Brooke Ashley leaves Pink Cross and blames Shelley Lubben after this year’s AEE convention.


Brooke Ashley had been a member of Pink Cross and had agreed to accompany Pink Cross to this year’s AEE convention in Las Vegas. I believe a complete lack of communication happened which has now resulted in a complete mess with both sides blaming one another. Brooke has now come out attacking Shelley Lubben and claiming she was used by her.

Brooke and several other female performers all tested positive for HIV in 1998. Patient Zero was Marc Wallice. She then sued her former employers. Finally after 12 years, she won her workman’s compensation case in January 2010 against her former employers in the industry. Brooke had recently joined Pink Cross and had agreed to attend this year’s convention.

The most shocking thing to me out of all of this are the claims that Bill Margold treated Brooke badly while at AEE. The rumors are either he told Brooke she deserved AIDS or the other rumor that she contracted HIV because she was a drug addict. I don’t know what to believe and I don’t understand why it got so out of hand.

Brooke had first written to LukeIsBack explaining why she’s no longer involved with Pink Cross. Shelley then replied back in a separate post. Many more people left comments explaining their own Pink Cross experience at this year’s AEE which are far different than what Brooke experienced. Everything then just spiraled out of control. I feel that after being treated badly by Bill Margold and confronting her past, she’s striking out at Shelley because it was her organization that brought her out to AEE this year.

You can read both posts & comments here and here. I replied and left my comment here. You can also read my comment in its entirety after the jump.


I wasn’t sure if I should say anything. This has turned into a train wreck that should never have happened. I’m not taking anyone’s side in this mess. It kills me to say anything negative to Brooke but these are my observations after reading both posts:

You claim you want this private and you want people to leave you alone. But you’re the one that made this public by writing in to LIB. How can you claim you now want privacy when it’s you that made this public?

Why do you keep on telling Shelley to take down all your pictures, videos, and testimonial from her website when she’s already said she has? The pictures up are the pictures still posted here on LIB. Why attack anyone for posting your pictures but it’s the same website you wrote in to that still has up your pictures? You also can’t go running to your lawyer telling him you want pictures taken down that you first gave permission to be posted.

If you’re not against the industry and don’t want it shut down, then why did you join Pink Cross? Why were you in Shelley’s home and why did you agree to be a part of the entourage that accompanied Shelley to AEE?

You didn’t know what Shelley & Pink Cross are about? Why would you agree to be a part of an organization without researching them first? Why would you agree to represent an anti-porn organization if you didn’t feel the same way too?

You complain about Shelley bringing an entourage, security, and a camera crew to AEE. You do realize that you were a part of that entourage too, right? Even many porn stars have entourages consisting of an assistant, bodyguard, publicist, manager, and agent. Whatever security Shelley brought is for her own protection and for the protection of everyone associated with Pink Cross. Many women are treated badly at these conventions by the men there where they need security with them. And whatever camera crew Shelley might have brought might be because it gets whatever message Shelley wants out broadcast to a much larger audience. The mainstream media covers these conventions all the time. If you’re bringing your organization to a convention and you’re trying to get whatever message you want out, then you bring along a camera crew or you make appointments for interviews while at the convention.

You’re complaining about Shelley wearing an FBI shirt & about her bringing an entourage and security. Why does she, or anyone else for that matter, need your approval for anything they do with regards to their own organization?

Your medical marijuana card is for California, not Nevada. If convention security found you smoking marijuana, they could have thrown all of Pink Cross out of the building. You were there representing Pink Cross. Convention security might not know about your circumstances but could have very easily thrown the entire organization out in order to protect their own jobs. Whether anyone at Pink Cross told you to not smoke it or to take off their t-shirt, I guarantee it was so to protect themselves and not get thrown out of the convention.

You now claim that Shelley writes the testimonials that appear on her site. So you’re admitting she wrote yours? Why should anyone believe anything you have to say now? Why would you allow someone else to write a testimonial for in your name? You now claim you support the industry but you allowed an anti-porn organization to write your testimonial?

You’re complaining that someone was following you & your husband and even followed you into the bathroom. I don’t know if this was your first public outing with Pink Cross, but maybe they wanted to accompany you to make you feel more comfortable in case you needed anything. You were there representing them. And if this was your first time with them, maybe they wanted to be there for you in case you needed them for anything considering they’ve probably been to more conventions than you have.

You sued the industry and won. Rightfully so & I wish more would also sue every time they contracted STDs. But many in this industry are against you for suing. That’s probably why that piece of shit Bill Margold said what he did to you. You’ve now opened the doors for more lawsuits to happen in this industry which will bankrupt many. Don’t blame Shelley for what Bill Margold did to you. This is also the same person who told Jeremy Steele that he was happy Savannah killed herself because it gave him a reason to start PAW. This is what Jeremy has stated.

To me this all seems like you’re lashing out at Shelley for how badly Bill Margold treated you & you being confronted with your past. You knew who Shelley was, you knew about Pink Cross, and you agreed to accompany an anti-porn organization to the biggest porn convention of the year. You’re the one making this all public but you now claim you want privacy.

Regardless of what people think of Shelley, many will attack you. I’m the one constantly yelled at for making female porn stars into victims and making excuses for them. While most people in the industry & out of the industry attack porn stars saying how you all should take responsibility for your own actions. I guarantee you that many of the people defending you are only doing so to have an excuse to attack Shelley. You should never have made this public, left Pink Cross quietly, and moved on.

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4 Responses to Brooke Ashley leaves Pink Cross and blames Shelley Lubben after this year’s AEE convention.

  1. frog says:

    I just looked through some of those posts. Miscommunication indeed. Ashley never should have sent her post into LukeIsBack and it looks like she even did it without going back to Pink Cross after the convention and trying to talk to them first. Then, Lubben never should have responded with her subsequent post on LIB. All it did was further alienate someone she claims she wanted to get along with.

    Unless they were doing it for PR, Pink Cross comes out looking worse in my mind. They’re an organization designed to distribute PR to let people know stuff about Christianity and getting out of porn. But instead, all they did here was escalate a petty argument, further alienating people.

    I don’t think anyone’s heart was in the wrong place. The whole thing was just handled poorly, by both sides.

  2. Darrah Ford says:

    She shouldn’t have gone public if she wanted people to leave her alone. How can you ask for privacy now? And I wonder if she ran to LIB without even talking it out with Shelley telling her what upset her during AEE. Lots of this doesn’t make sense and it’s a shame it came to this.

  3. Brotha of the Unborn says:

    Have those of reading this ever checked out of the web-site of Life Dynamics Incorporated and read ‘the Life and Death of a Porn Star’ about the late Rebecca Steele by Earl Swift!?
    May Brooke Ashley be kept in our prayers!!!

  4. Darrah Ford says:

    No I’ve never read it. Thank you for the tip.

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