Kacey Jordan checked herself into Mass. General Hospital.

Thank you to Anon for leaving this comment! Kacey Jordan checked herself into Massachusetts General Hospital today after suffering an anxiety attack. I’ve posted many of her tweets below of her tweeting before, during, and after her hospital stay. She also posted this video at twitvid.com just before her hospital stay where she had just ordered Chinese food.

All of her tweets after the jump.

From Kacey’s Twitter:

9:00 PM Mar 26th:

had a panic attack…. so i couldn’t board my flight… SO i’m having some Dom in my room at the hilton to calm my nerves…. #breathe

i’m still shaking… DOM hasn’t arrived yet…i hate that i’m freaking for no reason. anxiety blows and hits randomly…

i hate being a baby… i think i’ll take that xanax and mix it with dom…. what am i so afraid of?? well… hello boston??

thanks everyone for cheering me up… the guy gave me strawberry’s and whip cream lol i’m alone… i gotta do a xanax

well i lost my credit card and i think that triggered it… i have it under control after an hour being on the phone but i was stranded

ouch chest pains… cramping #waiting for meds to kick in

i love pills… the shakes r gone! and DOM gets credit too ❀

For those who keep asking what Dom is… http://moby.to/2a9663

eff the pill and alcohol made me instantly drowsy… wtf ummmmm… lost

wow i’m so effin drowsy now

i just checked all my tweets from being passed out lol… i’m so thankful for such great fans! you rock! couldn’t do anything without yo

about 22 hours ago:

i passed out yet again… repouring more dom each time i wake up lol

I checked in at Hilton-Boston Logan Airport (One Hotel Drive) on #Yelp http://bit.ly/bBqo0Z

i just ordered some hotel reference chinese… i fucking hate chinese food but all pizza places r closed… hilton i will sue if i get sick

i’m trying to remember the last time i drank water… holy shit. how am i alive??? um wow. bach meoww

when’s the last time i put on make-up so many Q’s to myself… i’m gross. i can’t wait to meet my mental doctor in a week lol

i actually believe i have food poisoning… wtf… um kill me i’m so stupid

a video is uploading as we speak of me looking horrible… so if you wanna see a non hot mess get food poisoning… watch

http://twitvid.com/UIYKN – if ur reallllly bored watch it… watch me get food poisoining

i gotta sober up today and stop having panic attacks so i can fly home to oregon… this is not going to be pretty. #withdrawal 😦 #detox

about 14 hours ago:

sobering up is almost too painful i think i need to do a flush at the hospital… i do it all the time. i cant handle these shakes

i just checked and the hospital is only 10 min away… i’m going to check myself in… this detox is too much for me

i will make a sober video after i’m done later today… so stay tuned and be happy i’m getting help lol

@zlazzeri hahaha celebrity rehab has asked me like 3 times to be on their show… no way. i’m not remaining sober… what’s the point?

alrighty enough chit chat… these shakes are overwhelming so getting dressed and taking a cab to the hospital… talk to ya in a sec!

Wow I love being downtown Boston… So cute πŸ™‚

about 13 hours ago:

I checked in at Massachusetts General Hospital (55 Fruit St) on #Yelp http://bit.ly/c2ns28

Why do Boston accents make me smile? I use to have one as a kid because I couldn’t pronounce my R’s πŸ˜€

I keep losing my hearing wtf? I think I outdid myself yet again

I just got my room… Please ivs ASAP!!!

I’m scared

about 12 hours ago:

My heart rate is not good… I’m covered in cords

142 bpm? Something is wrong

I’m using twitter for support since I’m alone

No drugs. Anxiety attack… Just got Ativan

about 11 hours ago:

Still awake… I finally calmed down and saw the doctor. The withdrawal is what they r worried about… Going to see a mental doctor too

Mental doctor my choice

I’ve read all nice emails u guys have sent πŸ™‚ thanks everyone for dealing with all my crap!

Getting closer to feeling better… Now doing a chest xray

I think this might be the worst of my hospital visits… Thank god this hospital is amazing!

@10Toes2010 oh yea now the withdrawals have begun since they flushed me with fluids

They just gave me the GI tract cocktail with lidacaine? My whole mouth and throat numb… Deep throat blow job anyone??

@Alvaro_Orozco77 I take anti anxiety meds so the Ativan just brought me back to normal

@mrgreenleaf82 my nurse is a girl named Cory… She is so nice!

@Reg_Joe81 my bday is in 2 days but I’m celebrating in April with @jennyhendrix in Vegas πŸ™‚

I just want to take a big xanax and sleep in my hotel and order room service… I think I’m almost ready to recover on my own

@CharlieCrasheen I know this getting old and I’ve accepted that I have issues so I booked a crazy doctor in Oregon to treat me πŸ™‚

I can’t to ask my doctor all these questions about my thoughts… Y do enjoy having sex for money so much?

about 9 hours ago:

Wow this visit is number 1… I’ve never had 3 bags of fluid before and need more meds… I’ve burnt the lining of my stomach too

Watching hoarders from the TV in room and eating ice cubes is what I’m doing and tweeting πŸ™‚

@farrahlyngfe my step mom was a shopaholic and it was cool because I had the best clothes in school!

about 7 hours ago:

I really have the best fans! You guys made this day of hell easier on me knowing I have ur support xoxo love u!!!

about 6 hours ago:

Just have to talk to psychiatrist and take another GI shot and I can go back to the hotel, I’ve been here all day!

So I’m thinking a week sobriety πŸ™‚ and more personal videos…

@haileyyd mom just told me that having kids is like a box of chocolates and hers was full of nutts… Thanks mom

about 4 hours ago:

I’m getting released to the psychiatric doctors before I go back to the hotel πŸ™‚

My life: partying, hospitals, pregnancy, my vagina tweets, hotels, big white envelopes of cash, awesome fans, unicorn farts, cocaine with ?

That’s what I will tell the doctors lol

RT RMouallem @misskaceyjordan for your own sake, tell them the truth..you are a hooker that flies across country for sex, you drink and do drugs

OMG another chest xray? They said my last photo looked like a collapsed lung, I think I would know!!!

@MeInAcape I burnt my stomach lining… I can only have chicken broth and tums 😦

@steelcub45 I have acid reflux disease and peptic ulcers so 3 days of drinking will do it for me!

about 2 hours ago:

The nurse that discharged is awesome! She’s like ur the girl from howard stern?! She’s a fan! We chatted for a few πŸ™‚

Free and on my way back to my hotel I wish I was staying at the liberty I keep hearing about!

@mrsteve111 i know free at last! so nice to be in a bed… i just ordered a customized meal for my tummy from room service:) and tea!

speaking of…i can’t describe the pain my stomach is in… it’s going to take awhile to heal…maybe i should just swallow a bunch of loads

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