Janine Lindemulder is out of jail; Her daughter almost died and she was never told.


Jesse James had Janine arrested this Saturday claiming she had been harassing him. Though he & Sandra Bullock have been harassing her & her family for years and many don’t seem to have a problem with that.

Janine was arrested on three outstanding Class B Harassment warrants but she says she had no knowledge of the warrants. She also says she was intentionally ambushed by Jesse so that she would get arrested.

Her daughter Sunny was also hospitalized this November with a deadly infection and she was never informed. It was a life threatening infection and no one ever told Janine. But I’m sure Sandra Bullock and Kat Von D, two women who have absolutely nothing to do with this family, were there.

It’s been previously reported that before Jesse’s sister turned on Janine, she had been very public saying how both Jesse & Sandra have hurt their family and how they’ve both bought Sunny. His sister was also planning on writing a book against Jesse.

Janine’s attorney Richard Masson posted the $840 bail. Janine is scheduled to appear in court on March 11 for these charges.

Picture Source: TMZ

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