Interpol issues an arrest warrant for Lupe Fuentes.


Reports are alleging that Lupe Fuentes and her ex-husband, Pablo Lapiedra, toured Columbian schools recruiting young girls luring them into porn. Reports allege that Lupe lied to the girls about what kind of movies they would be filming. The girls were from poor neighborhoods and would be forced to work 12 hour days while on set. Other reports claim that Lupe is still married to Pablo. He was arrested in Spain last Thursday while there’s still no news as to where Lupe is right now. A court will now decide if he’ll be extradited to Columbia.

Lupe’s websites and are no longer up. She’s still pictured & listed as a contract girl at Wicked Pictures but she’s now no longer featured as a Fleshlight girl. My first thought was if she’s underage herself.

There have been no comments yet from Lupe or her fiance Evan Seinfeld.

Here’s one link I found at Here is the English version through Google Translate:

Tuesday March 22, 2011 16:30 | Pablo Lapiedra is accused of recording films and disseminate on its website. Castings made in schools.

BARCELONA, Spain – The Colombian porn film director, Pablo Lapiedra, was arrested in Barcelona to record and distribute videos to minors, as reported by the Technological Investigation Brigade of the Spanish National Police. In addition, the South American country’s Justice requested the extradition of the filmmaker.

The investigation against the producer, which also aims to Zuleidi Piedrahita, his ex-wife is connected to a recording of a casting through which sought talent for their films. Apparently, the woman ran schools offering the possibility of participating in a movie, but it was reported that adult film.

In a chat, Piedrahita contacted a 16 year old girl who, after signing a document that appeared as an adult, he traveled to Spain to shoot several films until the day of arrest could be visited on the site Lapiedra web.

Researchers believe, a student or teacher of the teenager entered the site and recognized her, after which reported the incident to the Colombian authorities. From there, he began an exhaustive investigation that led to arrest Lapiedra. Finally, when it completed the seizure, the director shouted, “Colombia does not, please can kill me.” (Especial) (Special)

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9 Responses to Interpol issues an arrest warrant for Lupe Fuentes.

  1. Heather Pink says:

    This is really scary on many levels.

  2. Kelli says:

    I am just so beyond shocked over all of this.

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  4. Harvey Dent says:

    I have seen the videos, they are still avaliable in tube sites (I wonder if they can now be prosecuted on child porn) she does appear on the videos degrading and mocking some of the girls, who are often asked to perform, as first time performers, multiple sex acts with 2 o 3 males, one of then a well endowed black male, including anal sex, double penetration, multiple cumshots in their mouth and urination in their mouths. While there are a couple of girls who seen to be enjoying the sex, one is “Marisela” and the one is “Estefania” (who looks really underage) most of them seen to be in pain or even in tears during the anal sex. Zuleidy Piedrahita, please Darrah, her real name is now in all Spanish language media, will have a lots of things to explain.

  5. N'jaila says:

    If she did in fact recruit children for abuse and humiliation I hope her and her husband are prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

    the Columbian Reporter is reporting that they were charging upwards to $100 for each video. sick.

    This could be a great opportunity for consumer of pornography to reevaluate their fixation on barely legal woman.

  6. I was thinking the same thing n’jalla about the barely legal girls and this mess.

  7. Harvey Dent says:

    Colombia has huge cultural tolerance for sex with underage girls and for prostitution, the drug lords sent their bodyguards to the poor neighbohoods to get new, virgin underage girls to take for their “farms” often with family knowledge. The girls are rewarded well in money and gifts for their services. A tourist can be harassed with pimps offering the sexual services of minors withing the indolent gaze of the police. Many top TV personalities and beauty queens are known to sell sexual favors. About 50,000 colombian women travel each year abroad, to others parts of Latin America, to Europe and to Asia to work as prostitutes, most of them knowingly. There is a huge fetish for Colombian women in Latin America, Spain and Japan, if fact, some of the humiliations the girls endure in the videos are done to keep them talking so they can show Spanish speakers they are actually Colombian by the accents. The colombian women from the Andean highlands region of that country have in Spanish speaking countries the same reputation Thai or Hungarian women have elsewhere. Mexican drug lords often have Colombian girlfriends or mistress. So Spaniards in the porn industry have moved there recently to bank into that reputation, Nacho Vidal is there, with his now ex wife, Colombian porn star Franceska Jaimes, and Pablo Lapiedra with Zuledy who happens to be colombian too. But now it seems that some colombians are losing their tolerance for the sexual explotation of their women, at least the underageones, but it took almost for years to issue the warrants.

  8. Mary Bliss says:

    I hope this bitch dies of something painful. Hope hubby gets f***d up the arse on a daily basis in prison with every sharp implement going! Amen!

  9. magmcs says:

    you all ar just like the rest, the facts set her free and you are wrong for wishing bad upon someone for no reason. hey he’s blue! blue? i hate blue! kill them! whoops, they weren’t blue, that’s what i was told. oh well. idiots

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