Kacey Jordan walked out of a bank with $22,000 in cash.

When Kacey went to cash the $30,000 check Charlie Sheen gave her last week, she quickly went to the bank to cash it. Weird thing is that the bank didn’t have enough money. How does a bank run out of money?? They only gave her $8,000 cash that day and a check for the remaining $22,000. She went back to the bank this weekend and got the rest of the $22,000 in cash.

Picture Source: TMZ

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7 Responses to Kacey Jordan walked out of a bank with $22,000 in cash.

  1. frog404 says:

    Heaven forbid she save the money…

  2. Darrah Ford says:

    I was like “keep the money IN the bank.”

  3. frog404 says:

    Maybe she’s getting it as cash to avoid paying taxes? The check was only made out to cash, not her. Then it ends up as big news on the internet for the IRS to make a note…

    In any event, she admitted she doesn’t save anything on Howard. Says shes made over a million and has hundred thousand left. Ridiculous.

  4. P W L says:

    Nice job steeling of photos and story you cunt. Now we are going o rip your whole site and make a forum out of it in 48 hours if you don’t remove this. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

  5. Darrah Ford says:

    You sound so familiar. Word for word. Like other threats by a certain someone before. I can’t imagine who that could be.

    I’m stealing? What exactly do you call what you do and everything you steal?

    I didn’t know I had to ask you for permission on using another website’s pictures.

    Since you know nothing of how things work, here’s a rundown. Celebrity blogs can take pictures from the photo agencies just as long as they link back. They provide the pictures to us while we provide them the important backlinks. Understand now?

    You must lead a real sad pathetic life if you have so much free time on your hands to go around harassing, stalking, and threatening people who haven’t done anything to you.

  6. P W L says:

    Your Site is ours you fat ugly cunt. Wait till we get your IP load mouth!

  7. bluespan says:

    “How does a bank run out of money??”

    part of the reason is the fractional reserve. They can loan out more money then they actually have in the bank. The bank is betting that depositors won’t withdraw a lot of money at one time.

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