Alana Evans’ detailed account about being raped in singer Brian McKnight’s home by a family friend.


I first noticed on Saturday night, Alana’s husband Chris Evans started writing on his Twitter about how his wife had been raped two years ago in singer Brian McKnight’s home while he was out of town. His two sons and a friend were in the home. Alana is accusing that friend of drugging & raping her that night. Alana went to the police and a full rape kit was done. DNA was taken and pictures of her bruises were taken. Alana says the police did nothing because she’s a porn star and a famous celebrity’s sons were involved in the cover up.

Brian McKnight has now released a statement denying the rape ever happened and claims that the police thoroughly investigated the case.

You can read Alana’s detailed account of what happened to her that night after the jump. Everything Alana has written is via her Twitter.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Watching what would u do- a drunk girl being semi forced to leave the bar- guess who laughs and let’s it happen? A fucking off duty cop! OMG

No wonder the LAPD did nothing when I was rufeed and raped at Brian McKnights house by a kid who was friends with the McKnights kids-

Yeah- finally said it! On December 16, 2008 I was raped by their friend in the maids quarters of Mcknights home-LAPD refused to file charges

I’ve been quiet way too long at it- fuck them- not anymore- more women are raped everyday and the police don’t help- why? Cuz boys lie

Brian McKnight was performing in NY when were we all there- he came home to cops at his door- and the “friend” was never allowed back-

LAPD did nothing because I am a pornstar- so I guess that makes me less of a human to them

I kept hearing ” how do u rape a pornstar” well when u wake up with a fat dude on top of you, that’s how- I freaked and blacked out

So there ya go- don’t hang with guys u don’t know cuz u never know what can happen- even when ur at a famous guys house- means nothing

The name of the piece of shit who rufeed my beer, then carried my passed out body to the maids quarters was Nick Hayes- BJ and Nikkos friend

Wow- I can’t believe I’ve finally said it- sorry but I’ve been silent for over a year-

@Juicygoose1 yeah he’s home with me- he took me to the police and took me to the rape clinic then where I had to undergo tests- its sucked

Wow- thank u guys for your support. I blocked it out for so long- now the pain is back but its ok- I’ll be ok- crying isn’t a big deal

It just really hurt that they ( lapd) wouldn’t help me- law says there’s is no consent when a woman is intoxicated- but it didn’t matter

For months, I had to sleep with the light on- I woke up in a strange room in a bed I didn’t put myself if- him moving was what woke me

I asked who it was cuz it was pitch black so I couldn’t see- he said it was him-I told him to get out- he jumped on me etc and I blacked out

I woke up several hours later- alone- and it was day light- all my clothes were gone- they laughed when they saw me

I was so fucked up the whole day- I knew I was drugged- stayed in bed- went to police when I was more alert the next am-

The pig told the cops I was drunk- that I said I was horny and consented so the rape kit didn’t even matter

The stellar thing is that the guy I went there with came to check on me and found the guy over me in the room- asked what he was doing-

He said “nothing, just checking on her” and they went to mcdonalds for breakfast. But the cops said he gave a different story- awesome

So there ya go- I’ve never trusted anyone the same since- wouldn’t drink from friends cups etc out of fear of it happening again

@garythedoorman his name is Nicholas Hayes- the Mcknights originally said he was there cousin when we met- that was a lie-

@pornpal nope- he was friends ith BJ mcknight an nikko mcknight- @brianmcknights kids- he was staying at their home

@pornpal its very true- cuz when I needed them, they told me I shouldn’t have even been there- wtf

Its crazy- u think u are over something and then u realize its only pain management

The best thing that came from this is that I’ve learned never to trust anyone- and to know even a 22 year old is capable of drugging u

I know God will one day right this wrong for me- I have to leave it to him because LAPD doesn’t care about the victim- just the celebrity!

I hope you will share my story so it won’t happen to people you love

I remember being a LAPD wife- my ex worked there- I HAD so much respect for them- not anymore- I don’t understand why I didn’t get help

@MaurMaur82 and now that its public, everyone will know now who I am- the pornstar- the pta, the school etc- but its ok- I have to tell 4 me

I’ve done a great job keeping my porn life separate from my kids and my love for their school- but this is more important than hiding it

Won’t they all be shocked about my double life- but its worth it to finally heal- love you all- going to bed- hope for nice dreams

Omg- I’m ready to vomit- is the guy who raped me at Brian McKnights house! Couldnt find him ever before

@freepornstarpix thank you for finding him! I looked for a long time and nothing came up- thank you so much! I can’t believe it

Seeing his face again has got me curled up in a ball but at least now I can give him a real piece of my mind- I hate him so much

@dallasnovelty it sure fucking is- I love @freepornstarpix they found my monster- its on now! I’m telling the world!!! Fuck Nicholas E Hayes

@aiyura totally- after I saw his fb pic- it sent me into a panic- then all I could do was worry about the baby and try to calm down

Telling my story last night kinda open up a can of worms in my brain- I’m just as upset as before-I’m going to see my awesome therapist tues

But I’ll say this- its caused me to totally nest- already baked a cake this am- cleaned and swept my kitchen and answered mail lol wow

@scorpion247365 the woman district attorney opted not to press charges on my behalf

@ImNoTameka you are an idiot! I never said Brian McKnight raped me! I was raped at his home by one of his kids friends!

