Don’t believe Monica Foster’s pity party how she’s a victim of PWL.


Monica Foster has been quoted in mainstream sites today since Mike South broke the story this week of AIM’s database being compromised. She’s trying to portray herself as a victim of PWL though she fails to mention that she was an active forum member there and never saw a problem with what they were doing to all the women in this industry.

You can read the two stories that quote Monica at Gawker and The Daily Beast.

I had warned Monica about the forum owner and many of the things he had done to so many women. She was upset and had no idea. To my surprise, she later joined the forum anyway and became an active member using her porn name. Now here’s a black female performer joining a sexist, racist, and homophobic porn forum. This forum posts personal information on porn stars and they also notify their families and their mainstream jobs telling them what they do for a living. Why would Monica join this forum after being warned about them?

Monica saw no problem with this forum and became an active member. She then started complaining that this forum started to post her real name, address, phone number, her family member’s names, address, phone numbers, and criminal records. This forum was now doing to her the same exact thing she had seen them doing to all the other women in this industry. She’s then on her Twitter saying she wanted to die, she wants to kill herself, they’re trying to kill her, she’s reporting them to the police & FBI, and her family won’t talk to her because she’s embarrassed them.

So there I am trying to help Monica pick up the pieces and I was trying to give her advice as to how to stop that forum and get them shut down. I sent her all these links and told her who to call and contact. She wouldn’t listen. The reason why that forum turned on her is because she wouldn’t give them a copy of the $1,000 bounced check that Lenny Dykstra had given her. They wanted a copy of that check for their forum. She was trying to get the check from the bank but it was taking some time.

After Lenny wrote Monica a bogus check for $1,000 after hiring her as an escort, she rightfully so went public with this information trying to warn other escorts to stay away from him. Her story got a lot of big mainstream press and I felt this was her big chance of trying to cash in and make as much money as she can as quickly as possible before it became old news and they went on to the next story.

Monica did two RadarOnline interviews but was never paid for them. I tried to help her and told her she needed to hire a publicist. I told her to contact Roger T. Pipe at Pipeline Multimedia for representation. I told Monica how Tiki Pavelle also works there and how I assumed she knows Tiki because she now writes a new column for AINews, where Tiki also works at. So I thought this is perfect, she needs to quickly call Roger, and try to make as much money as she can so she can finally afford to move which she had been trying to but couldn’t afford to. She never listened.

Monica’s life has now gone downhill after the Dykstra scandal because she wouldn’t give that forum a copy of the $1,000 check. The same forum she was warned about and knew fully well about what they were doing to everyone else. She’s now accusing everyone she can of either being out to get her or who the “real” owners of that forum are. She’s accused me, other porn bloggers, directors, producers, a homophobic doctor, and Shelley Lubben of plotting against her and/or being behind the forum.

Monica claims that I have a Hitleresqe agenda. The one that seems to have a Hitleresqe agenda is Monica herself. She seems to resemble a Nazi officer who stood by watching all the abuse but stood back, did nothing, and never did anything to help anyone. She went to that forum knowing full well what they were doing and didn’t see any problem with their actions. She only had a problem when they did to her what they had already been doing to everyone else.

Monica also claims I’m anti-porn and I label women as victims. I’ve never been anti-porn. I’m anti-industry, which she is too and has been very vocal about on her blogs. And why can’t I label anyone a victim? But here she is crying on her Twitter wanting to kill herself, putting herself out there as the only victim, and her next book will be about the abuse she’s suffered while in the industry.

Monica then started to blackmail & threaten me on Twitter saying if I didn’t apologize to HER, that she would reveal my “real identity.” Would someone ask this woman what exactly I ever did to her? I wish I had done something to her because it would make more sense than what’s happening now. She started this countdown on her Twitter that if I didn’t apologize, that she would go public about my identity. An anonymous post on PWL appeared claiming that I’m really porn star Dave Pounder. She then posted a link from her Twitter to this new blog entry of hers revealing who she believes I really am. This clearly shows that the faceless coward is really Monica Foster who is still a member of a forum she claims is trying to kill her. She is now an anonymous member of that forum though she claims she registers everywhere as herself.

The voices in Monica’s head are telling her I’m Dave Pounder. I also read on PWL that she had written Dave’s real name in her blog post but had later edited it out. She complains her identity is being posted on that forum but she sees no problem in posting “my real identity” regardless if she’s edited out Dave’s real name now. She went on that forum knowing full well what they were doing. You have no one to blame but yourself and you deserve everything they do to you. The only real victims in this particular case are your family members that you dragged into all of this. When you were repeatedly told not to walk into a lion’s den, don’t complain when they bite your head off.

