Lupe Fuentes and Evan Seinfeld are engaged.


Lupe and Evan were on the Howard Stern show this past Thursday. Lupe was first on. One of the questions Howard asked her was if she reads the newspaper. She said she used to when she was younger but not anymore. She says there’s too much bad energy in the paper. She just wants to party and have a good time.

Lupe said she also doesn’t read books. She said she likes picture books but not books with words. She likes comic books as well. She also doesn’t understand people that read because books are for ugly people.

Evan then walked in and he’s recently lost a lot of weight. He also has a tattoo somewhere on his face that he says is to cover up a tattoo of his wife’s name. Then Evan once again begins attacking Tera Patrick. When they first announced they were divorcing, the only thing I remember Tera saying about Evan was that she told him he had to leave porn, he refused, and that’s what caused their marriage to fall apart.

Everyone was asking what caused their breakup because they always put out the image that they were a happily married couple. So she released that statement which really wasn’t all that bad. Everyone already knew Evan was more into porn than Tera was. After they first separated, he then started to publicly attack Tera saying she hates porn, hates sex, and they rarely had sex in their marriage. She said nothing personal against him but he just went after her. Neither of them would have what they have now if it wasn’t for the other. Neither would have the money & the company they have if they hadn’t met years ago. So I don’t know why he turned their divorce so ugly.

Are Tera and Evan even divorced yet? I haven’t heard anything or how their assets were divided. The last thing I heard about any of this was November of last year after Tera filed for divorce in Los Angeles citing “irreconcilable differences”. The separation made national headlines. So I would assume the official divorce would have been made public by now. But Howard said on his show that Evan & Lupe are now engaged and will get married in a couple of months.

Lupe once again makes the mistake talking negatively about Tera. On her last Howard Stern appearance, Lupe had said how Tera now thinks she’s too good for porn. I say considering Tera has been around for over ten years, maybe she’s tired and wants out. Let’s see how Lupe feels about the industry in ten years, if she’s still around. Lupe now says Tera is as boring as a pineapple. Whatever Lupe knows about Tera is what Evan told her.

Their marriage was already over. We get that. But Lupe shouldn’t publicly say anything negative against his wife. She worked for Tera at Teravision and was their contract girl before moving over to Wicked. Both Lupe and Evan should shut the hell up because Tera could ruin many things for Evan and keep him in court for years over their company. And any woman should realize that if your man is publicly attacking his ex-wife, he will do it to you too one day.

Evan tells Howard how he and Lupe met through Myspace after she sent him a message. She told him she wanted to come to the United States to be the next big sex symbol and she also wanted him to be her manager. When they first met, she could barely speak a word of English.

You can read the transcript of their Thursday, September 23 appearance at From that link, scroll down to Little Lupe Fuentes Visits. 09/23/10. 7:25am.

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15 Responses to Lupe Fuentes and Evan Seinfeld are engaged.

  1. Well I’ll have to try to find an audio archive of this show, but I officially do not like Lupe at all – “books are for ugly people” – ummm yea – ok – good luck pulling off the “I’m a little girl” act much longer…

  2. momn8rx says:

    If books are for “ugly people,” that man of hers must be one well read pornstar.

  3. Heather Pink says:

    She will be in for a rude awakening someday Monica.

  4. Amber says:

    I find Lupe very annoying. She is on the Stern show all the time, and she is not in on the joke that is her. As for neither one of them not having what they have now without the other, I kind of disagree. She might not have been as rich, but she would have been ok. Granted, I know she and Evan built their empire together, she was having contractual problems, etc, but she could have come back and up without him. He was already a washed up, broke “rock star” by the time he met her. He hit the jackpot. She made him, he didn’t make her. He is so disrespectful and gross. He and this stupid Lupe bitch belong together.

  5. Darrah Ford says:

    She should be better advised as to what to say & not say. The little girl dummy act can only go so far.

  6. john mcclain says:

    She’s not acting. She is uneducated. She has the reading ablity of a third grader, and she cannot do math at all. It is very sad, but she is exactly the type of girl the porn industry reaches out too.

  7. john mcclain says:

    And Evean had NOTHING to do with her success in porn. She has been ‘Little Lupe’ for years before Evan hitched his trailer to her ride.

    The only reason she is more well known now is because of the guy in Puerto Rico who was arrested when authorities there thought the dvd of her was actually child porn. Without that incedent nobody ourside of her “littlLupe” website would have ever noticed her. She owes every single bit of her new found fame to some unemployed guy in Puerto rico who got busted. The road to riches and fame in porn lead directly through the gutter of Puerto Rico,,,what a success story!!!

  8. iwasthere says:

    Tera did not install Lupe as the Teravision contract girl, Evan did. There is no more Teravision, because Tera has not shot a movie in years and no longer wants anything to do with porn. Wicked wanted her because she was a web star just like Lia who was signed by Vivid last year (and dumped this year). They wanted one of what Vivid had. She will have to work hard to keep her contract, that extinction of that business model has already started.

  9. Darrah Ford says:

    But Tera was still there married to Evan and showed up together with Lupe at events.

    Isn’t there a stash of videos that Tera made to be distributed throughout the next few years?

  10. Darrah Ford says:

    john mcclain, it’s Evan’s money that’s making Lupe more known now. She was known throughout Europe but not really here in the United States. He’s buying the PR and everything else like awards & nominations. How else explain how a woman whose been around for over 5 years is now winning awards in the United States for being “new”? She also tells Howard Stern she’s 20 but she’ll really be 24 in January.

  11. WonderfulWoman says:

    I do not like this Lupe perseon at all, and anyway I do think that she was doing this underage website when she were under 18. Who the fuck does this UGLY FORGETTABLE WHORE think she is by claiming that books are for ugly people. I am very sexy, and I always read wonderful books on everything, and it is a hell of a lot better than looking at the ‘acting’ of Lupe basically. What a retard, and hey Lupe if you are reading this you are going to grow up one day to 30, and this little girl act will not be so fresh anymore. Anyway as for her man, it seems that he will tire of her one day!

  12. WonderfulWoman says:

    I feel that I have to comment agains because whenever I see this Lupe woman, all I think is that she is promoting peodophilia basically.
    Extremely retarded and anyway she is ugly, I rckon Tera Patrick has more sexual appeal in her little toe than she has in her body. As for Evan he is basically her pimp!

  13. Darrah Ford says:

    I’m against her for talking against Tera. She doesn’t know exactly what happened in their marriage and only knows what Evan tells her. And with him publicly talking against Tera should warn Lupe of how he’ll eventually treat her one day.

  14. Jamster says:

    I love lupe, she looks like my girlfriend. My girlfriend is stickly not sex except handjobs, so, having a girl who looks like her doing the actions – yusss. love her. but she is very rude towards people and just because certain things are her opinion, it doesnt make it right.

  15. Xander fischer says:

    I’ve met lupe and Evan before there cool but this makes me not like em as much as I used to

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