@MzTastee I am a mother of a black child- was married to a black man for 8 years- I was raped at Mr McKnights home by his kids friend!

@MzTastee I was raped on Dec 16, 2008- I filed the report Dec 18, 2008- the police did nothing. I’m not lying. You are heartless

@ImNoTameka you are disgusting! I have done porn in over two years! I was drugged! That fucker climbed into a bed where I was PASSED out!

I just RT’d some shit I woke up to- can u guys help set these woman straight? It disgusts me to have WOMEN say these things!

I never accused Brian McKnight of raping me!!! Ignorant people need to actually read my tweets! Fine… Its time to go public!

I will not be told I AM A LIAR! I was raped by NICHOLAS E. HAYES at Brian McKNights home in his maids quarters! Brian was in New York!!!!

People make me sick- I’m a good mom, NEVER BEEN ARRESTED IN MY LIFE, don’t have a drug problem. I am a good person and this isn’t right!

I knew as soon as I told MY STORY, THE TRUTH, that crazy people would come out and call me a liar!!! Its disgusting!!!

And people wonder why soooo many women don’t tell when they are victimized! Because other people want to hurt you even more over it

@FIFA_BOY I couldn’t because the DA refused to file my case because of the Mcknights involvement- I don’t want $- just JUSTICE!

This isn’t going to make me cry- just angry- I’m going full force now and I’m going to tell everyone!!!

@celeste_tera thank you- its funny- I keep hearing that- if it was ok to rape me cuz I do porn, then I be raped on set 24/7- they’re dumb

No means NO! I’ve said yes to plenty! But I said NO to Nick Hayes!! I was there with someone else? Why would I fuck the nasty pig???

@LukeIsBack very true! I called Detective Lee for months for updates- then one day she said they were done and they weren’t filing

@LukeIsBack it was like being raped all over again. I’ve been scared to tell because of my family and my face going everywhere- not anymore

What on earth would I have to gain by lying about something like this? Nothing- except making everyone know what he did-I not making friends

@FIFA_BOY I went to the Mcknight home twice- first time everything was fine- 2nd was 11pm Dec 16- I was raped- it happened a few hours after

When I went to the house the 2nd time, with a male friend, I had 1 beer, and 2 shots within the first hour. I asked where is my beer-

Nick said here it is- top half was foamy but I didn’t think anything of it- I drank a little and 15 mins later, I was fucked up!!

The room was spinning like crazy, I puked all over Nikkos ( yngr mcknight kid) bathroom- I was so ill I asked to be left alone

I was crying and cold- layed on nikkos bed in a ball asking them to leave me alone. They were laughing. The next thing I know-

I woke up- I was warm- had a blanket- in a dark ass room- my clothes were gone- and immediately felt someone in bed with me but couldn’t see

I asked who it was- nick said his name- already had his dick out and told me to suck it- I said no- he jumped on top of me etc-

He was penetrating me and I blacked out again- when I woke up next- there was light coming in from a window and I could see I was in

Some kind of storage room ( I guessed a maids quarters) and I was alone. It was 7 am!!! So there ya go! 1 beer and 2 shots doesn’t do that!

I was so fucked up that whole day, I stayed in bed, told my man immediately what happened. The guy I was with had called to see if I was ok

He told the guy what I said happened- this guy said he came to check on me at one point and found nick above me when I was passed out!!!

The guy then called the mcknights and nick- who fucking apologized and said he didn’t know what he was thinking!!! So wtf !

When I filed the report, they all banded together and lied!!!! They all lied! To protect themseleves and McKnights home- so yeah

Tell me I’m lying -when its nearly 2 years later and I can recite every fucking detail-the liars are the McKnights, Nick, the guy I was with

I wont be bullied- I know I have nothing to be afraid of- the truth will set me free- regardless of ignorant haters- I AM NOT LYING!

i thinks it ridiculous that they said I accused Brian of raping me and that they would believe me if I was a man cuz he’s gay- thats sick

@nixlovesyou after the shit that happened at your house with that kid, I should have never hung out with him again-

@nixlovesyou and while I don’t necessarily blame him, Im angry cuz he didnt tell the police that he saw nick over my passed out body

@KMB2476 so true! and the detective is a woman! And the DA who rejected it is a woman! It absolutely makes me sick- they should have helped

after my case, I realized why they have women cops and da’s handling it-cuz if a woman says no its supposed to make it easier for the victim

having 2 women in charge rejecting my claims only made me more angry- I would expect it from a man but not a woman!!

the law clearly states if the victim is intoxicated ( which all the guys say I was) there is NO CONSENT! What happened to my civil rights?

Just because I do porn doesnt make me any less of a human being, any less of a citizen! any less of a person! I deserve justice!!!!

