Charlie Sheen spent $500,000 on escorts and drugs in the past six months.

From RadarOnline:

“He spent a fortune… his preference is to smoke the cocaine,” a close friend told

What’s more, the 45-year-old womanizer spent tens of thousands of dollars showering hookers with lavish gifts — including buying some vehicles — and even paying to fly them around the United States on private jets to spend time with him.

The star was ordering up to an ounce of cocaine at a time and would often go on Ecstasy binges while adding methamphetamine to the potentially lethal cocktail.

“Charlie had a seemingly endless supply of eight-balls,” said one source.

“Charlie’s nightly habit would be tens of thousands of dollars of drugs and two girls,” said one pal.

“He would typically pay them $5,000 to $10,000 for the night and would give them cash, check or money transfer.

“Charlie had previously bought her a convertible Mustang worth $17,000 and on another occasion, he paid another girl who only saw him once, an $8,000 BMW.”

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