Charlie Sheen joines Twitter to make some cash.


One thing I can’t stand is when rich people get paid to tweet. Reports are now claiming that Charlie Sheen joined Twitter this week only so he could make money. Why? Because he doesn’t have a job anymore. So where did all his money go? He’s been on his hit television show for eight years, was the highest paid tv actor, and gets paid a fortune for the show being on syndication. So whenever the show airs every single day, many times a day, around the world, he gets paid. But here he joins Twitter first claiming it was his way of talking to the fans. But the reality is that he only joined so he could get paid to tweet.

But like many other celebrities, he doesn’t run his own Twitter. RadarOnline is reporting now that someone named Bob Maron is running Charlie’s Twitter page. Charlie calls him everyday to give him the messages he wants posted. And by looking at Charlie’s page, the very first person he’s following is Bob Maron. Bree Olson is second.

They’re saying Charlie would normally get paid $10,000 a tweet for whichever sponsor pays him. That’s the common rate that most celebrities get. The reason why I hate when celebrities do this is because they have so many ways of making money but here they’re using a social network to make even more money. They claim it’s to talk to fans but it’s a lie and just another way of milking the public.

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5 Responses to Charlie Sheen joines Twitter to make some cash.

  1. frog404 says:

    How tasteless advertising has become is a huge irritant to me. I have to remember not to let it bother me.

    I’ve seen reports where Charlie’s friends say he has so much money he’ll never be able to piss it away. But, I’ve seen references a couple of times to where he himself has said he needs the money to support his family.

    I think that’s what’s going on with the media blitz. He needs it to make money.

    But, I also think he’s figured it out. As bad as that Sheen’s Korner show was, I bet he can make it work. Howard Stern expressed interest in helping on Twitter this morning. Said he wanted Charlie to do the show with them in the first place. It’s not like Howard Stern isn’t going to be able to take a personality like Charlie Sheen and make a successful radio show out of it.

    100,000 people watched Sheen’s Korner. I checked, Piers Morgan’s numbers are running about 500,000. But, Piers’s show is nightly.. Still, that makes Piers have 25 times the viewers that Sheen has. If you take the advertising revenue CNN makes off Piers’s show and divide it by 25, could Sheen live off that? Probably.

    I guess there is an issue where if Howard wants to participate, what is going to be left for a cut for Sheen and his crew?

    And eventually, Sirius took Howard and Playboy. Why wouldn’t they take Sheen if he can get that show going?

  2. frog404 says:

    Well, maybe I spoke too soon. Apparently, CNN’s total operating income (not just Piers, all of CNN) was only $500 million. Horribly surprised it’s that low.

  3. frog404 says:

    And apparently Stern is making $80 million dollars a year. I have no idea how this works:

  4. frog404 says:

    Apparently, it’s $500 million in profit (not income) for CNN. I’ll take the Financial Times’s word over “Media Bistro’s” any day:

  5. Darrah Ford says:

    I think I just read Howard is suing Serius Radio for stocks that he claims he never got. He got way too much for his deal and should be grateful he has what he has. He was overpaid in my opinion.

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