Montana Fishburne ordered to pay her victim $9,000 in restitution.

Montana Fishburne was ordered on Thursday to pay $9,000 in restitution to her ex-boyfriend’s girlfriend. The money is to cover the victim’s medical bills. On March 1, she pleaded no contest to assault with a deadly weapon and to trespassing and was placed on three years probation. She was sentenced to 180 days where she still remains in a treatment facility.

The man who brought Montana into porn is her boyfriend Jerome Greene. He had already plead guilty to the assault. I don’t know if the woman they attacked is his ex-girlfriend NeNe Fyre, the one who had shed light on the entire abusive relationship between the three of them. This Eonline article refers to the unnamed boyfriend as her ex-boyfriend. So let’s hope that it’s Jerome and hopefully Montana was finally able to get away from him.

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‘Vivid Girl’ Kelli McCarty auctions off her Miss USA gown to help tornado survivors.

Her eBay listing can be found here. From TMZ:

  • Ex-beauty queen/porn star Kelli McCarty was so torn up over the recent tornado tragedy — she decided to auction off her dearest possession … the gown she wore the night she won the Miss USA title.

    McCarty — who was crowned Miss USA in 1991 — tells TMZ, she grew up in a tornado-ravaged Kansas … so the disaster hit her especially close to home.

    McCarty claims she never planned to sell the dress — but after hearing about the tornadoes she really wanted to help with relief efforts … telling us, “if it can help someone rebuild their house, then it’s worth it.”

    The dress is currently listed for $5,000 — but so far, no bids. Kelli plans to donate all proceeds to the Salvation Army in Joplin, MO.

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The many talents of Coco.

Coco tweeted the picture above with the quote:

“Here’s one of my many talents! LOL. Balancing a can on top of my booty … Happy Thong Thursday!”

Coco and her husband Ice-T star in their very own reality show “Ice Loves Coco” debuting June 12th at 10:30 PM. The new E! Special “Ice Loves Coco: Baby Got Backstory” debuts tonight at 10:30 PM leading up to the June 12th premiere. For more information on their new shows, visit

Picture Source: TwitPic

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HIV/AIDS Pandemic Hits 30-Year Mark With Hope

Full story at ABC News:

  • Thirty years ago this week, researchers and clinicians were putting the finishing touches on an article intended for the June 5 issue of Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.

    Titled “Pneumocystis Pneumonia — Los Angeles,” the seven-paragraph report was the first dispatch from the front lines of humanity’s remarkable war against a previously unknown virus.

    The war began with a complete lack of good news — the new disease was almost 100 percent fatal, often within weeks or months. No one knew what caused it or how it was transmitted. No one knew how to prevent it, to treat it, and certainly not how to cure it.

    Thirty years on, the HIV/AIDS pandemic is still raging, but the news from the front is more and more positive.

    Infection can be prevented, if people have the will. The virus is increasingly well understood, as is the immune system and the host-pathogen interaction. The disease can be treated, although a cure remains out of reach.

    Perhaps most important — while many people still die because of the virus — HIV is no longer a death sentence.

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Jenna Haze might be retiring.

via Crocodile at xxxPornTalk. From Jenna’s Twitter:

May 17th:

FYI: Just Jenna 2 which comes out in July will be my final BG movie. It may be my final movie ever actually. Thanks to my fans so much over the years. I am eternally grateful to you. I am unsure of where my life is heading but I am madly in love with someone & my job is ruining that love. I have to choose love over money.

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There’s an important FSC meeting today discussing their new union APHSS.

Full story at

Free Speech Coalition will outline details for Adult Production Health and Safety Services (APHSS) at an industry-wide meeting scheduled for this Thursday. The new program has been created to fill the gap left by the closure of the AIM clinic earlier this month.

The APHSS meeting is to be held this Thursday, May 26, at 1pm, at the Sportsmen’s Lodge located at 12833 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, CA 91604. This meeting is for industry members only and is not open to the general public.

Following the meeting at 3:30pm, a press conference will be held in the same location.

If you are an industry member and would like to attend the meeting or need more information, please, contact

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The latest on Bieyanka Moore.

