Michael Stefano and Joe Blow both announce their retirement last week.

Michael Stefano has announced he’s retiring after 12 years in the industry. He says after 3,000 scenes, he’s financially secure and was able to safe his money. He says he doesn’t drink or do drugs and was careful with his finances. He now plans to visit his parents in Sicily for an extended period before deciding his next move. You can read his interview at XBiz.

And just like the Prince Yahshua broken penis story which happened recently, Michael also has his own story. After injecting Caverject, his career almost ended. Though he says his injury was a blessing in disguise. Because he had to take time off from performing, he had asked Rob Black for any type of work because he needed the money. Rob offered him a lot of different other jobs and editing was one of them. As an editor, Michael made a lot of money which also made him start thinking of writing and directing his own work. You can read that full interview at AdultFYI.

Joe Blow also announced his retirement last week. After five years and 700 scenes, he says it’s time to move on and he’s had a blast. He had first announced his retirement in late 2007 because people were either dying or getting arrested. It was a weird time for him and he was also burnt out as a performer. That retirement only lasted two weeks after Brandon Iron called offering him his own porn series, “Hookers & Blow.” He had always dreamed of traveling to Prague and Budapest which he was able to do with the new project. You can read his full interview at AdultFYI.

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4 Responses to Michael Stefano and Joe Blow both announce their retirement last week.

  1. fapjunkie says:

    I’d also like to announce that I am retiring from watching porn after 22 years due to carpal tunnel syndrome on my right hand.

  2. Darrah Ford says:

    lol 😀

    Ugh, don’t mention the carpal tunnel. 😦 I’ve never been diagnosed but I have many of the symptoms.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Your dick will be missed. I need an Italian stud as my sextoy…interested?

  4. Nrqjttxs says:

    Could I have a statement, please?

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