Is there a Kacey Jordan and Charlie Sheen sex tape?

I posted these pictures the other day of Kacey leaving a bank with $22,000 in cash. The guy with her looked very familiar but I couldn’t figure out who he is. After staring at the pictures for hours on end, I finally realized the man alongside Kacey is infamous celebrity sex tape broker Kevin Blatt.

Maybe they’re just good friends and he went along for the ride. Who knows. But it’s something to consider.

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3 Responses to Is there a Kacey Jordan and Charlie Sheen sex tape?

  1. Mike South says:

    Wherever theres celebrity sirt being thrown by tmz or radar online you can bet KB will be in the middle of it….who do you think brokers those stories to TMZ anyhow?

    Theres no Charlie Sheen Sex Tape but if there was who cares?

    Speaking of I don’t get the whole Charlie Sheen thing anyhow it’s easier to list the pornchicks he HASNT fucked than the ones he has…for Gods sake he was married to one. Why is this even interesting to anyone

  2. frog404 says:

    Mike: “Why is this even interesting to anyone”

    A lot lot of people still buy into and get excited about the whole fame/celebrity thing that I got over at about 16 years old. They take a regular person who’s more attractive than most. Then give them a caricatured personae that draws out one or two things that people really respond to. It’s riduculously simplistic, but people don’t care, they just love those one or two things!

    I’m sure Charlie Sheen is a fun guy to hang around. But since the likelihood of me hanging around with him ain’t all that high, I could care less how famous he is.

    Porn whores on the other hand.. What leads to someone making decisions like that in life?? No matter how many times I hear the stories…

  3. Darrah Ford says:

    This whole story is beyond fascinating to me. It’s a traveling circus with new attractions added every day. Now you have the madam whose talking. Kasey put out the check making her a target. All indications seems like she’s not leaving porn. So it’s like they’re telling the world hey come and get me. He’s the highest paid actor on TV and he almost died last week. Add in drugs, porn stars, and a crazed-looking madam. This story has everything.

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