I’ll be taking some time off from my blog.

I’ll be taking some time off from my Twitter and blogs. I’m okay but I just need to be alone now for a while.

If you need to contact me, you can by sending me a DM at Twitter or you can email me. I would prefer Twitter. Those are the only two ways to reach me. I will not reply to any emails sent from fake email services. If I haven’t added you yet on Twitter for both of us to be able to send DMs, please send me a tweet asking for me to add you. It might take a while for me to add everyone due to the 2,000 limit but I eventually follow back everyone.

Thank you everyone for supporting me through the years and your friendship has meant a lot. I’ll be back one day but I can’t right now after something has happened at home. I love you all! Thank you!

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A recap from today’s Cal/OSHA meeting.

Today was the Cal/OSHA meeting addressing the issue of condom regulation on adult production sets, as well as other workplace health and safety issues for the adult industry. I don’t trust much of the adult media when it comes to reporting accurate news because much of it is slanted in favor of the industry. I also don’t trust the mainstream media outlets because that can also be slanted against the industry. So I got many of the updates from attorney Michael Fattorosi’s Twitter as he was there tweeting from the meeting. Those updates are all after the jump.

They announced that condoms are mandatory by law. But they’ve been mandatory since 1993. So nothing has changed. It’s just never been enforced. But you will see more studios being fined. This will drive the porn industry out of California and more so out of the country. The loophole is these regulations will not be issued for content trade, webcams, and personal websites.

I just finished listening to Michael Fattorosi’s interview on platinumpuzzyradio.com and the highlights were:

no facials & creampies

studios & employers to pay for all STD testing

occupational doctor will clear you for work

privacy rights will change

employers will tell you where to go for testing

loophole is these regulations will not be issued for content trade, webcams, and personal websites

Many of his Twitter updates are after the jump. Continue reading

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Amy Fisher retired after spending a month with Dr. Drew in “Celebrity Rehab.”

The other day I posted this story where Amy Fisher had tweeted that she had retired from porn and would no longer be doing hardcore. It seems I didn’t read more of her earlier tweets where she explained the reason why she was leaving.

The fifth season of VH1’s “Celebrity Rehab” hasn’t aired yet. Back in March, Amy and her fellow housemates had temporarily left the house they were staying in due to broken pipes. People were getting sick from too many cold showers.

From her Twitter:

  • May 24th:

    I stopped filming XXX movies after a month with @drdrew in rehab. It wasn’t working 4 me and he made me see that. He is the greatest.

    Not that filming XXX is bad. I want to be clear, it just wasn’t right for me. I have met many nice XXX stars and continue to love n support

    I am a free spirit. I will continue to dance, maybe some softcore PPV’s and photo shoots, just no more hardcore for me.

    I am not sure where life will take me, please continue my journey with me. I try to be a good person everyday, all I can do.

    Again, so many good people in XXX business. Never be judgemental. I have made some great friends and I will always support them.

    I actually quit XXX with no “plan B”. Probably not smart. If you see me on the street with a tin cup, throw a quarter…lol

    I march to my own drummer…next career…professional bean counter? Fertilizer expert? Humm…Still searching for plan B…

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FSC Urges Industry Members to Attend CalOSHA Meeting on June 7

Full story at FSC Blogger:

  • Free Speech Coalition is urging industry members to attend a CalOSHA Advisory Subcommittee addressing the issue of condom regulation on adult production sets, as well as other workplace health and safety issues for the adult industry.

    The meeting is scheduled for 10am on June 7, to be held at the CalTrans Building, 100 S. Main St., Los Angeles, CA 90012.

    “We strongly suggest that industry members affected by content production, especially performers, producers and talent agents, attend this meeting,” said FSC Executive Director Diane Duke. “It’s possible that this may by the last meeting before the advisory subcommittee offers recommendations to CalOSHA Standards Board. If so, this could be the last opportunity for CalOSHA to hear from industry members on the subject of mandatory condom use and other regulations that will have direct impact on adult production.”

    For more information on the CalOSHA meeting, FSC or APHSS, contact joanne@freespeechcoaltion.com.

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The Ginger Lee “Weinergate” scandal


I’m not a political person and I’m late to this whole Anthony Weiner scandal where he tweeted a woman on his Twitter a picture of his crotch. But now a porn star is involved! So now it’s news. New York Democrat Anthony D. Weiner is screwed. The married Representative thinks he’s like all of us who can make idiots of ourselves on Twitter and get away with it. Wrong!

“Weinergate” started when Anthony Weiner sent college student Gennette Cordova this picture of his crotch via his Twitter. Now porn star Ginger Lee is involved after they both allegedly sent private messages to each other on Twitter.

