When will something be done to stop PWL? When there’s a body?


AIM is acting like they’re just hearing about this now how their database had been compromised. But according to bm bradley on the GoFuckYourself forum, this is old news:

old news… this is why all our passwords got dumped. you guys act like it was the crime of the century…. gees.. some asshole logged on (possibly Donny Long) and posed all the names.

In unrelated cases, Teagan Presley had to go to court after her stalker had followed her to her hotel waiting outside her door. If Joshua wasn’t with her that night in their hotel room, Teagan would have answered her door by herself. What do you think could have happened if Joshua wasn’t there when her stalker had shown up?? Lizz Tayler had also written on her Twitter weeks ago how she found a man outside her home looking through her kitchen window.

Adult female performers, dancers, and models are constantly being harassed, stalked, and/or abused with very little help offered to them after. Men assume these women will have sex with anyone just because of their job. But here you have a member of the industry saying it’s old news and could care less and how it’s basically not a big deal. It will be a big deal if anyone is sexually or physically attacked because of that forum.

When will something be done to stop PWL? When there’s a body? When a stalker rapes and murders a porn star? When a new 18-year-old is horrified her parents have now been told and ends up hurting herself because of that forum?

Real names & addresses are being released and no one in this industry is helping. Where are all the industry lawyers and why aren’t they helping? On every forum I go to, there’s always a few lawyers and more so the fake lawyers as members there. Why isn’t anyone with any bit of power helping the women in this industry keep their personal information secure? It’s the women who are treated far worse than the men are in society. That’s why so many women leave porn hating it because they’re treated so badly when here. Then you complain when they start telling people about their bad experiences while in the industry.

Why the hell didn’t AIM hire someone to keep that database secure and why didn’t they send AIM’s lawyers after them? Every major company mails & calls all their customers when the company’s privacy has been breached. We never heard anything about what’s happened at AIM. And because they did nothing, it got worse for them because here they are once again covering up their mistakes instead of quickly coming forward and trying to fix it.

If any harm comes to any porn star, or to me, because of that forum, every person who could have stopped it has blood on their hands.

AIM has now released a statement. From aim-med.org:

  • March 31, 2011

    AIM Medical Associates, P.C. is investigating the possibility of a criminal breach of the medical record database. Substantial amounts of information posted on the site in question could not come from the AIM* database because we do not possess that information. Specifically, home addresses and identification documents are not within the AIM* database. Other testing businesses may or may not have such information on their databases.

    AIM is utilizing every available resource to conduct a thorough forensic investigation to confirm if a breach of security occurred here. If such a breach occurred, we shall take all available steps to see that the felonious behavior is criminally prosecuted to the maximum extent under the law. Accessing a database for improper purposes, violating medical privacy and extortion are all crimes in California. There is preliminary information indicating that criminal behavior by persons or entities may have occurred.

    In any case, the malicious nature of the site cannot be overstated. It is reprehensible that the site characterizes all adult actresses as “whores,” and refers to some women as “baby killers.” It is gratifying that the website has been largely unavailable at least over the past few days. We hope the hosting company removes this scurrilous site altogether.

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17 Responses to When will something be done to stop PWL? When there’s a body?

  1. Darrah Ford says:

    I’ve just update the post with a few more thoughts.

  2. frog404 says:

    I’m in the IT industry and I used to think that too, that most companies contact customers when a security breach happens. But, having gone into a couple of companies as a consultant and been like, “yeah, you got hackers on your internal network, no idea what they got into, you need to hire someone who specializes”, the guy in charge begs, one of them threatened, that I not tell anybody. And no, neither hired a specialist.

    It’s not an excuse for AIM being lackadaisical with security. Just saying it’s more common than you’d think.

    That’s one reason Google and their privacy issues don’t bother me. When there’s a security breach at Google, you always hear about it from Google first. Anytime you see a company disclosing that they had a security breach, you should appreciate that they’re being forthcoming. Well, unless like every few months they keep telling you they had another security breach… And, there are some laws that some companies have to tell you when it happens. Like banks have to because of credit/identity theft concerns.

  3. what says:

    First everyone complains that AIM doesnt make things public. Then every0one complains when they keep things private. AIM has been giving out passwords for years. If someone with a password has used it to post all the names there is definately HIPPA (federal) saws being broken.

    Darrah, are yousuggesting that AIM should no longer give access to patient results and deny the ability to verify test results.

