1,100 new performers entered the adult industry last year?

I posted this Chanel Preston press release on my other blog the other week and was blown away. Is that number accurate? There are too many of you. Go home!! No one really stands out anymore and it’s hard now to get noticed. Either everyone looks the same or they have similar names.

Over a thousand performers entering the industry every year when there’s less and less work to go around. There are also agents forcing the women to recruit new girls though the women they already have can barely find work for themselves. The industry is falling apart and it’s not what it use to be. Stay home or go to school. If you insist on being in the adult industry, then become an escort where you can at least stay safer health wise by using condoms.

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7 Responses to 1,100 new performers entered the adult industry last year?

  1. I wonder if that number is from how many new people are in the AIM database. Maybe it’s assumed that just because a person goes to get an AIM test they’re planning on shooting a scene?

  2. That’s pretty much the number of folks that come and go into the industry on a yearly basis(just to pick up an easy paycheck,and then leave[after 2 to 5 films/videos]).

  3. frog says:

    I’m wondering if that number includes camgirls? Those girls are all over the place now.

  4. Thanks for bringing that up,Frog,for the camgirl industry has been around for 10 to 12 years now and is pretty much an industry in its own(for porn stars[especially those who work very little in the industry]).

  5. thewho says:

    The real question is how many perfomers are leaving the industry every year? To make roomfor every newbie, someone has to go.

  6. Most of the popular girls that were around when I started performing are now gone so I guess quite a few are leaving, thewho.

    Once they realise they won’t make Jenna Jameson money they tend to go.

  7. Darrah Ford says:

    I’m wondering if the number is from IAFD. Maybe I’ll do some digging around. I also wonder if the number is just for California or all of the United States. There’s more than that I guarantee it for worldwide.

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