Why you should never have your parents involved in your career.


Actress Thora Birch was fired last month from the off Broadway play revival of “Dracula” four days before the play’s first performance. She was preparing to make her New York stage debut as the central female character, Lucy Seward, the love interest of Count Dracula. Her father, former porn star Jack Birch, is her manager and started threatening an actor during rehearsal. The actor was rubbing Thora’s back during a scene which her father objected to saying it was unnecessary. When the actor tried to explain to her father why he was rubbing her back, her father replied “Listen, man, I’m trying to make this easier on you – don’t touch her.”

Her father denies making any threats. The play’s director, Paul Alexander, had to say “I can’t have one of my actors in a situation where he is physically threatened by the father of anyone.”

In 2007 during the filming of “The Winter of Frozen Dreams,” the crew was horrified when Jack insisted on watching the filming of his daughter’s sex scene. He was also on the set every day giving orders and even telling the director where to place his camera. The director was then about to shoot the first sex scene when Jack kicked in the front door threatening to kill the assistant directors. He then threatened to pull her from the film with three days of shooting left. One witness had said it was the most perverse moment they’d ever witnessed.

Thora’s parents Jack Birch and Carol Connors are former porn stars who both appeared in the porn classic “Deep Throat.” They’ve been her business managers since she was a child. Jack has a long history of sabotaging many of his daughter’s films. What exactly does her father know about acting or film direction? But here he’s telling an actor he can’t touch his daughter during a scene. No one besides the production’s director tells the crew what they can do. He didn’t want anyone rubbing his daughter’s back but he & his wife signed off on the paperwork legally allowing their underage daughter to appear nude in the 1999 film “American Beauty” where they encouraged her to go nude claiming it was so important to the development of her character.

He’s destroyed so many career opportunities for Thora and I believe she could have been a more successful actress if she got rid of her father and hired a real manager.

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3 Responses to Why you should never have your parents involved in your career.

  1. It’s never good for kids to have their parents managing over their careers,for we’ve seen the tragic results of that(e.g.:Gary Coleman) and there’s also the stigma of Thora’s parents being former porn stars that looms over her mainstream acting career and plays a strong part in Thora barely getting any good roles(and relying on Straight-To-DVD films to continue on with her film career).

  2. Darrah Ford says:

    Lindsay Lohan and Macaulay Culkin are other prime examples of where the parents ruined many things for them.

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