    What do you mean by they should have hired someone to keep the database secure. Are you suggesting that performers and producers should not have access to verify people results? Please tell us what they ‘should’ be doing Darrah.

    We know you complain all the time about AIM Darrah, what is your solution to the “problem” as you see it. Is it to deny access to verify results, that what it looks like youre saying. And addresses and phone numbers are NOT in the data that comes with the password access. How do you blame AIM for this information being out their through theri database when that information is not in the password database??????

    Are you suggesting that these guys used the id numbers on AIMs database to look up THOUSANDS of addresses from other public sources?

    AIM keeps things private, you complain about it. AIM makes things public and you complain about it. What is yor solution Darrah, or would you rather just complain no matter what they do?

    And FEDERAL law requires that the real names and contact iformation be given to anyone who purchases the content. 2257 regulations. Hundreds, if not thousands of people or companies are REQUIRED to have this info, but of course it MUST be AIM that is the guilty party here. And you will note in the first AP article that appeared that it was Mike South who FIRST started the AIM must be guilty crusade.

  4. frog404 says:

    AIM keeps things private, you complain about it. AIM makes things public and you complain about it.

    The thing is, there are obviously some thing that should be made public in the industry and other things that should obviously be kept private. Don’t know why that seems such a contradiction to you.

    And addresses and phone numbers are NOT in the data that comes with the password access. How do you blame AIM for this information being out their through theri database when that information is not in the password database??????

    Are you saying AIM doesn’t have performers phone and address information or are you saying it’s just not available with the passwords they give out? It sounds weird for a medical group not to have their patients phone and address, what if there’s information they need to notify the patient about? And, if it’s just not in the information they give out passwords for, maybe there was a deeper security breech?

  5. Darrah Ford says:

    How is it not AIM when the only place that had that certain specific name that no one else had and the person had not worked after? One woman told me she changed her name and only AIM had that information. Boom right away, PWL has that information soon after. Then I’m hearing the personal information of people not even in porn are being released. So where did it come from if not from AIM? No one is saying the heads of AIM handed it out. But it’s obvious it’s coming from their database that they didn’t even inform anyone had been compromised. I got an email this week from a social network I use to be a member of but no longer use. They had a DOS attack and they emailed out all their members telling us to change passwords and everything else. But how could a clinic not notify their clients that the database might have possibly been compromised?

  6. what says:

    The data base “comprommised” and the didnt tell anybody. They have been giving out passwords for years, and talent sign a waiver to ALLOW them to do that. How could they not be notified of their information being given out when they SIGN THE WAIVER. Has someone with a password used that password to do this? Perhaps, but please remember, the original accusation of this being from AIM comes from Mike South, and we are all completely aware of Mikes history with AIM. ALl of this information being released, is contained in 2257 documents, including pictures of the id’s, which is NOT in the AIM database, nor is the addresses of phone numbers in the database that the password has access too.

    What do you mean by compromised? They give out passwords and talent signs waivers. EVERYONE KNOWS THAT.

    Has anyone “heard” a persons name who is amking these accusations of their
    one time name’ being released. Anonymous accusations, again, all coming from Mike South.

  7. frog404 says:

    I don’t know how AIM’s web site works, not in the industry. But, even if you have a password and can look up individual performer’s tests, the web site should not make it easy to look up all performers. The system could easily be designed such that you have to have a person’s real name first before you can look up their stage name. This is just one obvious example from me thinking quickly of how the system could be designed to limit people’s ability to lookup information.

    But, since PWL got such a massive list, including stage names for real names that were never used anywhere but AIM, this means either AIM has really shittily written software that is giving people entirely too much power to do lookups or that their database security was breached.

  8. what says:

    Frog, you DO need to know the real name to look up a result. And the MIKE SOUTH story about the one time stage name, notice its an anonymous source, and remember Mike’s LONG standing feud with AIM. IF this person has a problem with the legality of what AIM has done let him take the proper legal action, or is it just better to post anonomously on a porn message board.

    I would almost guarantee you, this person who complains about his information being out there used the same system to verify other peoples tests himself. I guarantee you that almost every performer who complains abou the AIM system has USED it in the past for their own convenience.

    Home addresses and phone numbers are NOT available in the database. NEVER have been and NEVER will be. It is obvious that htere are multiple sources for all the info being released, and ot the intelligent observer it looks like 2257 docs are involved. Could someone abuse the password they were given and get names, birthdates and id#’s, absolutely yes. But where did the other info come from?

