A few links.

Many of these links I had lying around for a while and I never got to them. So I’ll just post them all now:

Felicia Tang’s murder trial is set for June 3. — (AdultFYI)

Steven Driver’s father speaks out for the first time after his son killed Tom Dong with a samurai sword. Among other revelations, he had his son locked up for a mental evaluation before the killing. — (LA Weekly)

Former porn star Viper dies of lung cancer. She was 52. — (AVN)

Bill Margold remembers his good friend Viper. (AINews)

Update: Japanese porn star Maria Ozawa survived the earthquake according to tweets — (AdultFYI)

How One Woman’s Love Song Ended Up In Porn — (Jezebel)

Sex Is So Last Year — (Jezebel)

How Addiction Turned Me Into a High-Flying Hooker — (Jezebel)

I Have A Crush On A Male Porn Star [Keni Styles] — (Jezebel)

Coco and husband Ice-T are getting their own reality show! — (PopEater)

‘Drive’ With Bobbi Starr, Andy San Dimas to Play Cannes — (AVN)

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