LukeIsBack strikes again.


I left a comment on LukeIsback the other night for Michael Whiteacre on this Brooke Ashley post. Once again, my comment wasn’t let through. My first comment was let through but not my second. My comments are usually deleted or never let through. I don’t even comment on there as much as I use to but my comments are usually deleted or held back.

Don’t claim you’re for the first amendment & calling yourself a “freedom fighter” but then delete comments & ban people. The comment had nothing to do with you either. Why do you care what I say about an industry you’re not even really a part of yourself? You publicly support a religious anti-porn organization who wants to shut down the industry. That same religious anti-porn organization has said far worse than anything I ever have about the industry. So why do you delete anything I have to say?

You’re not even religious yourself. You even wished everyone on your Twitter last Easter “happy dead guy on a cross day.” Why do you even have comments open when many comments are usually deleted? You allow far worse comments and blog posts to be published but you delete my comments which weren’t even aimed at you. You allow Jeremy Steele to write how there’s no such thing as HIV. You allow Mariah Milano to call most female porn stars hookers because of her jealousy for not being as well known as they are. You even allowed her comments through accusing two well known porn stars of knowing Marc Wallice’s HIV status and how they never informed their own industry. She lied but you allowed her comments through. So why are my comments not put through but you allow her accusations through?

You were an unknown entity in this industry who ended up buying a once powerful website. Because you never accomplished anything significant in your life, pressing that delete button gives you some sort of “power” that makes you feel important. You backstab your friends and publicly rat out your sources. But you still insist I’m the bad one in an industry ruled by demons.

The comment that was let through:

  • 97. Darrah Ford Says:

    Of course Shelley screencaps everything on the blogs & forums. So do the local police and FBI. The porn industry is its own worst enemy.

    You don’t think many of the people on these sites are law enforcement themselves baiting all of you?

    January 20th, 2011 (2 days ago) at 6:47

The comment that was deleted:

  • One time I was minutes away from posting on my blog a rape that happened on set. I had everything already written and the pictures of the men involved. The person who told me said I would be arrested for interfering with a police investigation if I posted anything on my blog.

    Drugs and alcohol are available on many sets. Many of these women are under 21. Yes many women bring their own pot to get through their scenes which relaxes them. That’s their choice. But when you see the women in Max Hardcore shoots and those of that kind, it’s clearly obvious many of those women are on hardcore drugs and not just your everyday weed.

    Many women are raped by their agents in the agent’s office & home. Many rapes happen daily at the illegal dorms. Many women are sent out on escort bookings for basic sex with one man. They show up and it’s a room full of men. One woman once told me she got to her hotel room to find at least a dozen men ready to be with her. She ran out quickly and was able to safely get away.

    Models and strippers are forced into porn and escorting. Escorts are forced into porn. Porn stars are forced into escorting. The bachelor party girls are forced into escorting and porn. Not every woman but many of them. I read someone’s Twitter recently where she said she’s being forced to be a stripper. You’re there to make the agent as much money as you can. If you complain, you’re labeled as difficult and blacklisted throughout the industry.

    One woman told me her agent makes them go out and recruit new girls though there’s barly any work for the women already there.

    Women are raped and gangraped all the time on sets, parties, shoots, and bookings. There are many women who beg for the scene to stop and her partner will not stop. From the moment she says stop and he continues with the director allowing it, then it’s rape. She then is taken to a hospital with injuries and she’s out of work for weeks or months healing. VERY well known male performers are accused of this all the time. They’re still allowed to work because men who can maintain an erection are the ones with the power in this industry. You hear it all the time how female porn stars are disposable and a dime a dozen. I hear this said all the time.

    Stefani Morgan was raped by one of her bosses. She went to the police and they did nothing. The industry and her so-called friends all turned on her because she complained. She then wrote in great lengthy detail on forums and on her Myspace what he did to her. One of her so-called best friends then tells an ABC porn debate that she feels no sympathy for anyone who has a difficult time while in the industry.

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4 Responses to LukeIsBack strikes again.

  1. Heather Pink says:

    I saw that porn debate some time ago. She came across as very arrogent, it was appaling. I thought I was the only one that picked up on that. It seems like she was praised for her answer.

  2. frog says:

    Some whore twittering she was forced to be a stripper? Stefani Morgan blogging about being raped? WTF Darrah? Why do I even bother to read this blog? You not posting any of the good shit on here. Forget about LIB and just update this damn blog.

  3. Darrah Ford says:

    Heather, I’m sure she did it to gain bonus points with the bosses. Then they got rid of her a year or two later. I always thought she was jealous that Stefani got the lead in that movie while she didn’t. But I was watching the debate and nearly spit out what I was drinking when she said that. I was like ARE YOU KIDDING ME.

    Frog, I can’t out the women’s names or else they’ll get in more shit by me making it public. But I eventually find a way to work in the story like in pieces like this without naming them unless they themselves make it public first. And with what happened to Stefani happened before I started the blog. I only heard about what happened to her after I started the blog and by reading the comments on LukeIsBack and everyone there always telling her story. But I always work it in with other stories.

  4. thatsexblog says:

    ha ha

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