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There have been a couple of stories that have been posted since I last checked Shelley Lubben’s site.

Jan Meza (pictured above with Shelley), formerly known as Elizabeth Rollings when she was in the industry, has been working with Shelley at Pink Cross for a couple of years now. She’s now written her story about her experience while in the industry and you can read it at

Other stories at Pink Cross are:

New Documentary About Shelley Kicks Off John Paul II International Film Festival

Take a Porn Poll and preview Shelley’s book for FREE!

Shelley Lubben Calls Porn ‘Modern Day Slavery’ at Cambridge University

Shelley sent me this message about a meeting the other week:

  • Darrah,

    You have permission to print the below.

    Well, as usual, no performers showed up to the Standards Board meeting even though it was right there in Van Nuys in the middle of the porn capitol where quite a few porn stars and porn producers live within fifteen minutes.


    AVN reporter Mark Kernes showed up in order to probably write ANOTHER article on “Shelley Lubben’s lies” and I’m sure he’ll mention Veronica Lain, former porn star who also gave public comment that he will try to discredit. So, watch for that. He loves to write about me. I’m Mark Kerne’s favorite subject J

    Kevin Bland, lawyer on behalf of Free Speech Coalition, said he represented producers and performers. I think it’s the first time I ever heard him say he represents performers.

    Um, Free Speech Coalition does not represent performers. Diane Duke has stated many times at public hearings that FSC mainly represents producers.

    Also, Kevin was pretty much forced to say that because he was the only one from FSC who showed up to the meeting who gave public comment. Apparently, Free Speech Coalition cares more about .xxx domains than safety and health of workers. Instead, Free Speech Coalition showed up in full force at San Francisco’s Union Square today knowing FULL WELL that the Standards Board meeting was about safety and health for workers and yet they felt it was MORE IMPORTANT to show up and “fight” against the .xxx domains than FIGHT for your safety and health!

    Read it for yourself:

    I made a statement to the Standards Board that “why is it for the last year hardly any performers have showed up to Calosha meetings? And why aren’t they here today especially when this meeting is held right in the middle of porn valley?”

    Because they are afraid of repercussions from their porn bosses, that’s why.

    What I can’t figure out is why FSC doesn’t pay performers off to show up to these meetings. They have offered money to the girls we have helped to turn on Pink Cross. Surely they can hire some trained porn stars to come to the meeting and tell everyone how great the adult film industry is.

    Anyway, the meeting went great and was in workers’ favor and the ball keeps rolling.

    Enforced safety and health protection for workers is on its way courtesy of Pink Cross, AHF, LA County Public Department of Health, Calosha, UCLA, Los Angeles Times, American Medical Association and many more.

    Note to employers (producers):

    Be sure to stock up on condoms because you’re going to need them.

    Note to employees (performers):

    Don’t Sign what you don’t Understand!!!!

    If you need help understanding your contracts or are just downright sick of porn and need legal help, please contact Pink Cross and we will try to find a lawyer to help you. We don’t want you to be “screwed” by the porn industry anymore!

    See you on June 7, the next meeting regarding YOUR SAFETY AND HEALTH!


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