Prince Yahshua’s penis broke during a scene and he was quickly rushed to a hospital!

Aryana Starr writes on AdultDVDTalk about what happened to Prince Yahshua that day on August 23. He was performing with newcomer Bethany Benz in a reverse cowgirl position when he suddenly heard his penis pop. He pushed her off of him, looked down, and blood started rushing out of his penis. He was taken to the hospital and they rushed him to surgery. He was in surgery for three and a half hours. They found how she had tore his urethra tube and ripped the muscle wall of his penis. He stayed in the hospital for three days and will be out of work for two months. He’ll begin physical therapy on Sept. 10. You can read Aryana’s full story at AdultDVDTalk.

Prince Yahshua tells XBiz:

“Everything aligned itself back up right. It will be a two-month recovery. So I’m very, very happy right now. Because definitely as soon as I got to the hospital that day they were like, ‘Whoa, let us let you know now that you may never do porn again if we don’t fix this right.'”

“She’s a newcomer to the game, so I start the scene and I had her in the cowgirl position and it wasn’t working out too well. I didn’t like it and the producer didn’t really like it. So I spun her around for reverse cowgirl because we thought maybe it’d be easier for her because of her height. She’s around my height. Then 10 seconds into it, her rhythm wasn’t matching with my rhythm. As I put my head to the side to talk to her, the next thing you heard was…[crunch].”

“She jumped off and I guess it’s the equivalent of going to your backyard, you know how you turn on your garden hose and it sprays out? That’s exactly what happened out of my dick. It was like five to six people got massacred in the room, not killed, massacred.”

“I lost a pint and a half of blood. The reason why I didn’t lose consciousness is because I was shocked and I kept on biting my lower lip so I wouldn’t fade out.”

“Luckily for us we had the producer and two other fairly big guys at the scene that were upstairs and they carried my big ass out and put me in the director Terry Burton’s truck and he floored it to the hospital.”

Yahshua said the group was running red lights and got pulled over by the police on the way.

“When the producer rolled down the window so they could see all the blood on me they gave us a police escort to the hospital.”

“As soon as I got to the hospital they had to do an immediate emergency surgery on me. In layman’s terms I broke my dick. In the scientific world, it was my urethra, my pee hole was ripped and the aligning wall muscle to my dick was torn.”

Now that his catheter is out, he is regaining mobility. He has 32 stitches down there.

“Now I’m getting the strength back in my legs. They told me things came back together perfectly.”

He also tells AVN:

“There was an audible snapping sound. She jumped up, I jumped up and blood started pouring out of my dick like someone turned on a garden hose. It was a pretty freaky situation.”

“The outpouring of concern, well-wishes and support is humbling. It’s easy to get lost in the job so it really meant something for people to take a moment and reach out to me. I truly, truly appreciate each and everyone for that.”

Yahshua said that his faith has helped him through this trying time along with his girlfriend by his side, Aryana Starr.

“God wouldn’t give me anything I couldn’t handle. And my woman? She’s a saint. I’m taking it one day at a time, and I’ll be back soon.”

Those wishing to reach Yahshua can email him at, or visit his Twitter page at

Picture Source: Aryana Starr at AdultDVDTalk (thank you Billy Bob!)

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6 Responses to Prince Yahshua’s penis broke during a scene and he was quickly rushed to a hospital!

  1. That sounds pretty serious. I’ve never heard of such injury.

  2. Brandon Irons says:

    Heather Pink should be ashamed of having sex with 14 year old children.

  3. Yeah, when I was 15!!!

  4. Darrah Ford says:

    Keep on using someone else’s name “Brandon” and you’ll get banned.

  5. PJ White says:

    Ouch…it hurt to even read this!!!

  6. lala says:

    Dude “God” ain’t got nothing to do with you in the porn business.

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