Violet Adamson died 5 months ago.


I’m just now seeing this post on xxxPornTalk by Mopez. He posted it three weeks ago. Violet died on December 2010. I looked at her obituary & the Facebook page (under her real name) that was started for her after her death and the pictures do look like Violet Adamson. I couldn’t find a birthday for Violet but both were born in 1975. Farrah was born on July 1, 1975.

No where does it say how Violet died. I Googled her name & when she died and no where else does it say how she died. But I did find that she died in Ohio on December 16, 2010. Services were held on December 19. She was 35-years-old.

Here you can see Violet’s IAFD page. She entered the industry in 2006 and has 20 titles to her name.

Here you can see Violet’s Twitter where she was last active on November 21. She was also a musician where she credits herself as a neo-soul singer songwriter. Her music can be heard on her Myspace page. While looking through her Myspace pictures, I found this picture of her face beaten with the caption underneath it saying:

“This is what Raymond ******** does to the people he love beats them you ass”

To see that picture showing his full name underneath it, in case he gets it deleted, you can view it on this image here.

The date Violet uploaded that image was on November 19, 2010. The screencap showing that date can be seen here. That was one month before she died. The date of that image can be seen on the main page listing showing all of her Myspace photo albums.

So Violet was being abused. Every domestic abuse victim is told to take pictures of their bruises. She does so one month before she died. I’m not saying Raymond had anything to do with her death. But I can’t find a single listing saying how she died but here’s a picture of her battered & bruised one month before her death. Which raises suspicions as to how she really died and if there was foul play involved.

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7 Responses to Violet Adamson died 5 months ago.

  1. iwasthere says:

    She probably committed suicide.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Most Probably She Did.

  3. Anonymous says:

    She did commit suicide by hanging herself.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Click to access PornFactoid2011_porndeaths.pdf

    look under Suicides

    (Darrah: Sorry I took long to approve comments.)

  5. jim kummer says:

    i am shocked and i didnt know her ,but twice she responded to e mails i sent her.she wasy gracious,and open in her responses.a very beautiful and classy woman is gone and this makes my world a little less beautiful.tho u werent religious,rest in peace,and god be with u…i luv u,jim

  6. dean jhonson says:

    probably she was getting abused, she seeked for help and faked her death or something.

  7. Anonymous says:

    She took her own life. A month after we broke up and after the fight we got into November 16th 2010. I’ll never forget her. I felt like the whole reason she did it was because of me. But it was her choice she didn’t talk to me the whole moth after so I couldn’tve prevented it she was living with her mom.

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