Lupe Fuentes’ ex-husband was in court this Monday after allegations of child pornography surfaced.

Interpol has issued an arrest warrant for Lupe. There have been no comments yet from either Lupe or her fiance Evan Seinfeld. Neither of their Twitter accounts have been updated since the news broke. You can read their pages here and here.


A Spanish judge has jailed Pablo Lapiedra, a director accused of exploiting Colombian children in pornographic movies, pending his extradition to Colombia, El Economista reported Monday.

In a ruling made public Monday, National Court Judge Pablo Ruz stressed the “seriousness” of the crime, which is punishable under the Colombian Penal Code by eight to 12 years in prison.

Ruz justified the continued detention of the accused saying that despite his work and family roots in the Spain, there is risk of his flight to escape justice.

Colombian authorities now have three months to present to Spain’s National Court the documents which are the basis of their extradition request, per the bilateral agreement between the two countries.

Spanish police arrested Lapiedra on March 17 on charges of prostituting and recording Colombian children in pornographic films.

One of the victims alleged victims reported working long hours from 8AM to 7PM and being assured that the films would not be distributed in Colombia.

Lapiedra is the ex-husband of Colombian pornstar Lupe Fuentes who apparently appeared in some of the films. An international arrest warrent was issued by Interpol for her role in the exploitation of minors in adult films. She is believed to be residing in U.S.

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