Charlie Sheen threatens to kill his current wife & also threatens to take away Denise Richards’ children.


So I’ve been watching many television programs tonight and this is what’s being claimed by them now. One report is claiming that Charlie Sheen sent his ex-wife Denise Richards a text message threatening to take away their two daughters and how he hopes she dies a slow painful death like her mother did. Denise’s mother died of cancer three years ago.

Charlie’s current wife Brooke Mueller’s mother kicked her out of the home they share. That’s when Brooke took her children and moved in with Charlie, Bree Olson, and Natalie Kenly. Brooke is also saying she went along on last week’s Bahamas vacation with the three because she was afraid she would enrage Charlie if she didn’t go. Brooke also admits she’s been clean for a week.

Brooke got a restraining order against Charlie which resulted in the police going to his home and taking their two boys away last night. Bree Olson was in the house when police arrived. His other girlfriend Natalie Kenly was out shopping.

Brooke claims that he knocked her unconscious, sent her an anti-Semitic text, and made multiple death threats. From

  • “I will cut your head off, put it in a box and send it to your mom,” Mueller alleges Sheen told her during a phone call on February 27 after she insisted the children be returned to her. He added, “If you are having this conversation taped, then consider it done.”

    Mueller also says that during their recent Bahamas getaway, during “an argument which turned violent,” Sheen punched her in the arm, threatened to stab her eye with a pen knife and spit on her feet. She now says, “I am in great fear that he will find me and attack me and I am in great fear for [our] children’s safety while in his care.”

    The court papers also detail Mueller’s first-ever public revelation of her claims that Sheen was physically violent toward her just weeks before their headline-making Christmas Day ’09 meltdown in Aspen that resulted in Sheen’s arrest: “In October 2009, [Sheen] knocked me to the floor causing me to hit my head on the corner of a couch,” Mueller says in her sworn statement. “I was knocked unconscious and required medical attention, including a CAT scan.”

    In relation to that October incident that she says happened, the 33-year-old says she has photos of her injuries, two witnesses and a written apology from the 45-year-old Sheen regarding what happened. She also reveals that following the Christmas Day fight in which she claims he held a knife to her throat, Sheen allegedly told her, “I should have killed you when I had the chance.”

    Another accusation by Mueller — which she describes as one of Sheen’s “most shocking and frightening requests” — details a recent incident in which she claims Sheen requested that once he buys her a house, she give him back $20,000 per month from child support payments so that he could “have untraceable cash to ‘knock off a few people’ because ‘the people I hate violently are going to get severely punished.'”

    Mueller also provided for the court a copy of a text message she says was from Sheen, apparently referencing his manager Mark Burg, that read, “I must execute mark b like the stoopid jew pig that he is.” This alleged text surfaces in the wake of Sheen’s avowal that he’s not anti-Semitic after he ranted on a radio show against “Two and a Half Men” creator Chuck Lorre, saying his true name is “Chaim.”

    Of Sheen’s erratic behavior, Mueller posits, “Now that [Sheen] claims he is sober and his behavior has become very hateful, vindictive and violent, I believe his rage is the result of an intense mental issue, rather than simply a reaction to substance abuse.”

    Mueller also comes clean that she herself fell off the wagon allegedly with one of Sheen’s girlfriends during their Bahamas getaway, explaining that “I was afraid I would enrage [Sheen] if I did not go,” and she says she’s currently in day treatment for sobriety issues.

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2 Responses to Charlie Sheen threatens to kill his current wife & also threatens to take away Denise Richards’ children.

  1. BarbraJean says:

    The Sheen Twins should not live with either parent, nor be able to be accessed by either parent, until and unless a very rigorous and consistent drug and alcohol program, including random drug testing, is completed. They should also be required to take parenting classes and to graduate from said classes.

    Also, knowing their background, they should educate themselves about what happens in Family Reunification which can easily be put into motion by a Judge, which will enable the Dept. of Social Services, Child Welfare and Child Protective Services the clout and the power to keep the children away from their parents until all the Family Reunification orders have been satisfied.

    Someone has to take the initiative to protect these children from a situation that can only continue to hurt them. And I believe that that ‘someone’ should be Child Protective Services who will work hand in hand with Law Enforcement and Child Advocacy Attorneys who know how to do what needs to be done to take these children and make sure that their future is much brighter than their past.

    I wish I could do something personally. I would if I knew what I could do. So if anyone has any ideas of what I or anyone else can do to help this situation I would like to hear them (

    Thank you for giving me a platform to offer my opinion.


  2. Darrah Ford says:

    This is Hollywood. Charlie will eventually get the kids back regardless if he was abusive towards them. Jesse James still has physical custody of Janine Lindemulder’s daughter when we all know he never wanted her and he’s destroying her life. The world is handled differently when you have money. Neither parent should get the kids but society usually turns a blind eye on what’s in the best interest of the children.

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