Ginger has this odd crush on Weiner where she’s even blogged about him on her Tumblr. On March 13th, she posted this tweet saying that Weiner had sent her a private message:

“You know it’s a good day when you wake up to a DM from @RepWeiner. (I’m a fangirl, y’all, he’s my trifecta of win.)”

Ginger’s original statement was given to The Daily Caller where she says:

“I haven’t met Rep Weiner. I follow him on twitter because I support him & what he stands for,” Lee said in an email to TheDC. “I have been hounded by his political opponents but that hasn’t changed my view of him and what he fights for.”

The Daily Mail also reports that Ginger had also tweeted the following:

“He thanked me for the shout-outs and said he likes my blog. (I died a little inside…in a good way.)”

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L.A. County may shake up sexually transmitted diseases program

The proposed reorganization has angered physicians and AIDS activists, who are concerned the effort could weaken efforts to halt the spread of HIV in L.A.’s adult film industry.

In a move that has angered physicians and AIDS activists, Los Angeles County may shake up the management of its sexually transmitted disease program, which has aggressively investigated the spread of HIV among porn performers.

Critics say the proposed change could weaken efforts to halt the spread of HIV in the Los Angeles-based, $12-billion-a-year porn industry. — LA Times

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Krissy Lynn is returning to porn after moving to Chile months ago.

Back in November, Krissy Lynn had announced that she was retiring. She had done an interview with Powder White where she made the announcement. She made the decision seven months earlier to retire. She and her husband were moving to Chile where he’s from. They bought land there and wanted to have their own animal farm & grow their own organic food. She now writes on her Twitter that she is returning to the United States and will return to porn. She doesn’t say though if she and her husband are still married or not.

  • May 20:

    I am coming back to The United States for good. No more Chile. See you all soon. I will be there in a couple of weeks. Back to making movies

    I AM COMING BACK TO L.A PERMANENTLY! Directors, I will be ready to shoot right away! As early as JUNE 14th! Please RT

    @Binho_RJ @rmang2010 @tbm1192 I come back to the USA for good!….JUNE 10TH

    Packed my suitcase for the USA today. (I leave in about 2 weeks) Wow, I have a lot of clothes! 3 huge suitcases and that is not everything.

    @FredFranchiseYF Going back to the USA permanently. I tried so hard to make Chile work, but it didn’t.

    @primetime2421 Ya, I want to start feature dancing again eventually after I come back to the U.S.

    @MrKenTripleXxX Yes, this is true. I am coming back to The United States FOR GOOD!

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U.K. College Students Value Facebook Over Sex

U.K. college students think Facebook and their cell phones are more important than sex.

And speaking of more telling data points, 24 percent of the students said cell phones are the most important thing in their lives. — allfacebook.com

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“A tremendous amount of Google’s economic platform derives from the porn industry.”

“What we know about the Internet today is because of porn,” panelist Patchen Barss and author of The Erotic Engine told The Huffington Post.

“Without streaming video, Youtube wouldn’t look like what it does today; CNN.com wouldn’t look like what it does today. Without ecommerce, there’d be no Ebay, no Amazon.com.

“A tremendous amount of Google’s economic platform derives from the porn industry. All of the facets, even social networking, at least intellectually, started with the early use of chatrooms that were dominated by the porn industry. Everything we know about the modern Internet is something that has strong roots in pornography.” — AdultFYI

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Mind Reading: The Researchers Who Analyzed All the Porn on the Internet

Searching all the porn on the Internet might not seem like the most scientifically productive activity, but computational neuroscientists Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam did it anyway.

For their new book, A Billion Wicked Thoughts: What the World’s Largest Experiment Reveals about Human Desire, Ogas and Gaddam analyzed the results of 400 million online searches for porn and uncovered some startling insights into what men and women may really want from each other — at least sexually. — healthland.time.com

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The 2016 Rio Olympics is ruining the livelihoods of local prostitutes.

If they must be relocated, the women want something more than just a new site: Architect Guilherme Ripardo, working with the business association, has drawn up plans for a $1.8 million community center at the new, undisclosed location that would include a health clinic, child care, and professional training in everything from sewing to computer literacy.

Its clean, modern lines – blueprints show swooping curves and soft corners – were inspired by the women themselves, Ripardo said. The prostitutes nicknamed it “A Cidade das Meninas,” or “The City of Girls.”

