More of the video interview from Charlie Sheen’s madam Felony.

RadarOnline is slowly releasing the entire video interview they have with former porn star Felony. In this third video, Felony says she filmed Charlie having sex with one of the escorts she had brought over for him. It was a project Charlie was trying to start where he would create his own porn franchise called “Charlie’s Devils.” The tape he shot was a demo tape to see how well he would perform in front of a camera. He kept the video after because she says so he could practice.

Felony says Charlie asked her if she would book women for him who had appeared in the “Barely Legal” franchise.

You can watch this third video at RadarOnline. Links to the first two parts of Felony’s video can be found here.

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2 Responses to More of the video interview from Charlie Sheen’s madam Felony.

  1. frog404 says:

    I can’t watch that video because it’s in Flash and I’m on an iPad right now, but that story has to be bullshit. What Madam goes and rats on her clients when the law’s not even involved? Is she having a going out of business sale and TMZ was the highest bidder? Come on, doing that is shutting yourself down.

    I consider it more realistic that Charlie hired her to come up with a bunch of bogus stories so he could come out later and talk about what nonsense it all is than what that “Madame” is saying has any veracity whatsoever.

  2. Darrah Ford says:

    Or maybe she’s a front for the real madam?

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