Al Goldstein suffered a stroke.

Al Goldstein had this fabulous fun blog that I absolutely loved reading. He hasn’t updated since June 2009 and many have kept leaving comments and updating everyone on anything new. In the past two and a half years I’ve been reading his blog, Al has been in a mental hospital, looking for an apartment, and didn’t know how to find free porn. When Al disappeared, I became concerned and contacted his lawyer on February 2010. He told me Al was fine but he didn’t have access to a computer.

Al had been trying to find more work. I had wondered why no one in this industry would give him a writing job but many said he had pissed off too many people. This industry celebrates the criminals running free here but they wouldn’t give Al Goldstein a writing job?

On November 2010, this comment was left on Al’s blog:

The Moose From Screw Says:

November 6th, 2010 at 5:00 pm

AL IS ALIVE. I SPOKE WITH HIM THE OTHER DAY. He is in the hospital, bleeding internally and they are taking care of him. He is coherant, remorseful about how he fucked up his life, happy about how he was such a success and is now deliriously happy that he’s still alive when others before him have died; lastly Bob Guccione whom Al remembers with fondness. He’s living in Far Rockaway, Queens, NY and seems to be content to coast to the end of his life; reminiscing about the good times and the bad times. I will give you more updates as I get them and as I speak with him again.

Nathan Thornburgh at NYMag interviewed Al in his VA hospital room recently. You can read the full interview at, via AdultFYI:

On a high floor of the VA hospital on East 23rd Street, a 74-year-old patient (history of diabetes, manic depression, obesity, and heavy tobacco use; reports 7,000 lifetime sexual partners) is taking his morning medications. “Lithium, Zocor,” he says, muttering the names of the pills as he swallows them. A nurse comes to change his IV; when she peels off the tape from his wrist, he winces and grips the bed rail. “I’m not doing so wonderful. But if I bite the dust, at least I can say that I’ve … ” He trails into three or four words that sound like English but make no sense, the telltale glossolalia of a stroke survivor.

Goldstein hopes to be released to his subsidized apartment in Far Rockaway in a couple of weeks. “I don’t need a fancy life,” he says. “I’m happy being bored with television.” But he’d like to do some more video editorials on the web, he says, if someone else can arrange it. As for his legacy, he says (in language too filthy to quote here) he’s proud to have encouraged a lot of men to let loose and enjoy themselves carnally. He’s looking forward to some similar activities of his own once he’s feeling a little better.

But first things first. “Let me run to the bathroom,” Goldstein says, ending the interview. “Thank you very much. Enjoy your kids.”

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4 Responses to Al Goldstein suffered a stroke.

  1. I’m glad to hear that Al survived his stroke and that he is comfortable with keeping a very low profile and living a normal life(outside of the industry).

  2. TeddyBearOgre says:

    I worked a little with Al on a couple of things when I was living/workingin NYC. He was funny, goofy and a real nice guy. The word jovial comes to mind. I can relate to his problems in the hospital because I’m now going through the same things now on a lesser level. I wish him well.

  3. Darrah Ford says:

    I hope your medical problems aren’t that serious TeddyBearOgre.

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