UPDATE: Greg Centauro died of an overdose.

Greg Centauro passed away Saturday the 26th in Budapest. There were conflicting reports that he either died of cardiac arrest or a cocaine overdose. cjw1 at AdultDVDTalk left this comment saying that Greg’s ex-girlfriend, Hungarian porn star Blue Angel, confirmed on her Facebook that he died of an overdose:

Mar 27 2011

Just confirmed by blue angel/viva style. Drug overdose. She found him dead after their split. She is on fb.

I’ve read a few of the French Twitter messages about Greg and many are asking why there isn’t much being reported about Greg’s death. He had also once dated & performed with French singer, media personality, TV host, and former porn star Clara Morgane.

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1 Response to UPDATE: Greg Centauro died of an overdose.

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have worked with Greg before many times and feel sooooo sad his not here any more, R.I.P Greg see you on the other side.

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