  9. frog says:

    Well, that’s pretty stiff charges against South that he just made something up of that magnitude. Almost hard to believe he would do that. But, all I knows what I read on the internet from him. So, it’s not like I vouch for him.

    And, it’s terribly odd that AIM wouldn’t have home address and phone numbers. What if they have to contact one of their patients about test results?

  10. sammyglick says:

    Frog — “Well, that’s pretty stiff charges against South that he just made something up of that magnitude. Almost hard to believe he would do that.”

    Come’on! Seriously…Mike South is a guy in porn using an alias to what, write about porn and/or do PR?! He’s no better than us lowly commenters using an alias!

    For an outsider like myself, it seems odd that a clinic’s database was hacked…yet few of any DOB, end up on the site?! Yes, there are some within the main PWL forum, but if you go through the ‘wiki’ part, its rare to find an actual DOB. If AIM was hacked, and I personally doubt it was to the extent some believe, then info of this type would of been standard on the performers wikis.

    As for the smoking gun of a performer having used a stage name once (and it wound up on the site) or another who legally changed their name after they entered porn (and the old name is on the site), until they come forward to a REPUTABLE reporter (and not some assclown like South or Ross) should such rumors be validated as fact. Otherwise, it’s just a lot of empty BS being employed by people with agendas.

    It’s also a little disingenuous by Ms. Ford to want a site like this banished from the face of the earth simply to stop potential stalkers. As many have pointed out for years now, its easy to stalk someone (porn, mainstream, your coworker, et cetera). The existence of a site like PWL wasn’t the start of stalking female porn talent – and taking it down, won’t end this kind of activity.

    Or put another way, because a fan was beaten into a coma at Dodger Stadium on opening day, doesn’t mean society has to now ban baseball or deploy the US Army at the ballpark. If a female porn performer is killed by a stalker, it’s not going to lead to a global pan on pornography or a scrubbing of the internet for their personal info. It simply means a deranged fanatic was successful in carrying out his heinous thoughts and impulses. When a mainstream TV actress was killed by a fan roughly 15 years ago, it didn’t bring about any significant changes in how Hollywood deals with security or personal privacy.

    Thusly, if random Porn Actress was killed tomorrow, it would be covered by the press for a few hours until something else more sensational came along.

  11. what says:

    All I said was the addresses and phone numbers were not in the database, not that they dont have them. And it isnt the first time South did something like this when it comes to his agenda against AIM.

    PS. South has been predicting lawsuits against AIM since Adam and Eve were newlyweds. And the one time a lawsuit did happen South didnt even know about it until almost two years later. LOL

  12. correctway says:

    PWL is like HIV , the best way to prevent it is abstinence …

  13. correctway says:

    it might be handicap to hire newcomers in the industry . On average the duration of a pornstar ‘s career lasts only few years ( few months in the case of Monica ) and in general links with the industry gets very scarce .After all there are so many movies scenes, and looklikes ( Alban ceray looks like tv french personality Bernard Pivot ).Holes stay but the glory fades away ….(unless you make a name of yourself in mainstream media). Usually newcomers think that way:” I’m going to do some porn for a while , i ‘m not going to shot with a pornstar because fame in porn is like a mark , after i make some money i retire from the industry and get lost “.Not anymore …. With Database like Pornwikileak performers are losing any hope to compartmentalize porn and maintream life.

  14. 3stars says:

    Hey Correctway ,
    You know a lot about porn dude !
    Are you outsider or insider ?

  15. correctway says:

    For now i ‘m just outside Asa Akira …soon i would become an insider for sure !

  16. Neesa says:

    I went against AIM and Sharon Mitchell b 4 it was cool.Yrs ago. I helped put Paul Little penis in prison.I am a non religius person/non CHristian who is involved w the pinkcross and..I am fighting this douche.WHo doesnt believe me? Like me or hate me,I think we all know I am going to fight this in court.And to the pornstar ladies..Um,why do u post,”On way to Denver airport,on way to this concert,or this restaurant?? And U wonder why u have stalkers.At least I dont do that. i talk about porn/wikileaks in that link above.4 those who hate me,if u were smart,u would back off bcause I mayb a big help in the end of this

  17. Darrah Ford says:

    I’m sorry that your comment was held back. It does that sometimes.

    Yeah I never understood when people post on their Twitters their exact locations and when they’re leaving home and where they’re going. I also tell many to shut off the geotags in their cameras too before uploading an image to their accounts online.

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