Keep an eye out for Kaycey Jordan this week.


According to Kacey’s Twitter, she’s in New York now. So I’m assuming she might be in New York to start doing the talk show interview rounds. She’s selling her story and she won’t stop talking.

Charlie didn’t attack her. He didn’t do anything horrible to her. So I think she should keep her mouth shut considering getting paid that night also meant keeping quiet. None of her future clients will trust her again fearing she’ll sell her story. She’s also making herself a target with law enforcement by already showing everyone the $30,000 check Charlie gave her.

Bree Olson hasn’t sold her story yet from her time with Charlie at this year’s AEE weekend. The first reports were she was shopping her story for $50,000. But with these kind of stories and with how quickly Charlie goes through porn stars, the next Charlie Sheen scandal is just around the corner and you have to sell the story quickly before the new scandal comes along. So I think Bree is playing it smart and keeping quiet by making money elsewhere with more lucrative contracts & appearances.

I’ve always believed that if someone pays you for whatever services they hired you for whether it was sexual or not, you don’t turn on them by talking to the media. Unless they did something horrible to you, then yes sing it and make as much money as you can causing them as much harm as possible. No one is saying you can’t talk to the media getting some of that press for yourself. But don’t give out details of your night together that could cause harm to others, including yourself.

TMZ has up this video now of Kacey describing her night with Charlie. Shut off your ad blocker if you can’t view the video.

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3 Responses to Keep an eye out for Kaycey Jordan this week.

  1. Kaycey is taking full advantage of her day in the sun,for the next thing you know she’ll have Gloria Allred by her side and be making the tabloid TV gossip show rounds(nonstop).

  2. Chris says:

    Technically, Kacey isn’t breaking with protocol in this situation I don’t think. Had Sheen hired her as an escort to have sex with him and whatever else then she should keep quiet. However, from the looks of it Sheen just parties with these girls and has sex with them in return for money, cars, etc. It doesn’t sound like there was any kind of agreement either assumed or implied that it be kept secret. Charlie Sheen isn’t exactly known for discretion.

    If that’s the case I don’t blame Kacey or any of the girls for cashing in while they can. They could potentially make enough off this story to stop doing porn forever. The Charlie Sheen gravy train is going to come to a grinding halt when he keels over, which will probably be sooner rather than later.

  3. Heinrich says:

    Kacey Jordan is a known escort and is emotionally unstable. Sheen is an idiot for choosing whores like this. The drugs have really decreased his intelligence.

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