The new center is meant to be functional but also beautiful, a source of pride, Ripardo said. Sex work happens in Rio, he said; it’s part of the city’s history. It’s also within the bounds of law. Prostitution is legal in Brazil. — Forbes.com

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According to the The Grand Vizier, Jenna Haze isn’t retiring.

On May 17th, Jenna Haze wrote on her Twitter:

“FYI: Just Jenna 2 which comes out in July will be my final BG movie. It may be my final movie ever actually. Thanks to my fans so much over the years. I am eternally grateful to you. I am unsure of where my life is heading but I am madly in love with someone & my job is ruining that love. I have to choose love over money.”

Gene Ross talked to the mysterious The Grand Vizier and he says the following at Adult Cyber Mart:

“Jenna had some complications. She was dating some guy and he gave her the usual ultimatum by telling her ‘you’re either going to be with me or quit the business,'” says The Vizier.

“It got a little strange for awhile where Jenna avoided talking to friends, but the situation has leveled out. Jenna got tons of advice telling her quitting wasn’t going to fix things, that two years or less down the line, she’d be regretting the decision to throw away her career.

“The regret would be very simple to explain. Jenna is looking at a multi-million dollar career in the next five years, and that by quitting, she’d cut that off. Girls in the industry find it very hard making a comeback after quitting. Even though you have loyal fans, being away from the business a short period of time could make a serious impact by keeping you out of the spotlight permanently.”

“It appears that Jenna has come around to a decision that will keep her in the business.”

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Echo Valley was killed in a car crash.

56-year-old Echo Valley was killed in a car crash on May 21st on highway US-83 near Leakey, Texas. She wasn’t wearing a seatbelt and was ejected from her small Pontiac when it got rear-ended by a pickup truck while she was attempting to make a turn. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

Because of her extremely large breasts, size 65NN, Cynthia had a hard time using seatbelts and opted just to wear a lap-belt. According to reports, her roommate John Lopez says she laid claim to having the third largest breasts in the United States and because of their size was afraid of using a shoulder strap.

Cynthia had been spending the weekend in Utopia with her horse, Fire. She would have celebrated her birthday on May 29. A passenger in her car survived the crash and was hospitalized.

Cynthia’s IAFD page has 29 titles listed under her name. She began her adult career in 2000, appeared on many talk shows, and started her mainstream career in 2008 with a cameo in the film “Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay.”

Gene Ross interviewed Cynthia in 2007 and you can read that interview at AdultFYI. Her roommate John Lopez was interviewed and you can watch that video at foxsanantonio.com.

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Wishing everyone a happy and safe Memorial Day!

Memorial Day 2011 is a United States federal holiday observed on the last Monday of May (May 30 in 2011). Formerly known as Decoration Day, it commemorates U.S. soldiers who died while in the military service. First enacted to honor Union soldiers of the American Civil War. It was extended after World War I to honor Americans who have died in all wars.

Memorial Day often marks the start of the summer vacation season, and Labor Day its end.

Begun as a ritual of remembrance and reconciliation after the Civil War, by the early 20th century, Memorial Day was an occasion for more general expressions of memory, as ordinary people visited the graves of their deceased relatives, whether they had served in the military or not. It also became a long weekend increasingly devoted to shopping, family get-togethers, fireworks, trips to the beach, and national media events such as the Indianapolis 500 auto race, held since 1911 on Memorial Day.

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Amy Fisher is sort of retired.


From Amy’s Twitter:

May 24th:

I actually quit XXX with no “plan B”. Probably not smart. If you see me on the street with a tin cup, throw a quarter…lol

@NNoelle always interested. I still love “adult”, I just don’t want to film hardcore

I remember a couple of months ago where Amy was telling her Twitter how the company she had a contract with at the time was trying to force her to do what she wasn’t comfortable with in doing. I asked someone if what she was being forced to do was anal and he believes it was.

Amy was making that company a lot of money and her DVDs always sold. She was at the time the most bankable porn star out there because she got so much press, she could get on any television show, and the mainstream press were coming to her for interviews. She didn’t need to do anal and her DVDs would still sell.

Name any other porn star that can get herself on mainstream television, daytime talk shows, cable news shows, tabloid shows, magazine interviews, and any other mainstream publication that you can think of all to promote her new porn movie? None! But Amy Fisher could. That company screwed up big time at a time where porn isn’t selling anymore.

You all put out the impression to the mainstream press that women have all the power when we all know that’s complete bullshit. 99% of the women have no power while many leave porn worse off than when they began. Contract girls are also suppose to be treated better than the rest but here she was being pressured into what she wasn’t comfortable with in doing. Much of porn isn’t selling anymore but hers was and you all figured out a way to ruin it for everyone.

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