On January 2010, a 15-year-old ran away from her Florida home. Eight months later, Reality Kings had her featured in one of their videos and she was now known as Bieyanka Moore. When the scandal broke September 2010, Bieyanka denied it all and said it was all a misunderstanding. The video was later taken down after Reality Kings had been tipped off that she was underage.

Bieyanka had used a fake ID and claimed she was 19-year-old Tyler Chanel Evans. The real Tyler says Bieyanka stole her invalid ID after Tyler had found her homeless on the streets in Nevada. Now last month, her mother had filed suit against Reality Kings claiming that her underage daughter and Bieyanka Moore are one and the same — constituting “sexual battery, statutory rape, and child pornography.” She was picked up and held in a Nevada jail.

Her costar has now been named and he’s 25-year-old Chris Commando. There are different versions of his name and spellings. AVN has him credited as Chris Commando and so I’m going with that.

The problem I have with this lawsuit is why is her mother suing for statutory rape? By putting out that charge means her mother is going after Chris. How is he at fault for any of this? He didn’t know how old she was and it wasn’t his job to make sure she is of legal age. That job belonged to Reality Kings and the liability falls on them, not the male performer she worked with.

The reason for this whole update is that I’ve been getting a lot of traffic lately for Bieyanka. So I found a few updates all from here, here, here, and here

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Prosecutors now say at least two serial killers are responsible in the Long Island Craigslist serial killing spree.

At least two killers dumped body parts along a remote beachfront highway, and remains discovered in recent months include the heads and limbs of two women whose torsos were found years ago in another town, a prosecutor said Monday.

Authorities also identified another victim, a prostitute, as being among the 10 sets of human remains discovered since December along Ocean Parkway, a popular highway near Jones Beach.

Investigators looking into the remains had theorized that they were on the trail of a serial killer, but now appear to be zeroing in on another possibility: that the remote stretch of highway is an inviting dumping ground for those trying to hide bodies.

Of the 10 sets of remains, eight were found in Suffolk County and two in neighboring Nassau County. — Washington Post

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New hope against HIV/AIDS

A silver bullet to defeat HIV/AIDS still doesn’t exist, but the world is getting closer.

An international study released this week found that transmission of the virus can be nearly eliminated if patients are simply given drug therapy as early as possible.

The results are the first to prove what HIV/AIDS experts already suspected – that immediate treatment offers major health benefits. They also back San Francisco public health officials’ much-debated recommendation from last year that people should be treated as soon as possible after their diagnosis. — SFGate

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At Exxxotica Miami: The Adult Industry Has Just Been Sold Out

Full story by Gene Ross at

How does it feel to wake up on a nice, cool May Saturday morning, a Venti Starbucks in one hand, the sports section in the other, realizing that you’ve just been sold you down the river for a bunch of shekels?

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The cause of death for actress & former Playboy Playmate Yvette Vickers is heart disease.

The LA Times was first to report how the mummified body of 82-year-old Yvette Vickers had been found by a neighbor on April 27th. The shocking part of the story is that she had gone undiscovered for close to a year.

Her neighbors had noticed cobwebs outside her home and even noticed her mail was turning yellow. I was under the impression that anyone delivering mail has to notify the police if mail piles up after a few weeks. So I don’t understand how no one in her neighborhood thought to call the police and get someone to check in on her. Maybe she didn’t have any family but it’s truly sickening that no one around her neighborhood cared enough to check in on her. Neighbors also say no suspicious odors came from her home.

A neighbor discovered Yvette’s body in a small room in her home with a space heater still on and a cordless phone that appeared to have been knocked onto the floor. The body was so decayed where she couldn’t even identify it. Now you may ask how was the space heater still on after a year. Her utility bills could have been automatically drawn out of her bank account. That’s the only reason I can think of as to why that heater was still on after all that time.

People Magazine reports Hugh Hefner’s reaction to the news:

  • “She lived a full life,” says Hefner, 85. “But in those final years, the fact that she was able to die and not have friends who would be aware of it immediately, that is sad.”

    “Our lawyer thought that photo was going to get us into trouble,” recalls Hefner with a laugh. “He literally wanted to stop the presses and change the Playmate. I said, ‘Forget it.’ ”

You can read the rest at People Magazine from people who knew Yvette where they say she had started drinking, was upset she was no longer being invited to conventions, she had become extremely paranoid, and she feared people were stalking her.

