30-year-old Hunter Bryce has passed away.

Hunter Bryce started adult modeling when she was 26-years-old. She then started performing two years later. Her IAFD page has her listed as appearing in 54 titles. By reading her Twitter, she was excited about visiting her nephew recently and she was also worried about her brother whose ship had been deployed to help with the tsunami clean-up.

From AVN:

  • Performer Hunter Bryce was discovered dead at her home last night, AVN has confirmed. She was 30 years old.

    The cause of her death is unknown at this point, but agent Kevin Kline of Type 9 Models, which represented her up until a few months ago, told AVN, “I got a call about 3 a.m. this morning from a girl, and she went over to her place and found her.”

    News broke of Bryce’s passing by way of a tweet Wednesday morning from male performer Tucker Slain, which read that Bryce “was not doing well personally,” and that “her roommate told me she was found dead this morning.”

    Bryce was represented most recently by OC Modeling, whose Heather McCarthy commented, “It just came suddenly. We were trying to get a hold of her for a while, and she kind of just went MIA for a little.”

    Hunter was a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, her hometown, where she completed a double major in non-fiction writing and literature. Her stage name was in part a nod to her favorite author, gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson.

From XBiz:

  • Adult performer Hunter Bryce has passed away, her agent confirmed Wednesday.

    “I got the call about 3 a.m.,” Type 9 Models owner Kevin told XBIZ.

    The cause of Bryce’s death is not known, but she was found dead at her home in the Los Angeles area, her agent said.

    “I know that she went to sleep and did not wake up,” Kevin continued. “I notified her mother of this about a hour ago. Her mother had been trying to reach her.”

    Kevin, who has represented Bryce for scene bookings on and off for about three years, said that it had been some time since he had spoken with the 30-year-old Pittsburgh native “mainly because she was in the process of leaving Type 9 and doing something different.”

    “She still had plenty of phone calls coming in [to book her],” Kevin said. “She was a stellar performer. When she was on her A-game, you couldn’t slow her down. No one put the effort into it the way she did when she was on her game.”

    Kevin said that Bryce was a pleasure to represent.

    “She was a very strong person in the respect that she wasn’t going to let anybody take advantage of her. She was a very giving person, very easy to work for,” Kevin said.

    He said that it was unclear whether Bryce had been considering leaving adult.

    “She may have been wanting to seek different avenues in life,” he said.

    Bryce made her adult entertainment debut in Florida in late 2007 and performed in more than 70 titles for several top production companies. She was a former exotic dancer and personal trainer whose stage name was a tribute to her favorite author, the late Hunter S. Thompson.

    An avid reader, Bryce had a double major at the University of Pittsburgh in non-fiction writing and literature. In a 2008 interview she said she at one time thought she would someday become a college professor teaching literature.

    Born of Italian and Scotch-Irish descent, she also formerly worked in real estate, retail and marketing before getting into porn. She said she idolized classic Vivid Girl Briana Banks.

    Kevin said those wishing to send their condolences to Bryce’s loved ones may email him at Kevin@Type9models.com.

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4 Responses to 30-year-old Hunter Bryce has passed away.

  1. Sad and very shocking

  2. Kelli says:

    I can’t believe she’s dead. She’s so young and had so much to look forward ahead of her. It’s just so beyond sad.

  3. It is such a shock 😦 i am going to miss her so much. we had become friends this last year and i had photographed her a few times. she wanted to bad to brake out of the standard stuff she did. she was such a loveing and caring person and i am going to miss her so much

  4. Darrah Ford says:

    Shocking how two certain people on Twitter were acting after she died. One basically trying to get attention from her death. The other person accusing Hunter of something. And both men claimed to be Hunter’s “friend.”

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