Tera Patrick speaks on the Lupe Fuentes scandal.

From Tera’s Twitter via LukeFord.com:

19 hours ago:

There’s SO much TRUTH I want to make public BUT… I am TOO much of a lady…. Darn you mommy …For grooming me right:}:}:}:}

Everyone shouls KNOW That TERAvision is MY company and I have ALWAYS been the SOLE owner of TERAVISION.

Lupe Fuentes WAS NEVER a Teravision contract “star” or performer and she IS NO WAY associated with myself or TERAVISION

I DO NOT CONDONE child pornography . I HAVE been fighting for rights of women and children with my HT work.:}:}

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3 Responses to Tera Patrick speaks on the Lupe Fuentes scandal.

  1. Bbwprincess says:

    I love Tera’s class. Unlike another retired mainstream porn star. Tera’s book opened up about her imperfections & she opened up about her & Evans split.

  2. Darrah Ford says:

    Tera handled the divorce incredibly well unlike everything Evan had said horribly against her.

  3. lindsay says:

    i fucking love tera patrick! not only is she classy, but she’s sooooo beautiful and a smart, smart businesswoman! she was always too good for even seinfeld. he’s just …gross. no other way to put it. and if he thinks lupe fuentes (who is more known for the kiddie porn scandal than anything else) will ever be as iconic of a porn star as tera, he’s in for a rude awakening! it aint gonna happen evan!

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