Is Westcliff Lab handing over all AIM test results to the County Health Department?


Someone sent this in to me. The person told me that Westcliff Lab is turning over all AIM test results from the last few years to the County Health Department.

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8 Responses to Is Westcliff Lab handing over all AIM test results to the County Health Department?

  1. Anonymous says:

    You should have written “JOE KNOW SENT THIS TO ME”. btw who is that clown anyway?

  2. Mike South says:

    and this surprises people? even a little? I know for a fact that many of the real names on pornwikileaks came from aim…how do I know? because two people who tested there using names they ONLY used there ever and guess where those names are…..

  3. mike north says:

    Aren’t all of the names on the database that AIM sells passwords to the ‘real’ names of performers. Couldn’t anybody with a password be giving all these real names to anybody?

  4. frog404 says:

    Why the hell would someone who works in the industry be passing out real names?

  5. Darrah Ford says:

    Anonymous, it wasn’t Joe Know. They’re two completely different people.

    Mike North, but who exactly has the password? It’s suppose to be just performers & directors/producers. But how does PWL get thousands of names?

    Frog, because they never had any real power in porn and this is their way of getting back at the people who achieved more. There are also the people who hate this industry who are feeding that forum all the names. The ones who hate porn the most are usually the industry members themselves.

  6. mike north says:

    When you give the ‘donation’ to AIM you get issued your own custom password. There are dozens and dozens of passwords to they system, and no way to verify who is using them. It has been common knowledge in the industry for YEARS that these passwords get passed around all the time. How or why anyone would say it is actually someone from AIM when all of these other agents and producers, and employees of the agents and producers have these passwords is pretty amazing. Just looking for something else to blame on AIM. AIM keeps something confidential and people complain, AIM doesnt keep something confidential people complain, AIM doesnt publicly respond to ridiculous accusations, they MUST BE GUILTY. Thats the porn industry gossip world for ya.

    AIM does not give passwords to individual performers, but many agents and producers are also performers, so you have to take that into consideration.

    How does PWL get thousands of names, because the database with the passwords have every name from years and years of testing.

  7. Darrah Ford says:

    But they should have a better system than what they have now. They also never notified the industry after the breach though other companies always notify their customers after a breach. But even after Desi Foxx sued after her medical records and personal information was posted on an industry blog, nothing was ever changed. There should be a better database with more security.

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