After the Charlie Sheen incident last week, GiGi Rivera retires.


19-year-old GiGi Rivera was the third porn star revealed to have been partying with Charlie Sheen last week before he was rushed to the hospital. The first thing I thought was is Charlie threatening her. Or maybe the police are after her now. But then I thought maybe her family never knew she did porn and the world now knows after her name was leaked to the press.

From GiGi’s Twitter:

Friday, February 4th, 21:31:

I’m sorry to announce to everyone that I have quit the industry…thank you for ur support the last 7 months but I’m all done

She was just asking fans on the 30th to vote for her for ATK babe of the month. With all the new added publicity she’s gotten, more doors were probably opening up for her. She wasn’t talking or doing any interviews which would help her in the future by keeping quiet. So whatever happened must have happened just now in relation to Charlie.

It has to be related to her being linked as one of the woman who was partying with Charlie. If it’s due to her family finding out, then she would have retired right away and not asked her Twitter followers to vote for her. So I believe it’s something more sinister behind this and someone is after her. If it’s because she’s being labeled as a possible escort, then deny you are and stay away from these types of parties for a while. Why leave porn entirely if it wasn’t something more shady where someone is after her?

*** UPDATE ***

19-year-old Melanie Rios was the second porn star linked to Charlie last week. She was with Charlie when the 911 call was placed that Thursday morning. I just checked her Twitter and she left this message one hour after GiGi announced her retirement:

Friday, February 4th, 22:25:

i have anger filled up inside of me, i feel bad for the next person who pisses me off. Im going to go crazy on you. Till then happy.go.lucky

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16 Responses to After the Charlie Sheen incident last week, GiGi Rivera retires.

  1. Darrah Ford says:

    I just updated the post with news on Melanie Rios.

  2. Sounds like GiGi is entirely embarassed about the whole Charlie Sheen scandal,which can explain her early retirement.

  3. Darrah Ford says:

    Seems more sinister than that and someone is after her or threatened her.

  4. I wouldn’t be surprised if that is indeed true.

  5. Miketonio says:

    Yes Darrah I agree with you it seems very sinister like her life was threatened or someone is after her because of possibly the “Charlie Sheen incident”. Whatever happened I wish the best for these young girls in “The Adult Industry” who have been involved with a Hollywood celebrity with a history of I think domestic violence who makes a lot of money and God knows how involved he could maybe be into drugs. Remember Haley Paige the beautiful young female adult video star? I think that she was murdered by a boyfriend maybe, right?
    Once drugs and money and possible individuals with “anger management issues” are involved what could happen? Is the money worth your life? No – your life, family and health are more important than money. “JUST SAY ‘NO’ TO DRUGS.”

  6. Darrah Ford says:

    Whenever I say Haley Paige was murdered, people yell at me saying no she wasn’t. AVN “broke” the story though they stole it from someone who posted it on XPT. I don’t know what really happened but I’m going with she was murdered by Chico. A bigger mystery is how did Chloe Jones really die!!!

  7. Robert R says:

    She’s only 19. Maybe this was her rock bottom “what the hell am I doing with my life?” moment.

  8. Haley Paige was actually murdered by her boyfriend Wanker Wang(both a former webmaster at Rob Black’s Extreme Associates site and former XPT ppl),who then shortly committed suicide in Central California after he learned that the Southern California police discovered that he was Haley’s killer.

    And as far as Charlie Sheen goes,I’m afraid that he might eventually end up like either O.J. Simpson or Anna Nicole Smith,or possibly both.

  9. b says:

    “Gigi” went to my highschool, and apparently had no parents taking care of her, perhaps some relatives. Never thought I would graduate with a pornstar.

  10. moebius22 says:

    Young women looking to fuck a celebrity, but can’t take the fall out.

  11. Adam says:

    She went to high school with me in a very nice neighborhood in LA. I would not be surprised if she just woke up to the fact that she probably had other opportunities outside of porn that she could ruin if she became a massive star. People may forget about someone that was out there for a few months, but for a decade? That could ruin your opportunities for the rest of your life.

  12. Stewart says:

    holy shit charlie sheen has awesome taste in girls

  13. nik says:

    I went to middle school and high school with her. She was always a hoe. Very lost and disturbed. I honestly hope everything turns out ok for her.

  14. Robert Way says:

    On a personal/perverted note:
    I really miss Gigi, Her scene in “So Young So Sexy POV” was mind-blowing. Her work with x-art inspired me.

    The most amazing eyes, flexible nubile body with rippling muscles and enthusiastic performance since Courtney Simpson.

    On a Professional note:
    I have no idea what happened with Charlie Sheen, her own website portrays/portaid her as a stoner, but marijuana is poles apart from Crack. Regardless if she was there because of a connection to Rios (they we’re both in an oil overload scene together) or as an escort. If I were a celebrity with Charlie Sheen’s money, and i wanted to get high, and have the girls from Oil Overload 4 over. i would… even if i had to pay them.

    IN FACT: (Gigi) if you ever read this, you are aways welcome to come to Croydon and smoke pot and chill, and/or model I promise it’ll never end up in the papers.

    I read a lot of bad press making passive aggressive jabs at Gigi and Melanie directly after the situation came to light saying things like “Charlie sheen only likes girls with the bodies of 12year olds” … Blah Blah Blah

    I really hope that it wasn’t because of this negative press that she left the industry. I supremely hope that she doesn’t let it effect her bodily image. i cannot emphasise emphatically enough that hope that it doesn’t make her feel like she needs a boob job.

    I agree with the above statement that 10 years in the industry could ruin her chances at other jobs. but 7 months and work with isn’t exactly a brief foray into porn. . .

    “Maybe this was her rock bottom “what the hell am I doing with my life?” moment.” maybe she just got bored or being typecast in all the teen/babysitter/Lolita junk.

    say wahat you want about the work she’s done, but you have to admit:

    She’s got a stunning beauty, an amazing smile and eyes you could drown in. If she’s still modelling at all. I would love to try her for some high fashion work. (I’m a professional photographer, BTW) i don’t mind if she never has sex on film again, but i think it’d be a true loss for the world if she never appears in front of a camera again.

  15. Someone Close says:

    1. She doesn’t care about negative comments, she’s been dealing with them all her life and the positive ones far outweigh the negative.

    2. She did NOT have sex with Charlie Sheen and I never would. Ewww!

    3. She didn’t hit a “rock bottom”, but she surely isn’t a fan of the drama. If something’s not fun anymore, why do it? There are too many opportunities out there, both personal and professional, to be stuck in something you don’t like any more.

    4. She has never regretted working in porn and never will. It was fun while it lasted and the fans were incredible.

    5. Life goes on!

  16. M says:

    Ill miss her too 😦 She was my fav, right before Melanie. I just didnt get Melanies tweet, can someone explain?

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