Pictures of Sasha Grey on set in Eminem’s new music video.

Sasha Grey and Eminem spent three days last week filming a music video for his latest single “Space Bound.” The shoot was mostly night shoots and filmed in Santa Clarita, California at a roadside diner and hotel. It was extremely cold with below freezing temperature. They say it was an intense storyline and Sasha appeared in every scene.

More pictures of Eminem can be found at

Sasha has never confirmed the news but all reports say that she’s now retired from porn. For her to leave suggests that she’s doing very well financially in the mainstream with many more opportunities opening up for her.

Sasha also appeared on the October cover of Playboy which was a first for any porn star. Kira Kener, Dagmar Kozelkova, and Tera Patrick appeared together on the March 2002 cover for the magazine’s porn star edition. But Sasha appeared solo promoting her co-starring role in the HBO series “Entourage.”

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5 Responses to Pictures of Sasha Grey on set in Eminem’s new music video.

  1. More power to her, and love the fact that her and Tera Patrick are business savvy! Love the fact that they started out in one world and have crossed over into mainstream. that takes a lot of guts, smarts, and energy

  2. frog404 says:

    I’m glad she’s doing well. But, how could being in a music video in any way necessarily mean she’s “business savvy”?

  3. Darrah Ford says:

    Everything that Eminem touches turns to gold. So anyone featured in his videos will get a lot of press and even more doors opened for them. She’s managed to keep her head on straight and make the right choices and decisions.

  4. frog says:

    For an entertainer to be offered a spot in an Eminem video, and for her to amek the “right decision” and say “yes”, I’m not feeling the brilliancy of all this business savvy you guys are talking about. It just sounds like the obvious thing to do.

  5. Harvey Dent says:

    So she left porn, there is a GOD.

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