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62 Responses to Don’t believe Monica Foster’s pity party how she’s a victim of PWL.

  1. frog404 says:

    It’s probably the “won’t happen to me” mentality when she joined the forum you get in younger people. Even though Monica’s around thirty, that’s not entirely too old to think like that. Especially something like an internet message board that really should be harmless.

    And you can tell Darrah’s still worked up over Monica turning on her by how long Darrah went on and on in this post, LOL.

    But, the advice Darrah claims she gave does sound right. No matter Tiger Wood’s ex-girlfriend would have had any kind of career because of that without a publicist. And of course she should have stayed away from that forum. I’m Anonymous and stay away just because I don’t want to contribute content to what’s obviously a bunch of insecure jerks who can’t acquire any power in real life, so they head to the internet!

  2. frog404 says:

    I just read the Gawker and Daily Beast articles. They both left out an important aspect in the story. The people who participate in the forum, what it says about them that they participate. All the articles do is apply labels like homophobic, etc. that are just educated versions of what grade school kids do to each other when they’re being mean.

    And Darrah, Monica’s in there saying what PWL did to her, but at no point does she makes herself out as innocent or deny that she took part in any way. Just cause she got screwed doing something stupid doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have sympathy for her. This article you’ve written, this is why people accuse you of being vicious.

    The articles could have used Monica as an example of what not to do if they had gotten into what participating with imbeciles like that means about yourself, but they completely skipped over that aspect.

  3. Darrah Ford says:

    Someone came to me asking for help. Monica went behind my back to this woman and talked shit about me. The woman will not talk to me anymore and blocked me on Twitter the other week. I had to contact her friends to tell them what happened and for them to tell her what Monica did. I have no idea what Monica told this woman but she still won’t talk to me though her friends gave her my messages. If you come in between me and sabotage me trying to help someone in this industry, you will GREATLY regret.

  4. frog404 says:

    Okay, fair enough. From what I can make of the story though, when Monica started acting crazy, it’s not like you made it easy for her to come back down to earth. You’re not responsible for anything she did. You’re just responsible for what you did. And, you should own that.

    But, you told me about that where you got blocked on Twitter and that definitely sounds like Monica’s intervention. She’s playing this game as much as you are. So, meh.

    But, if you determined to win, so she “GREATLY” regrets going against you, lol, I just think you overshot your target here. Much more effective just to write the piece as a “oh, by the way, here are a few things Gawker left out!” rather than “that flaming bitch Monica!!”. You left to many holes in your argument taking it further with assumptions and came off like a raving lunatic. The whole thing could have been more effective.

  5. frog404 says:

    Well, now I come off like that raving lunatic.

    Just re-read through the article. It’s not the article so much that’s flaming, but you give it a title like you did and even after reading it, apparently readers (like me) come away with a more inflammatory view of what you’ve said than what you’ve actually written…

    Sorry Darrah! I probably should have re-read the actual article before posting!

  6. frog404 says:

    Man, I wish I could delete comments on this site because I am fucking up the comments section on this post. But, just because I ended up apologizing for calling the article coming off as a raving lunatic doesn’t mean I don’t think the article doesn’t come off as ridiculously harsh in a couple of places. Overall, it builds up nicely. But at a couple of places, you get towards the top and take it too far.

    Like, you left out that the reason she did the blackmail countdown was to get you to stop the insults you were hurling at her while she was counting down.

    And the thing where you’re insisting people should have no sympathy for is strange. Something bad happened to her, of course she deserves sympathy. It would be easier to have sympathy for her if she’d admist she never should have been on that forum to begin with, much less continuing to contribute anonymously. But, It’s just odd reading a piece so focused on judging someone rather than trying to understand.

    If your intent was to convince people of extreme attitudes like these, the way you built up to them, you probably did a nice job.

  7. correctway says:

    Don’t worry , there is a life without Monica Foster , i have survived , you will certainly !

  8. correctway says:

    Hum ! BEWARE she may be right if you leave your hatred towards her burning you, as final solution i ‘m sending you her portray … Every night ,before going to bed , give you ten minutes to expel it !

  9. correctway says:

    By the way ,why do you keep her links on your blog ? You might be Monica Foster herself ….(always undercover in that industry anyway !)

  10. correctway says:

    Piracy ? no conspiracy ! between cockpirates for holes drilling …PWL doesn ‘t take any POW !

  11. correctway says:

    About your identity, if you are a actual or former pornstar , send me a picture of your holes , i will seek for your face ….

