An update on 15-year-old Bieyanka Moore: Her mother files a lawsuit against Reality Kings.


On January 2010, 15-year-old Charrida Smalley ran away from her Florida home. Eight months later, Reality Kings had her featured in one of their videos and she was now known as Bieyanka Moore. When the scandal broke seven months ago, Bieyanka denied it all and said that she was 19 and how Nevada Child Seekers had made a mistake. She said the website mixed up her information and had put her picture with Charrida’s information.

The ID Bieyanka used belonged to Tyler Chanel Evans. Tyler is a resident of Las Vegas where she works as a stripper & club promoter. She says Bieyanka had stolen an invalid ID of hers. Tyler says the ID was an INVALID ID. She says it’s an invalid ID that Bieyanka had stolen after she had changed her address. She says she wouldn’t be able to use her old ID and doesn’t understand how Bieyanka was allowed to.

All the information Bieyanka had given as her own is the personal information belonging to Tyler. Tyler even says Bieyanka looks nothing like her and how Bieyanka is taller than her and has larger breasts.

Tyler had first met Bieyanka after finding her homeless on the streets in Las Vegas. Tyler didn’t know she was 15 and a runaway at the time.

I first emailed Nevada Child Seekers on Monday, September 13, 2010. I first talked to Michelle Sahagun who then put me in contact with case manager Bob Abrams. I explained to them how new porn starlet Bieyanka Moore was being accused of being 15-year-old runaway Charrida Smalley. She was also accusing them of putting her picture & information on a missing child poster. Of course a missing child center didn’t accidentally put a porn star’s information on a missing child poster belonging to a 15-year-old runaway. But that was Bieyanka’s claim. Bob told me they didn’t make a mistake and the information & picture was given to them by Charrida Smalley’s family.

Charrida Smalley is a 15-year-old Florida runaway. She made her way to Nevada where she ended up homeless and on the streets. She then meets 19-year-old Tyler Chanel Evans eventually stealing her invalid ID. Charrida then transforms into Bieyanka Moore where she found her way onto a Reality Kings set.

Who brought Charrida Smalley into the porn industry? What went wrong at Reality Kings that resulted in a 15-year-old shooting a porn video with an invalid ID? How many others have allegedly fallen through the cracks at Reality Kings, or any other porn company?

How many others were also brought in by the people who brought in Charrida? You can’t claim that this 15-year-old masterminded all of this without outside help. From Traci Lords to Brent Corrigan, they were all brought in by someone who knew how old they were. You can’t blame this all on a 15-year-old girl without looking around her to see who brought her in.

Now her mother has filed suit against Reality Kings claiming that her underage daughter and Bieyanka Moore are one and the same — constituting “sexual battery, statutory rape, and child pornography.”

Her mother’s Miami-based attorney, Mark A. Glassman, says Bieyanka’s case is being investigated by the FBI:

“This is a lot more complex than she showed up and got in a movie,” he says. “A 15-year-old did not orchestrate this alone.”

Reality Kings claims that Bieyanka provided producers with a valid Nevada learner’s permit claiming to be 19-year-old Tyler Chanel Evans, and a corresponding social security printout.

A few hours after uploading Bieyanka’s film debut, Reality Kings’ attorney, Stuart I. Grossman, claims that the company received an anonymous tip claiming she was underage:

“They took down the video immediately and called the FBI,” Grossman says. “The bottom line is RK did everything it could to verify the actress’s age.”

A problem I have with this is why is her mother suing for statutory rape? By putting out that charge means her mother is going after the male performer that worked with Bieyanka. How is he at fault for any of this? He didn’t know how old she was and it wasn’t his job to make sure she is of legal age. That job belonged to Reality Kings and the liability falls on them, not the male performer she worked with.

You can read everything I previously wrote on this case and the many links & interview links done by Robb Revere all on my archives. Miami New Times has the documents of her mother’s lawsuit. Those files you can read at

Sources: and via AdultFYI

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