@KMB2476 OK! Chris Brown makes me sick for what he did- my ex husband was LAPD and was as abusive as they come- I have a RO against him

@bhamtjjohnson he was brought in for questioning but he wasnt arrested cuz DA refused to file charges on me behalf cuz I do porn

@Tee_Reel thank you Tee! You know me! I am not racist and have no reason to make this up- luv ya!

so many fucking losers trying to get in to harass me still- had to change my profile statement-

Wow- now I’m getting posts on my youtube cooking page about being a liar about being raped- that’s awesome

the fucked thing is since I was raped, I didnt work for 8 months- and Ive done 3 scenes since- for friends so I’d feel safe

this rape is the reason why you havent been seeing any new Alana Evans porn- now you all know why

It stole my career and my comfort- but yet Its thrown in my face

@JaredAWinston it was Dec 16, 2008 that I went to the house- was raped early am the 17th, and filed the report the am of the 18th

@KMB2476 I don’t hate black men- wow- that’s pretty fucked- my kid is black-

If I hated black people, why would I do interracial? Fuck off

Wow- I have never had soooo many women ask to follow me- its sad- especially because I know they just want to talk shit!

I have had more women call me a liar over this! Its crazy! You would think more women would support me than men but its not the case.

@nixlovesyou wow- that nasty cow is calling u a hoe for defending me? That’s sad- she clearly doesn’t know what its like

here comes the circus- Ive changed my umber so if you don’t have it, sorry- You’ll get it again after the drama

at least media takeout is giving me the benefit of the doubt and not accusing me of lying like the others-

If I could go back in time, I would have never gone to the McKnight house- but I can’t rewind- I live with what Nick did every day

@scorpion247365 my only anger with Mcknight is that he didn’t make his kids tell the truth- I would never allow my child to cover up 4 a pal

I think the real reason the guy I was with that night came to check on me is cuz he knew nick was missing from the group upstairs

Why would a guy I don’t even know come check on me in another room if he didn’t have bad intentions? I wasn’t his problem

And Its very strange that the guy who raped me is the one who handed me a foamy beer- because he planned it all along

For months, I slept with the light on because being in the dark, even knowing it was my husband with me, would send me into panic attacks

Nick Hayes was wearing gray sweats- like Hanes with elastic waist- I was so tramatized, I burned my own kids gray sweats- and that’s truth

@celeste_tera lol thats what happens when us porn girls expect to be treated like human beings- we have no civil rights

@miketravltrans I still sleep with the hall light on but its better than before- I still cry about it though- feel so violated

The biggest problem is that Nick Hayes took advantage of me when I was down- he took something I would have never given him

I was so messed up from whatever he gave me, I couldn’t fight him off or even yell- he was over 200lbs and I’m barely 120- I had bruises

The cops photographed bruises on the insides of both of my thighs- he hurt me- held me down- and even gave me an STD-

With all that being said, its sad that the DA wouldn’t help me- I hope SHE feels real good about what she allows to happen

The DA won’t file if they is any chance they won’t win cuz they don’t want a loss on their record- its disgusting- a jury would believe me!

@WWEProNeXus no they did! I had a full rape kit done- photos specimens etc- it went out the window cuz the punk said I said yes!

just saw that Nick Hayes is being attached to this story- he doesn’t get to hide anymore- I will get justice- even if its only in public eye

@KenBT thank its so true- I love @chrisevansxxx he is my rock and my protection

Had an amazing talk with 1 of the moms who I volunteer with at kids school- nice to know they love me – and they don’t care I do porn 🙂

Wow- since friday I’ve gone back to sleepin with my teddy bear- but at least it looks like chris- he bought it from build a bear 🙂

I feel emotionally hung over

I just read Mcknights statement- I have PROOF that they are lying 🙂 can’t wait!!!

im doing a little dance:) having proof that people are lying is fucking awesome!!!! somebodies liable now:)

People shouldn’t publicly lie when others may have proof that they are lying- he should have never released that statement

@miketravltrans they sure will- but when I prove they lied about one thing- it makes u believe they’re covering up like they are

Enjoying the quiet of my room- planning my strategy for the week- its weird when u know everyone is talking about you

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4 Responses to Alana Evans’ detailed account about being raped in singer Brian McKnight’s home by a family friend.

  1. Darrah Ford says:

    Please no negative comments towards Alana and her husband or I’ll have to close the comments. Thank you.

  2. Pingback: Alana Evans’ detailed account about being raped in singer Brian McKnight’s home by a family friend. | Human Identification Daily

  3. alison mcknight says:

    sorry rape is a horrible thing and if this happened to this woman that is terrible…but reading threw the comments it dont make sense i have never went to mcdonalds for breakfast in the dark quote on quote, he came in and asked what he was doing he said he was just checking on me they went to mcdonalds for breakfast, i woke up pitch dark couldnt see it was him he told me it was him…………confused

  4. alison mcknight says:

    all this does not make sense really read and tell me that it does, first you blacked out and dont know who or what is happening then you knew but you were drugged and couldnt fight him off, i just hope it was rape and not a night off sex that you felt guilty about my comments mean no harm but yours make no sense they are like reading a lairs lies tell one lie then you gotta keep lying to cover up the first lies…

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