An update on Savannah Gold being attacked in her home.


Thank you to Ace Cartier for sending me this forum link which explains more about what happened to Savannah Gold!

Kyle Richmond had just posted today on the BGAFD forum how Savannah had been attacked last year in her home and how the trial had ended yesterday with her attacker Shohidul Islam being sentenced to eight years in prison:

Kyle Richmond


I’ve just been scanning over a few of today’s newspapers and see she suffered an awful experience last year with an Old Bailey trial ending yesterday. I would think she’s very lucky not to have been murdered.



I would have thought he would have been charged with attempted murder from the story, oh well at least he is behind bars.

one eyed jack


Yeah I think a slit throat is definitely attempted murder is an understatement.

He wasn’t even charged with attempted murder. So he accidentally strangled her and slit her throat??

Neither the The Sun and articles said Savannah was attacked last year. The titles of both articles lead you to believe that the attack just happened. I also didn’t hear anything about this last year. I’m also checking other porn sites and asking people if they heard about this last year and they didn’t hear anything either. The titles make you believe it just happened and no where in both those articles does it say she was attacked last year.

I was emailed both links by someone anonymous and I wonder if it’s my stalker setting me up again because his life is consumed with everything about me. The same person who has put the safety of me and my family in danger with his actions throughout this past year.

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27 Responses to An update on Savannah Gold being attacked in her home.

  1. jim bob says:

    she tried to blackmail him, which is why he lost it

  2. Darrah Ford says:

    We don’t really know how true that might be. Maybe that’s what his lawyer came up with for his defense.

  3. there are no updates on this women, is she dead or alive, I would think her fan would like to know that

  4. Darrah Ford says:

    She’s alive. She was actually attacked last year. The trial was this year. I never heard a word about the attack last year. I even checked a few of the other porn news sites to see if they had it and they never did. So this was kept extremely quiet. Many even in England didn’t know she was attacked last year. The impression we all got from the original article was that she was killed that night. I tried to find out how she is now and couldn’t find a thing. But she is alive.

  5. is there any other updates about Savannah Gold ? Is she going to retun to the States and do anymore movies

  6. Darrah Ford says:

    I still could never find any updates. They only say that she is alive and survived because many thought she had died. I’ve always thought it was odd that it was kept so quiet and we only heard about it when he was convicted. Maybe it was her trying to keep her privacy.

  7. I am just if Savannah Gold will ever make any movies after this ordeal? Or get out of the Porn Business all together?

  8. Darrah Ford says:

    I’m pretty sure she will never come back. I wouldn’t. After something this horrific happened, I wouldn’t go near anything having to do with any part of the adult industry again. It would just haunt me even more and I would always be terrified that it would happen again.

  9. I don’t want to be beating a dead horse but want to if there is any news on Savannah Gold ?

  10. ive seen this girl shes now on the streets . shes alcaholic she big black eye oon her face were she got attacked but shes alive still.

  11. I really can’t be leave that Savannah Gold would be sporting a black eye after just a year., as fare as the Alcoholism is my father drank himself to death. somebody should find out is she is really okay and if she is on the rebound to recovery

  12. Darrah Ford says:

    Craig, I asked someone if he knew anything about Savannah and he sent me these links. Here’s her Twitter which seems to be hers:

    And here’s a British forum where they had talked about her attack:

  13. C B says:

    Believe it or not……. Savannah Gold is now homeless. I work in Mayfair, London and she has come into our store a number of times, only recently did she tell us her name, Natalie Heck (it sounded familiar to me)… to which i googled her and it is infact her….. she clearly slipped into a state of depression after he attack and has simply lost everything. It’s rather sad that someone had so much in her life and because of one man… has lost everything.
    I don’t know if anyone here lives in London, but you will find her regularly sleeping in doorways of apartment complex’s with her partner John and at 7am every morning they are moved along, and then sit themselves by the black railings opposite Starbucks asking for change. Berkeley Street, London, W1J 7 ….. i never knew of her before her incident, but i have spoken to her on many occassions and she’s a lovely lady……. perhaps if some of her ”fans” were to ever pass by and talk to her it might brighten her day up at the very least…as all in all she doesn’t seem to have much going for her right now.

