SinDee Jennings claims LA Direct hasn’t paid her in months.

From SinDee’s Twitter via Mike South:

December 21:

Wow, La Direct Models money manager Fran just lost it and went on a Abusive tangent calling me names, good thing I recorded that shit !

Watch our girls with La Direct models, Do Not start your websites with them, I haven’t been payed in over 3 months!!! Their a Huge scam !!!

Oh I keep it Real, Nobody deserves to be spoken to like that, I’ve honestly never been disrespected in a buissness setting like that, wow!

Caution: Please note, Fran the money manager at La Direct Models is abusive and unprofessional someone should deport that mouth, and her!!!

I didn’t realize La Direct Models had the right to Steal checks for my Website, ?!!!!! Their refusing to pay me and I’ve been here 45min..

Please note, La Direct models is scamming their girls, there money manager Fran is a Thief and a liar, they’ve hijacked my website !!

Iam keeping it real All Day Long!! La Direct Models must not be allowed continue getting away with scamming girls its out of control!!

Now, Fran the money manager at La Direct Models keeps e-mialing me more excuses as to why she’s holding my money, I should post them all !!

La Direct Models must not be doing too good If they have to steal checks from there employees!! Its Christmas time, don’t they have souls??

SinDee Jennings has had enuf, no more lies no more Bull, La Direct Models has over 3 months of checks for my website they won’t pay me !

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