  12. correctway says:

    She made no money ! Monica has always have issues to cash out before getting bounced !

  13. correctway says:

    Monica is a real activist :” i shall be overcome ” , “Anal is beautiful ” “i have a cream (pie)”

  14. correctway says:

    Monica must be very important . I have never found her book ” How to get into porn ” on the shelf … My Borders bookstore is closed now !

  15. correctway says:

    Someone behind the forum , may be ! For sure there is nobody before monica when she is doing ” Monica at home ” otherwise she would not stay still…

  16. correctway says:

    While doing her first steps in porn , Monica was one of the most gracious performers.Alas her career didn’t meet expectations but anyway her farewell speech was ” i saw the pervert land”

  17. Darrah Ford says:

    She’s now saying I’m stalking her because I left a comment on LIB in reply to her many lies. She also claims I stalk past and current porn stars. Who?? Most porn stars won’t talk to me!!!

    By the way ,why do you keep her links on your blog ?

    Yeah I’ve thought about that. I always liked her Monica At Home shows. And the other sites of getting in & out of porn might serve as resources for people. I don’t know. Still thinking on whether or not to keep them.

  18. Darrah Ford says:

    It would be easier to have sympathy for her if she’d admist she never should have been on that forum to begin with, much less continuing to contribute anonymously. But, It’s just odd reading a piece so focused on judging someone rather than trying to understand.

    Frog, she never takes responsibility for anything and blames everyone around her when her life is falling apart. She never addressed ever as to why she was on that forum to begin with. She had no right being on there seeing what they were and doing to so many women in the industry. Now she’s complaining about how they treated her though she saw no problem when they were treating others the same exact way.

  19. correctway says:

    I love the golden age of porn and my teenager hero was John Holmes : same for you ! I have a idea of who you might be …

  20. Darrah Ford says:


  21. correctway says:

    you choose the name Darrah wich can be used by both boy and girl (and not only by boy ) , you are quite emotional about Monica foster but you have no derogatory comments about being a woman .

  22. correctway says:

    You are not anti-porn but you decry the pornography porn industry because people are not happy in porn .

  23. correctway says:

    You knew John Holmes .

  24. correctway says:

    you make a living in mainstream but you were an insider in the industry .

  25. correctway says:

    I may be wrong but i won ‘t say more : porn needs people like you …

  26. correctway says:

    you are not the lovely Jada fire ( hum jada )

  27. correctway says:

    you cannot be the brat i have a crush on

  28. correctway says:

    You have the brain missing to any US army veteran involved in porn

  29. correctway says:

    You have the humour to a broker ‘s mind ..

  30. correctway says:

    You don ‘t sound italian …

  31. correctway says:

    I don’t leave you emotionless someway …

  32. correctway says:

    You are not misty stone because you are not looking for a gentle and caring boyfriend…

  33. correctway says:

    If you are not a man , you are Nick Da Kannon …

  34. correctway says:

    I may not have wasted my time to study textual criticism …

  35. correctway says:

    There is no privacy in porn , before or behind the camera.The only period adult performers could expect to stay anonymous from the general public was during the primitive stage (before 1973) in loops and partially during the Golden age.The coming of the video and the broadcast of movies on tv ( like in France on channel four ) have made adult performers more exposed than they could believe.

  36. correctway says:

    Monica is a charming lady but without particular or exceptional acting talent .Monica ‘s temper is her main weakness . Her lack of composure shows me that she is not smart with Pornwikileaks : she might be the principal casuality if the forum goes down ….

  37. correctway says:

    I would beg on my knees the goddess Vanessa Blue, but for monica i hope i would never be short of dimes…

  38. correctway says:

    There is a struggle for survival in the porn industry right now : too many stars , too many producers while the market is shrinking .It reminds me Boxing : too many federations , too many world champions …

  39. correctway says:

    Your tweets about yourself are not really relevant now to find your identity…

  40. correctway says:

    Cover yourself EVEYWHERE , don ‘t limit your undercover to the porn industry …

  41. correctway says:

    Straight porn vs gay porn , gay porn taking over straight porn by making anal normative and standard on the expenses of vaginal …

  42. correctway says:

    Black performers are not competitive because of affirmative action …

  43. correctway says:

    the opposition or even the confrontation in the industry between two groups .
    The first one is known for his focus on education , self- determination, and social accomplishment , the most predominant producers , the most predominant performers ( the most prolific movies performer ), the most predominant sexual advisers (and female performer in one specific case ) … The group was doing crossover between straight and gay until the climatic conditions have resulted into an internal fight .
    The second group is just revendicative as something which is owed due to some legacy and subsequently doesn’t justify any effort to make .That group objects to be challenged only on the basis of personal accomplishment. That group has developped a ghetto attitude with a politic of inclusion because of its ties and fraternity with the hip hop industry which represents an open window for porn into the mainstream media but Hip Hop is not favorable to homosexuality.

