Either J couldn’t comprehend the sentence or he understood it but didn’t care.

I sent J all of Cameron’s interview & video links where he never once said he knew his costar has HIV. I told him to find me a link to the LA Times main site instead of their blog section. He quickly shut up and wouldn’t reply back. But he’s still telling everyone he can how Cameron knew his costar has HIV. J also told me that people like me who use blogs to libel people should go to prison for six months. J should take his own libel advice and shut the fuck up when he’s the one libeling a man the way he has.

Nothing J says should be taken seriously anyway. He’s ignorant and uneducated. He tells me he’ll never get HIV. This must clearly mean he’s homophobic and how only gay men are st risk for HIV. Why else would he say he’ll never be HIV positive? J has unprotected sex with multiple partners. There’s also all the women he has sex with off-camera. Are they all tested and does he use condoms with them? Because there’s never been a straight man or woman who is HIV positive and J has nothing to worry about, right?

You would think someone whose been in the industry for as long as he has would be more properly educated when it comes to STDs. But he throws in my face how he’s been in the industry for 12 years and knows more than I do. You know nothing and are clearly dangerous. For someone who thinks he’s not at risk for HIV must mean he doesn’t protect himself and probably engages in more risky behavior than Cameron ever has.

I checked CDC statistics and J is at a higher rate for contracting HIV/AIDS based on his race than any other race in the United States. Based on J’s race in the United States, 1 in 16 men in their lifetime will be infected. J is at an even higher risk based on race, age, and the state he lives in. So once again, you know nothing and aren’t informed about a subject you should be more educated on.

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