Kacey Jordan’s “Good Morning America” interview. Also her other TV appearances tonight. Charlie’s teeth have fallen out due to his party lifestyle?

Kacey Jordan was on “Good Morning America” this morning talking about her time with Charlie Sheen last week which landed him in the hospital a day after she left a party at his home. She came off well in the interview. The three hosts looked disgusted after she said Charlie wanted to have a porn mansion where he would have Kacey babysitting his children. Kacey also says she was offered $5,000 to attend the party but he later wrote out a check for $30,000. The rest of this interview will air tonight on “Nightline.” Videos of the shows are up on their website usually by the next day.

Kacey’s “Good Morning America” three-page story & four-minute video from this morning can be found here. The one hour video with Kacey’s four-minute segment included can be seen here. Shut off your ad blockers for that last video link.

Ashleigh Banfield said that Kacey didn’t ask for anything to do the interview and didn’t want to be paid for the licensing of her photos.

Everything I’m reading about concerning Kacey’s appearances I’m getting first from her Twitter. I logged into Twitter this morning to read her page and that’s how I knew about her interview this morning. She also writes how the second part of her morning interview will be on tonight on “Nightline.” She was also interviewed by Extra & Inside Edition. I don’t know when those will appear but I’ll be checking starting tonight.

Eonline also has up this video & story of Kacey. So I’m sure the full interview will be on tonight and throughout the week on the E Channel. One surprising bit of news from this video is Kacey saying Charlie has gold teeth and how his teeth are falling out. She assumes it’s from all the drugs he’s done throughout the years.

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