Jenna Haze might be retiring.

via Crocodile at xxxPornTalk. From Jenna’s Twitter:

May 17th:

FYI: Just Jenna 2 which comes out in July will be my final BG movie. It may be my final movie ever actually. Thanks to my fans so much over the years. I am eternally grateful to you. I am unsure of where my life is heading but I am madly in love with someone & my job is ruining that love. I have to choose love over money.

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One Response to Jenna Haze might be retiring.

  1. mimib415 says:

    Yup, eventually that happens. Love has to be above money of all things. Money doesn’t keep you warm at night. It does help you sleep but a career in selling sex does strain relationships of all types. I hope she stays happy with her lover.

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