Charlie Sheen was rushed to the hospital after partying with Kacey Jordan and Melanie Rios!


TMZ is reporting that a 911 call was placed at 6:35 AM this morning from Charlie Sheen’s home. He was rushed to the hospital at 7 AM carried out on a stretcher with a towel partially over his face. He was rushed to Cedars-Sinai suffering intense abdominal pain. A source at the hospital tells TMZ, “It’s serious.”

Kacey Jordan is one of the five women linked to the party Charlie had at his home beginning Tuesday night. She was contacted by a 3rd party on behalf of Charlie who invited her over to his home to “party.” After she arrived, Charlie told her that he was a huge fan and had been “searching for her for a year.” She left his home on Wednesday afternoon as the party continued.

TMZ is now reporting that during a 36-hour span that started Tuesday night, Charlie had been partying with two porn stars, a business associate, and several other women. After hours of drinking, a person had showed up to the house with a designer briefcase that contained multiple bricks of cocaine. Charlie immediately began doing the drug for several hours.

Two weeks ago, Kacey’s Twitter was suspended after she threatened to kill herself:

i’m going to kill myself…goodbye to all my followers. swallowing whole bottle xanax for a peacefulsllleppppppp

I was told that several of her Twitter followers had called the Las Vegas police department. Her Twitter was then suspended. Will Ryder flew back to Las Vegas after the AVN Awards to help his friend Kacey:

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Sometimes life is funny but not in an entertaining way. We had a great time in Vegas but I find myself right back in Sin City for an unscheduled visit. It turns out a dear friend of mine was a bit depressed and wrote on Twitter she was killing herself. Upon release from the hospital she was left alone in a hotel room so I dropped everything and flew back to make sure she is OK. She is for now but I marvel at the young because the older you get you realize problems are only temporary.

I wish I could wave a magic wand for her but I cannot so the best is a shoulder to cry on and some old jokes and a few word of love. I do really have love for this girl and I guess that is what I have to offer. I am 50 and she is a 22 year old beauty but sometimes you do what you can and this is that time. I hope somebody cares for me if I ever need it but moments like this make me appreciate what I have and I am happy I can make a difference in somebody’s life especially when they are too young to ever go away like that.

Maybe some think I am nuts to fly out here but to me there was never an option. After all I am the former AVN Director of the Year and one of my actresses needed me and maybe in some strange way I needed her too. Life is complicated but she is sleeping like an angel now and that is how I prefer things to be.

Shy Love is Kacey’s agent and I had checked out her Twitter to see if she had said anything. Shy had told someone:

Jan 13th

@hahaimavirgin she is doing better. close friend of ours just flew to vegas to be with her. Hopefully she will go to rehab. we have it paid 4.

As I’m typing this, I’m watching the news and they’re reporting Melanie Rios is the second porn star linked to Charlie. She writes on her Twitter:

about 22 hours ago

Wow I can’t believe it took me a whole day to recover from a hangover. Weird.. I usually don’t get them.

News reports are saying that Charlie is now in stable condition.

Sources: TMZ 1, 2, 3, and 4

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4 Responses to Charlie Sheen was rushed to the hospital after partying with Kacey Jordan and Melanie Rios!

  1. Bronx says:

    The guy is a runaway train out to wreck anything/one he runs into. I can’t understand the “appeal” of this guy. Maybe money really is an aphrodesiac.

  2. Charlie Sheen has now pretty much mastered the art of escaping from the cluthces of both death and the law,for he always finds a way to walk away without a scratch(ala Danny Bonaduce and Jan Michael Vincent).

  3. The news is also reporting that Charlie actually had a hernia attack…..oh,really ?! Suuuurrrrreeee !!!! (Rolls Eyes)

  4. Darrah Ford says:

    Last time it was an “ear ache.” This week it’s a “hernia.” He’ll probably be dead in less than five years considering all the damage he’s doing to his body more so now than before.

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