Where to go if you lose your cell phone.

I read all the time on Twitter porn stars telling their friends to send them their phone numbers because they lost their phone and all their contacts. I have T-Mobile and there’s a backup for our contacts. I assumed that’s how it is with other providers but I guess I’m wrong. I’ve never lost my phone but I know about the backup after my parents lost their phone months ago.

My parents bought their phone at Best Buy. My mother went there with the extra phone they already had and had asked one of their clerks for help in transferring the contacts from the lost phone to their other phone. The clerk was a bitch and wouldn’t help saying there was nothing she could do. My mother approached another clerk and within seconds, he transferred the contacts from the lost phone to the other phone. It was that easy.

Whichever provider you have, ask if they have backup for your contacts. If not, get T-Mobile now! Your phones are your lifelines in this industry and you shouldn’t risk losing important contacts because your provider doesn’t provide a backup for them.

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