  44. correctway says:

    The second group is predominant in the Hip Hop industry which dislikes the gay side of the first group. It’s an opportunity for the straight side of the first group to overcome the gay side while containing the second group .Any agent from the first group who works with performers from the second group is “a child rapist”.

  45. correctway says:

    Monica doesn ‘t have the brain and the heart of the passionate Sinnamon Love.

  46. correctway says:

    Marie Luv is mine.

  47. correctway says:

    Il signore was wrong : mainstream and porn get along sometimes…

  48. correctway says:

    There is also a third group that doesn’t like the presence of the first and second group. That group has lobbying support on political side who understand that porn movies have to be broadcast at Marriott because porn is a necessary evil.

  49. correctway says:

    The third group is partly made of former (or actual) insiders who dislike the arrogance of the industry , who may weaken the industry to a pebleian takeover , fews may have the goal to reverse the legality of porn but they are ready to compromise.

  50. correctway says:

    Nice your picture of the late Jamie Gillis with the legendary John Holmes ! Hum …

  51. correctway says:

    Poor monica : bright ideas but big ego.

  52. correctway says:

    The words “gay mafia” used on PWL is not coincidental : we are witnessing an uncivil war in porn , family against family , the head of Monica has already fallen …more may follow !

  53. correctway says:

    Darrah Ford is Neva quit ( no, no i’m not talking about the bookmaker of Justin Slayer ).

  54. correctway says:

    I have been naughty with Monica but the truth hurts . Porn was not the right choice for her to make a career . Not everybody can fuck while 10 other people are watching and taping (with great frustration because they don ‘t have free hands…), there are lesser people fitted to become star ..

  55. correctway says:

    Black performers are viewed by their non-black collegues as Trojan horse (without condoms ) of the hip hop takeover .

  56. correctway says:

    I read somewhere that John Holmes killed two men by having sex with them and he was ordered by a judge to stop to have anal anymore …Is it true ?

  57. sammyglick says:

    Monica Foster was never ‘news’ to begin with. She entered porn as a 3rd rate performer and will leave porn the same (or even lower). Likewise, the entire controversy about PWL ignores the very real health risk poised by crossover male talent and female escorting.

    Why the industry isn’t willing to address any of this is beyond me.

    Furthermore, the mainstream press are so lazy, they take statements by people such as Monica and Christian as ‘fact’ — when they should be looking into their activities (as even skimming the surface, shows them both to be giant hypocrites). I’m sorry, but if you’re someone like Monica and do drunken webcasts about how you’ve been so ‘successful’ in porn…or if you’re Christian and you proudly admit to doing Tranny scenes and gay escorting, along with your ‘straight’ work, then you lose your credibility to be a spokesman for those performers who truly are trying to work in porn UTR (or as UTR as one can be in the Internet Era).

    I’m not suggesting performers like Christian be run out of the industry. Rather, that everyone be an ADULT in Porn Valley and be honest about who he and others like him are and their bisexual lifestyle. With such information out there, then if a female performer works with him or his type, then the risks and dangers are on her and her alone. Granted, she’s still not immune to ridicule — but that’s the price of fame (or in this case, infamy) in a free and democratic society.

  58. correctway says:

    Lexington Steele : ” I had the best sex of my life with Nina Hartley , about Monica it was the vagina monologues ! “.

  59. correctway says:

    Monica death threats : “ki,ki,ki …pa,pa,pa ” it’s crystal fake indeed !

  60. correctway says:

    When Monica will be analysed , they might tell her to find an other spot !

  61. correctway says:

    At the beginning Monica was only talking about porn on “Monica at Home”, then she departed from the initial topics of her show and she has experimented since few different ones ( diet, spiritism, mostly wine tasting …).If the show failed to generate an audience , she might sell beds ( like the one behind her ) !

  62. Darrah Ford says:

    correctway says:

    you choose the name Darrah wich can be used by both boy and girl (and not only by boy ) , you are quite emotional about Monica foster but you have no derogatory comments about being a woman.

    No, I chose the name because I liked the sound of it. Like Farrah, Sarah, Lara, Tara, and Cara. I went through the alphabet and stopped at D and liked the sound of it and had never heard the name before.

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