A few links to keep you busy this weekend.

I’m already getting sick of all the Charlie Sheen news. But here’s what I can find on both RadarOnline and TMZ about Bree Olson or anything related to her safety & living arrangements:

Bree Olson’s Ex-Fiance: ‘I’d Do Anything To Help Her Out’

Charlie Sheen’s Wife Wants Drug Tests For His ‘Goddesses’

VIDEO: Charlie Sheen Says Goddesses Are 100% Clean — Invites Judge Over For BBQ

Charlie Sheen Tweets He’s Reached Deal With Brooke Mueller

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Defiant Charlie Sheen Surrenders His Children To Authorities, Vows To Fight For Full Custody

Brooke Mueller Says Charlie Sheen Punched Her Last Week, Thinks He’s More Famous Than Obama, Planned To Shave Denise Richards Head & More

Charlie Sheen Wants Full Custody Of Kids From Ex Brooke Mueller

Gloria Allred On Charlie Sheen’s Claim He’s Never Hit a Woman: ‘Revolting & Despicable’

VIDEO: Meet Charlie Sheen’s ‘Goddesses’, The Second Mothers To His Twin Boys

AUDIO: Charlie Sheen Tells Howard Stern About Life With ‘The Goddesses’ : ‘It’s Not Just About Sex’

VIDEO: Charlie Sheen Says He’s Never Hit A Woman, Reveals Call From Mel Gibson

Charlie Sheen: I Did NOT Check Into Rehab

Denise Richards: Charlie’s Too Risky for Our Kids

Brooke to Charlie: The Deal’s Off

Sheen Allegedly Wanted Associates Killed

Sheen’s ‘Goddess’ — Guitar Sesh w/ Ex-Korn Member

Charlie Sheen Spills His Guts on TMZ

Sheen Shopping Book Deal — Starting Bid $10 Mil

Picture Source: RadarOnline

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3 Responses to A few links to keep you busy this weekend.

  1. frog404 says:

    This is the one that made it clear to me what’s going on with Charlie: Charlie Sheen: I Twitter for Cash!

    I saw on one of his TV interviews that his child support payments are $110K/month.

  2. Those links are enough Charlie Sheen media overkill to majorly damage our brain cells.

  3. Darrah Ford says:

    Yeah both wives get about $55,000 a month in child support.

    Yeah I had written a Twitter story and then I logged in and saw you mention it too.


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