Sharon Mitchell confirms that AIM is now officially closed.

The Adult Industry Medical (AIM) Health Care Foundation was created by Sharon Mitchell and co-founder Dr. Steven York starting back in 1998. Now after 13 years, AIM is shutting down.

On April 20th, I got the tip that AIM would not re-open due to all their legal bills and being in debt. A week later, AIM employees Bobi Seybold and Paul had left these comments on my blog also confirming the news. Now today, Sharon Mitchell has confirmed to AVN that they have officially closed:

  • AIM Medical Associates’ executive director Sharon Mitchell finally confirmed to AVN after much industry speculation that the clinic has closed its doors. AIM began serving the industry in 1998.

    Mitchell also acknowledged that the AIM database has been taken offline making it impossible for producers to check the status of performers’ tests.

    “We are officially closed over financial hardship,” Mitchell said. “We had to close.”

    Mitchell declined to make a further statement.

    The database operated by AIM Medical Associates P.C. has been inaccessible to industry producers and talent since sometime Monday. A blank screen is all that resolves when one tries to access

    In the meantime, most performers working in the Greater Los Angeles area are now using Talent Testing Service, which also has a wholly owned subsidiary in Miami and works with a network of draw stations located around the country.

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15 Responses to Sharon Mitchell confirms that AIM is now officially closed.

  1. Darrah Ford says:

    I updated this post and added a new paragraph at the very beginning.

  2. what says:

    Darrah, look at Mike Souths blog. He is claiming to have broken the story. He says he waited for confirmation and you printed it when it was still just a rumor. You need to clear this up with him. YOU broke it as a fact before he did.

  3. Darrah Ford says:

    Mike and I are no longer speaking anymore and he’s turned on me. He’s now championing for that nutcase Monica Foster though they’re both using each other. She’s threatening to kill people & go on a shooting spree. She wrote this all on her Twitter last week. Because I continue telling people on Twitter how she’s dangerous and sold out everyone when she became an active member of PWL, that now makes me the bad one. Monica is an “innocent little naive angel” though she’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing. But I’m the bad one for telling the truth about her. She still won’t shut her fucking mouth spreading lies about me and others she claims is behind PWL. She’s now putting out there how a certain well known director is basically a child pornographer. Though she appeared in two of his movies.

  4. Mike South and Monica Foster are allied together ?!

    Hmmmmmm….this is starting to sound like a recap/replay of the Kayden Kross incident(which it’ll eventually transform into).

  5. correctway says:

    With so many closed doors she has left behind her , how can Monica afford to pay her rent ? If so much goes on , soon she might become Monica Downstairs (follow the line to the basement )!

  6. sarah smiles says:

    Rumor has it Brooke Hunter and Sharron Mitchell took the money and ran, and that the employees weren’t even paid. Rumor also has it that aim was bought out by the FSC HOW INTERESTING!!! Also they say it was aims website that the leak came from for the pornwikileaks since Brooke was the office administrator doesn’t that give her access to alot more information around aim. Yeah Brooke ran aim into the ground and know were all paying for it. Thanks alot Brooke!

  7. what says:

    Youre getting warm, very very warm. And not only did the employees get totally screwed, so did the medical director. The employees that the performers have grown to love over the years got totally ripped off, and I mean ripped off in the legal sense. You havent heard the last of this by a long shot, but youre getting warm Sarah, very very very warm. Keep digging.

    Get over the ‘leak’ of AIM’s website. They handed out password to scores of producers and agents, and anyone of them could have done this, or anyone of the employees of these agents or producers. Why does the indsutry keep talking about a ‘breach, or a leak, when everyone knows that virtually everyone in the industry had access to the complete database, especially the way these passwords got passed around to everybody and their mothers.

    Keep digging Sarah, one or more shovels full and you’re there. Good luck.

  8. sarah smiles says:

    Well the employees aren’t the only ones to get ripped off by Sharron Mitchell and Brooke Hunter but so did everyone who paid there so called donation of 200 dollars ever month. Lets just pull the aims database and leave everyone hanging…nice. Rumor has it they haven’t paid any bills, but they were collecting money for the test, so if you ask me it went straight into there greedy little pockets. It also makes me wonder how much the fsc paid aim to buy them out, Brooke can run that too. lol!!!! Perhaps she should stick to what she knows best…ahhhh nothing! So tell me am I getting warmer if not I’ll keep digging. And what about the medical director?

  9. what says:

    FSC is also a non profit. If they purchased AIM they would have to report it in their financial statements.

  10. correctway says:

    With AIM closed how is Kelly Divine going to get her routine anal screening ?

  11. sarah smiles says:

    Well after reading luke is back and hearing what jennyfer77 had to say about aim and upper management I’m glad I’ve been going to talent testing. Theres no politics there. And I’m sure the employees get paid. How dare you Sharron Mitchell and Brooke Hunter for ripping your employees off. With the money you both make and all the money you ripped off by not paying the bills you could of at least paid your employees. your both a couple of greedy bitches and I hope you both get locked up, trust me you both deserve it. So tell me Sharron are you going to use the money to go to rehab or perhaps more botox, and what about you Brooke, are you going to get the old eye fixed? Its always been hard talking to a person when there not looking at you. Enough of you two so tell me is everyone going to get there money back that paid for there test on line and wasn’t able to test or is that another way to rip people off too? I should of listened to mike south a long time ago

  12. That is because if the performer can bring in money. The mafia will pay Sharon Mitchell to show clean test results to the performer and state to get back onto the set regardless of the result. She is still relapsing with blow and freebasing at this stage.
    Sharon should be prosecuted. XXX Church would love to handle this issue to testify against her with me and Houston as some

  13. what says:

    The allegation that AIM was forging test results because they were paid by the mafia is ridiculous. Do you have anything to back up this ignorance? Perhaps a copy of a forged test result? Accusing someone of a felonly on a public forum is cause for legal action.

  14. sarah smiles says:

    What does it matter if Aim forged test results or not now. The truth of the matter is Sharron Mitchell and Brooke Hunter stoled from everyone specially the employees and was never caught. I’ve seen paper work, and thats proof enough for me. Non profit my ass Sharron and Brooke were the ones making the profit while everyone else didn’t even get paid the last few weeks. so whats this about accusing someone of a felony on a public forum. Its all fact. Its only a matter of time when all this paperwork is handed over to the proper authorities and lets see who gets the last laugh.

  15. what says:

    Theres is a big difference. The allegation of providig flase medical documents would involve more people at AIM than just Sharon and Brooke.
    And the response of,,,,,,,what does it matter if these accusationas are true or not,,,,is total fucking bullshit. Making total bullshit allegations like this does nothing for your credibility. If you have proof of employees being ripped off, as you claim, lets see it, or take it to the proper authorities.

    If you have proof of FORGED MEDICAL DOCUMENTS lets see it or take it to the proper authorities. But dont make these bulshit allegations, in an attempt to make Mitchnd brooke look bad without thinking of all of the consequences, which you abviously havent, or else you wouldnt say,,,,,,”what dos it matter if its true or not”

    Your alegations of federal offenses go way beyone just Mitch and Brooke. IF they did what you say then get off this message board and get to the proper authorities.

    YOU made allegations of federal offenses, time to put up or shut up!!! And for the record, this is not the place to be putting up. take it to the authroities if you have the proof you claim you have, otherwiseits just babble on a porn message board.

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