An autopsy has finished and the coroner has determined the cause of death to be from heart disease. He could not determine though when she had died. No foul play is suspected.

Yvette was Miss July in the 1959 issue of Playboy. She also appeared in such cult films as “Attack of the 50-Foot Woman” and “Attack of the Giant Leeches.” She was a common face at conventions and film festivals up until about two years ago when apparent mental illness and alcohol abuse caught up with her.

Additional information via: AdultFYI and

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Bree Olson will be appearing in Playboy soon.

TMZ was first to report that Bree Olson shot her very first Playboy spread this Tuesday. She had tweeted that she was excited. She didn’t elaborate on what she was excited about. She had also posted a link to the picture which I’ve just posted above. From the looks of the picture, she might have been on set right before her photoshoot.

By reading Bree’s Twitter, she has also written how she’s now bought a new home in Los Angeles. She writes how both Indiana & California can now be called home.

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Janine Lindemulder is writing a new tell-all book.

Janine Lindemulder tells RadarOnline that she will be writing a new book exposing her ex-husband Jesse James and what he’s put her & her family through. I don’t know if this will be a full-fledged autobiography where she chronicles her live from the beginning in & out of the adult industry & Hollywood. That would be a great read. But she wants to educate everyone on Parental Alienation Syndrome and how it’s been used to keep her & her daughter apart.

  • “I have no intention (to read American Outlaw),”she said, “because I’m sure it is just one big ‘pity party’ for Jesse. The man lacks accountability and is known to talk only in half-truths. But it’s time he stops treating friends, workers, former business partners and especially women badly. He has a warped and disrespectful attitude towards women and people need to know the truth about that.”

    “I want to educate people about Parental Alienation Syndrome because that is what he has put me and my daughter through over the past few years,” she said. “In many ways, it’s worse than physical abuse because it never stops and really affects the way a child views the world. I will not stop with my campaign until the day I die.”

    “He was a player from day one,” she said. “He was calling me after he married Sandra Bullock but I explain more about that in my book.

    “It has to stop.”

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Shelley Lubben on AIM closing its doors.

Shelley Lubben has written a new blog post since hearing about AIM’s closing. You can read her blog at

She also has up links where you can get free, confidential STD testing and treatment at a location near you. Now I don’t know if you can use these tests results in porn and what they test for. So ask questions before doing anything. But if you need an independent test result or if anyone outside of porn needs to be tested, you can check out the PDF form here. There it says no fees are charged for services in the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health STD clinics. You can also check out

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Violet Adamson died 5 months ago.


I’m just now seeing this post on xxxPornTalk by Mopez. He posted it three weeks ago. Violet died on December 2010. I looked at her obituary & the Facebook page (under her real name) that was started for her after her death and the pictures do look like Violet Adamson. I couldn’t find a birthday for Violet but both were born in 1975. Farrah was born on July 1, 1975.

No where does it say how Violet died. I Googled her name & when she died and no where else does it say how she died. But I did find that she died in Ohio on December 16, 2010. Services were held on December 19. She was 35-years-old.

Here you can see Violet’s IAFD page. She entered the industry in 2006 and has 20 titles to her name.

Here you can see Violet’s Twitter where she was last active on November 21. She was also a musician where she credits herself as a neo-soul singer songwriter. Her music can be heard on her Myspace page. While looking through her Myspace pictures, I found this picture of her face beaten with the caption underneath it saying:

“This is what Raymond ******** does to the people he love beats them you ass”

To see that picture showing his full name underneath it, in case he gets it deleted, you can view it on this image here.

The date Violet uploaded that image was on November 19, 2010. The screencap showing that date can be seen here. That was one month before she died. The date of that image can be seen on the main page listing showing all of her Myspace photo albums.

So Violet was being abused. Every domestic abuse victim is told to take pictures of their bruises. She does so one month before she died. I’m not saying Raymond had anything to do with her death. But I can’t find a single listing saying how she died but here’s a picture of her battered & bruised one month before her death. Which raises suspicions as to how she really died and if there was foul play involved.

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