I’ve changed the blog around a bit.

As you’ve clearly noticed, I barely update my blog anymore. I’m either busy at home, tired, or I don’t know what to write. I’m not a natural born writer where I can wing up an original story every day that seems semi-legible. It takes time for me to write something I can be happy with. I also don’t know what to write many times or I don’t know that much about the topic. But I do go to many sites and I think it would be easier if I now direct link a lot of the stories now.

I finally figured out how to direct link from the subject title. Just click the title and it links back to the source.

I’ll still do my stories where I’ll complain about whatever it is that needs to be complained about. But I go to many sites where I can easily grab a link and link back from here. This way at least the blog will be updated more often than the ghost town it’s turned into.

I could cut&paste but many of my critics bitch about when I use to do that though they never call out the many others who do the same. The same rules don’t apply to everyone while many of you mostly complain about me. I even get criticism when I post press releases on my other blog because it’s cut&paste. Of course it’s cut&paste. It’s a press release for crying out loud!!! I don’t get paid for any of this and you actually expect me to re-write a press release??? Press releases aren’t meant to be re-written either.

So I hope everyone likes the new change & the new change in themes I just picked out. Thank you! xoxo

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3 Responses to I’ve changed the blog around a bit.

  1. I’ve been the same way. Plus other than Charlie Sheen it’s been slow porn news lately. I love the cat pic btw.

  2. No problem,for blogs(and bloggers)are always like that when there’s long periods of time before a blogger feels like blogging again(with a new subject or something important to talk about),for your fans(that are hungry for the latest) can always catch up with you at your Twitter page.

  3. Darrah Ford says:

    I’m allergic to cats but I’ve always thought they’re beautiful and wished I could have one. I found out I was allergic after babysitting for a neighbor when I was younger and they had a cat.

    I think it will be much easier for me this way to update the blog. At least it will be more updated than before. Many times I don’t know what to write and this way I can just stick up a link for all of you to read.

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