  14. Well C.B we have a problem if I don’t known if you been reading the last post but I have this to show you Go to ( ) that will lead you to her twitter page. And one more thing, If there is two Savannah Golds and two Natalie Hecks one in Spain and the other Mayfair London then it would be a first for me thanks

  15. C B says:

    Say what you want dude……that Twitter account could be made by anyone, and is it any coincidence that out of all the followers she has………..not a single one of them is anyone famous or well known with a ” verified twitter account ” ……….and why would some random homeless woman with a yorkshire accent…….surgically enhanced breasts and face………and with a distinct scar on her neck come in and tell us to ” google her ” after she claimed she travelled the USA when me and a colleague were talking about travelling. You have the details on where to find her……. don’t believe me…. your choice, i know the facts as i have spoken to her in person….. all you have is somebody immitating a twitter account claiming to be her…….and what in the hell would lead you to believe i would make up such a thing anyway… seriously dude “/

  16. Well I am not saying you making it up, but you need to look at the pic on her twitter page her posing with another man. and one more thing Savannah Gold is not in the US she is now in Spain

  17. Keith says:

    CB is right. I spoke to her this morning. Poor thing.

    That Twitter account is clearly a joke.

  18. we need Photo we got to know if this woman is okay or not, provide this information and then I will understand. then I can believe you guys OK

  19. Alexei says:

    CB, did you ask her why she doesn’t want return in escort? However, it’s money.
    And in what way she lost everything?
    Say please what she is dressed in on the streets?

    (from Darrah: Sorry I took so long to approve comments)

  20. JM says:

    A sad postscript to this story – Natalie Heck has now passed away. Here’s a link to a forum for UK porn producers and performers – many of her friends have posted confirming her death. She was cremated at Islington Crem on 13 December.

    I think CB has been vindicated in his postings here, I believe she died of a brain aneurysm brought on by excessive alcohol, and I understand she was homeless at the time of her death. So very sad.

    Rest In Peace, Natalie.

  21. Anonymous says:

    There’s a story out that Savannah died a few weeks ago that was tweeted by @kerrylouisexxx and how Natalie’s agents had emailed Kerry the news.

    Natalie hasn’t updated since November 24.

    Search her Twitter name @thenatalieheck and you’ll find what people are tweeting.!/search/realtime/%40thenatalieheck

  22. JM says:

    Natalie’s Twitter account is a fake. Her friends on BGAFD have confirmed this. She apparently died mid October, but her family only found out in November.

  23. joseph mcwatt says:

    its trues she is dead i kne

  24. joseph mcwatt says:

    c b is right her boyfriend was john i did offer tea but i felt for her but shes was hanging rounf drunks and old men .

  25. lucy says:

    i knew her in prison a yr before she died. She hated the men that done what they done. All she ever wanted was love why? r u men so obssessed with tits an arse. That girl just wanted a cuddle not a big cock like the films made u think!!! Theres more to a man than his manhood!!! Ever heard the saying its the quality not the quantity….

  26. lucy says:

    Wankers the lot of u. I used to chat to her day in an day out in holloway for 28 days. An u no what she said the only thing ive ever got right “luce” is faking an orgasm because not one of em had a clue what i wanted …… R.I.P natalie

  27. lucy says:

    And if your thinking im a feminist im not i did meet her in holloway im not a particulary wonderful chick ( as nat would say) just sad she left the world so early. And without the love she craved. Thats all she used to talk about was settling dwn. ( i no my grammers killing u ) But i can assure u boys, behind every big busted “gal” theres an even bigger heart xxx An nat had one xx an she didnt care about looks, all she wanted was love

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