INTERPOL shuts down a global online paedophile ring.


March 17, 2011

INTERPOL congratulates Europol and participating national law enforcement agencies for dismantling global online paedophile ring

LYON, France – On behalf of INTERPOL’s 188 member countries, Secretary General Ronald K. Noble has congratulated the European Union’s Police Agency, Europol, and its Director Rob Wainwright after a three-year international investigation co-ordinated by the agency led to the break-up of reportedly the world’s largest-known online paedophile network.

With to date 670 suspects identified worldwide, 184 arrests made and 230 children rescued, the head of INTERPOL said that Operation Rescue was ‘a remarkable success’ for international law enforcement co-operation.

“As one of the largest operations of its kind to date against paedophile rings, Operation Rescue is a clear demonstration of what can be achieved through international law enforcement agencies working together to protect children and bring offenders to justice,” said Secretary General Noble.

“Operation Rescue is a testament to the great results that can be achieved when member countries’ law enforcement agencies collaborate with institutions such as Europol that have extraordinary analytical resources to contribute across multiple jurisdictions.”

“INTERPOL also knows that at the heart of any successful international law enforcement operation are national and local law enforcement authorities. In this operation some of the world’s finest experts in fighting the sexual exploitation of children over the Internet devoted themselves to protecting our children, breaking-up this network and to bringing those responsible to justice, including in Australia, Canada, Italy, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Thailand and the UK,” added the head of INTERPOL.

INTERPOL is a partner to the Virtual Global Taskforce which aims to build an effective, international partnership of law enforcement agencies to protect children from online sexual abuse. INTERPOL also participates in CIRCAMP, a European law enforcement network fighting the production, online distribution of and access to child sexual abuse material.

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