Bree Olson will be featured on 20/20 this Tuesday.

ABC News is reporting that Charlie Sheen will do his first interview on ABC’s “Good Morning America” starting on Monday & Tuesday morning and throughout ABC News platforms. I assume that also means Monday and/or Tuesday night’s “Nightline” as well. Both the “Good Morning America” and “Nightline” websites air all videos after the show airs if you miss seeing it.

The full interview will air on a special one-hour edition of “20/20” airing Tuesday, March 1 at 10 p.m. ET. I don’t know how much Bree will be on but the video they have up now at ABC News shows Bree (right) with Charlie and his other new girlfriend, Natalie Kenly (left).

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10 Responses to Bree Olson will be featured on 20/20 this Tuesday.

  1. gypsy says:

    Sheen was not at awards n y the bell wud he bring that pig????

  2. Darrah Ford says:

    Why is Bree the pig? She’s not the one whose a violent drug user.

  3. Darrah Ford says:

    Bree wasn’t on this morning on Good Morning America. Just clips of Charlie acting like an idiot.

  4. frog says:

    Every prognisticator trying to make sure he can keep his job is using the Sheen story to wail on in a desperate attempt to garner eyeballs. But, I’m starting to like this Sheen guy. You listen to his interviews, and not just read the quotes they select out of his rants to make him look like a carnival show, and the guy makes sense. He’s telling it like it is. We need people in Hollywood that will be honest with us qnd not just sell us their latest show. Charlie’s fed up enough that he’s taking this role on.

    Well, everything except the drugs issue. He’s downplaying that big time. But, it’s obviously a bigger issue than he’s letting on.

    Thanks for the warning about him being on 20/20 Darrah, I’m definitely Tivoing it.

    Porn’s going mainstream. How big of a role in it is Charlie Sheen going to decide to play? He very well could become the face of where Hollywood seems to have been going anyway. If he doesn’t take himself out with the drugs first…

    How long till the first Oscars where both Charlie Sheen and Sasha Grey are guests of honor?

  5. frog says:

    Saw the Piers Morgan interview Darrah alerted everybody about on Twitter last night.

    I was thinking about it completely backwards. Mainstream television is bought and paid for by corporate Maerica who’s main goal is to make everyone feel warm and fuzzy about their products. No interest in offending anybody. Porn going mainstream is going to happen slowly. Probably porn appearances in movies first, those are less paid for by corporations and more by the people. After it’s well accepted there, then we’ll start seeing it on television.

    Sheen will probably have porn stars in his movies, which is cool. But as far as Sheen being a driving force, that’s just not how it works.

    I did like that Sheen was really honest, Piers gave him a pretty tough interview. Except for a few things Sheen probably felt he had to be evasive about because of circumstances. But, why the hell did he keep talkijg about what a winner he is? What kind of arrogant jackass does that?

    In any event, Sheen’s obviously a great actor, and he gave me the impression he wants to be as honest in his movies as he was on the interview. So, I look forward to his future work.

  6. Mike South says:

    Well for one porn isn’t going mainstream nor will it ever, porners are just plain too fucking stupid. Now that doesn’t mean that mainstream isn’t going porn, but there’s a big difference.

    All in all I’m liking Charlie, he does what he wants and he is unapologetic for being himself, aside from the drugs he has broken no laws and if bree and this other girl are happy then people need to shut the fuck up and leave the guy alone, it’s his money.

    Bravo to him for saying you shut down production, cool I want 1M MORE per episode to return….now who has the egg on their faces, without sheen the show will tank and without the show CBS loses the only primetime winner they have had in years.

    I’d like to hang out with Charlie….seems like my kinda guy.

  7. frog says:

    South: “Now that doesn’t mean that mainstream isn’t going porn, but there’s a big difference.”

    Excellent point. Porn going mainstream, it’d be kind of like that Muppets movie, think it was called “Muppets take Manhattan”. Only if half the Muppets didn’t manage to finish the bus trip to get there, and then in Manhattan, some of them starting fighting because, etc., etc..

    South: “All in all I’m liking Charlie, he does what he wants and he is unapologetic for being himself”

    I don’t dislike the guy, but there’re several issues he’s evasive about, because he knows he’s “wrong”. They seem to certain around the role model issue, which his response seems to be, “hey, I don’t want to be a role model anyway! Just sit back, enjoy the show.” Thing is, we’re all role models, whether we like it or not. And, Charlie’s not just somebody trying to figure out how to make ends meet.

    But, I do think this Charlie Sheen issue is culturally significant. It’s like he’s keyed into something the Hollywood media moguls haben’t keyed into yet. It’s forty years past Woodstock, almost 2 generations later. Nixon’s silent majority who look down their noses at the hippies, they’re just not nearly so many of those guys any more. Charlie calls them “middle America”, and maybe they’re ready to let someone like Charlie Sheen into their living room every Monday night?

    Where most celebrities would run and hide, Charlie’s doing a media blitz, and people are all over it. Joined Twitter and got over 1M followers in under 24 hours. You saw where a re-run of Two and a Half Men set some record for viewership during prime-time? And, it was a re-run. He’s onto something as to how to manipulate the media.

    But, maybe as the light gets shone brighter and brighter, it’ll be harder and harder for Sheen to be evasive over the things he knows he shouldn’t admit and he’ll just become a reminder of why we didn’t want those guys in our living room to begin with?

    It’s all still unfolding, these are just things running through my mind while I’m trying to figure it out.

  8. A girl says:

    First of all why in the he’ll would someone look up to and want to hang out with such a violent asshole. There’s nothing cool about almost killing some of your girlfriends.
    And Darrah why the hell are you so up Bree’s ass?! Isn’t this the little bitch who just got a DUI a couple days ago?! Fuck her and anyone else who decides to get behind the wheel when their drunk! I never liked the little miss piggy looking chick anyway! Who knows who she could have killed going out on the road like that!

  9. Anon says:

    Charlie Sheen´s “Goddesses”: “We All Love Charlie”


  10. Darrah Ford says:

    A girl, I’m not kissing Bree’s ass. I’m more worried now for her safety around him. If she doesn’t get away from him, he will destroy her. I also never made any excuses for her for driving drunk.

    Anon, thanks for the links!

    Frog, Charlie isn’t honest. He says he’s never hit a woman but that’s a fucking lie and he’s even plead guilty to it.

    Mike, he’s broken many laws. From physically attacking many women, pleading guilty to it, doing the drugs, and providing women under 21 with alcohol and drugs.

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