I was just quoted on Gawker!

I want to thank Adrian Chen for quoting me on Gawker today! I’ve refrained from talking about Porn Wikileaks on my blog and would usually acknowledge it on my Twitter as “that forum.” I didn’t want anyone else to know about the information being posted on his forum. I also didn’t want to drive any bit of traffic over to them giving Donny Long what he so desperately wants.

Since Mike South broke the story this week of AIM’s database being compromised, the story has now gone global and major mainstream publications & news outlets have picked up on the story. Adrian was the first mainstream writer to cover the story this week. You can read his first post about it here. Adrian’s new post mentioning me can be read here:

“Everyone knows it exists but 99% of the blogs and other forums never mention their name,” said porn industry blogger Darrah Ford. “We don’t want to give [Porn Wikileaks’] owner publicity.”

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2 Responses to I was just quoted on Gawker!

  1. Miss annie fannie says:

    I actually read that yesterday (Gawker on my Kindle). I was excited for you!

  2. Darrah Ford says:

    Thank you! I appreciate it. 🙂

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